The NFL got pro sports into the politics business with Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American national anthem protest.

And the culmination of that effort to turn the league into a left-wing messaging machine will culminate on Tuesday with the Presidential Election.

And if Donald Trump wins the election you won’t believe what the NFL is going to do.

New York Magazine editor Will Leitch – who founded the left-wing sports website Deadspin – reported on Thursday that he recently spoke to a high ranking sports executive.

Leitch said the topic naturally turned to the election and Leitch said the executive shocked him by saying that if Donald Trump wins the election there will not be any sports until 2021 because the players will all go on strike.

“The executive then said something that stunned me, though the more and more I think about it, the more sense it makes. ‘If Trump wins, or if he refuses to concede, I’m telling you right now: There won’t be any sports for a month,’ he said. ‘Maybe more. These kids just won’t stand for it,’” Leitch wrote.

Leitch theorized that the sports boycott will begin with the NFL because they are the only major sport currently playing.

NFL players would boycott the week nine games with no promise that the players would ever return.

From the very start, all the “Black Lives Matter” activism by NBA, NFL, and MLB players during this past summer was an anti-Donald Trump protest.

The goal was to get leftists that did not vote or register to vote in 2016 to turnout in 2020.

That is why every sports league’s messaging campaign was based on “voting” these past several months and their target audience was not Americans wanting to vote for the President.

Part of the implied threat with the Black Lives Matter riots this past summer was that unless you vote for Joe Biden in November, the riots will continue for the next four years.

MLB, NBA, and NHL players tried to send that message this summer when they went on strike following the police shooting accused rapist Jacob Blake – vote for Joe Biden and you can have sports.

And now a high-ranking sports executive is confirming that blackmail demand.

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