Not many people in the United States actually care what’s going on during the FIFA World Cup.

But Iran is trying their best to make the average American care about soccer.

Now Iran is demanding that the US be removed from FIFA and you won’t believe why.

There’s really no need for Americans to be too enthralled with the FIFA World cup.

Soccer is just something you focus on as a nation when you suck at everything else.

When you plant your flag on the Moon, you really don’t care about soccer.

When you’re back-to-back World War Champs you don’t care about soccer.

And when you can manhandle the whole world without breaking a sweat you don’t care about soccer.

But the only way America would actually care about soccer is when they get challenged by a bunch of terrorists from Iran.

And leading up to the United States versus Iran match, Iran turned its sights on the United States and blamed it for one thing that no one could believe.

Iran called for the United States to be banned from international competition for ten games for posting an altered image of their trashy flag.

Iranian state-sponsored television “Tasnim News Agency” claimed on Twitter:

By posting a distorted image of the flag of the Islamic Republic of #Iran on its official account, the #US football team breached the @FIFAcom charter, for which a 10-game suspension is the appropriate penalty. Team #USA should be kicked out of the #WorldCup2022

As Iran is killing entire city blocks for protesting its tyrannical rule, they are trying to get the United States banned from FIFA.

The United States doesn’t have a chance to go far in the FIFA World Cup but maybe we could kick Iran’s ass.

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