Tebow has been a shining role model for American and Christian families for years.

But now he is catching unprecedented backlash within the NFL for attempting a comeback into the league.

And hate against Tebow has reached an all-time high as some in the NFL are hoping he publicly criticizes his fans.

In a world full of drug addicted players and a league filled with felons, the NFL needs more players like Tim Tebow.

Tebow is as good of a Christian role model as they come.

Not only does he practice his faith and shows kindness to all but he also has an unmatched work ethic on and off the field.

But some in the NFL are irate that Tebow is making a comeback.

Usually the complaint is about, you guessed it, racism.

Players and sports commentators have been screaming since Tebow made his appearance back in the League about why Tebow has a job but not Colin Kaepernick.

Ignoring the fact that Kaepernick previously turned down a chance to come back into the league, his last year of play wasn’t the best.

Not to mention Tebow has changed positions to tight end and literally looks like a human tank.

But now the criticism of Tebow has to do with the fanfare that follows him.

As Sports with Balls previously reported, on a recent episode of “Monday Morning Quarterback” NFL insider Albert Breer claims that the common complaint he is hearing about Tebow from NFL coaches is “TebowMania.”

Breer claimed, “if there’s one common complaint I’ve heard from his past coaches about it, it’s not that he’s actively fueling it. Moreso, it’s that he doesn’t do anything to calm it down. And not talking is probably the best thing he can do to calm it down. For now, anyway.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Tebow has a fan base unmatched by most and his fans spend money with whatever team he is on.

He is a team owner’s dream cash cow.

But now many in the NFL are trying to come up with whatever excuse they can to kick him out of the league.

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