Former ESPN host Jemele Hill is no stranger to controversy.

She lost her gig at the network as viewers tuned out after she called the President a white supremacist.

Still, no one expected Jemele Hill to launch a vicious assault against President Trump like she just did.

President Trump stunned the world with his announcement that he and Melania tested positive for COVID-19.

While people were just coming to grips with what this meant, Hill began by retweeting a post that mocked world leaders who contracted the virus.

But she wasn’t done yet.

Hill quickly turned to politicize the news.

And her hatred for the President was on full display.

Those expecting any sense of empathy for the President and the First Lady are best advised to just stay away from Jemele Hill’s Twitter account.

And though they parted ways in 2018, Hill’s controversial hot takes haven’t stopped ESPN from teaming up with Hill again though.

Earlier this fall, news broke that Hill will serve as Executive Producer with ESPN to film a documentary on Colin Kaepernick.

Disney’s executive chairman Bob Iger praised Kaepernick at the time of the announcement saying:

“Colin’s experience gives him a unique perspective on the intersection of sports, culture, and race, which will undoubtedly create compelling stories that will educate, enlighten and entertain, and we look forward to working with him on this important collaboration.”

Given how poorly the NFL and NBA’s ratings have been this year after millionaire athletes lectured Americans about how supposedly racist we all are, you’d think ESPN and Disney would know better than to embrace radical woke leftists like Hill and Kaepernick.

But it would seem that ESPN still needs to learn the lesson: get woke, go broke.

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