We have all seen some bad calls by referees that cause a team to lose or a chance at winning a game.

Usually nothing ever happens to the refs that just wrecked a team’s chances of success, though fans are usually more than a little salty about it.

Well, some high school referees couldn’t believe what happened to them after a football game – and now charges have been filed.

It never fails.

Your team is about to win a game and then boom, a referee throws his yellow flag like his life depends on it and causes your team to suffer a loss.

And the past has been filled with unbelievable calls that have shaken the sports world.

But if you have ever wanted to do bad things to a ref, then this is your story.

During a high school football game in Ohio, a group of refs made an unbelievably bad call.

This led to players and coaches for the home team, Grove City High School, being flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Well, as the refs were going to find out, the real unsportsmanlike penalty was going to happen later.

After the game, the refs went into a locker room to evaluate their performance and when they tried to leave the door was jammed shut.

As one of the refs explained, “we had to push on the door, three of us, to at least get the door wedged so we can get out, We as a group have now filed charges against Grove City.”

Supposedly someone blocked the door and tried to trap the refs in the room, which really pissed them off.

You have to see a video of the incident below:

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