Jerry Jones is known for taking control of a situation and for standing his ground.

But the NFL Hall of Famer is also known for not caring about what the woke mob thinks.

Well, this time Jerry Jones finally faced something he does cower to: midgets.

When Jerry Jones joined the NFL in 1989, the oil tycoon took the league by storm.

The man grabbed the NFL by the horns and showed the League who was boss.

And the end result so far is three Super Bowl rings in the 90s and 14 NFL Hall of Famers under the larger-than-life owner.

Along the way, he developed a reputation for not taking “no” as an answer and reshaped the NFL in his tenure.

But Jerry Jones must be getting feeble in his old age.

And after all these years, the owner of America’s team may have finally met his match: midgets.

A few days ago, Jerry Jones was going on about the persona of a late scout the Cowboys had named Lace.

And during his comments on Lace, he stated, “Lace held court out here. I’m going to get me somebody, a midget, to stand up there with me and dress him up like Lace and think Lace is still out here helping us.”

Seems like a harmless joke right?

Well, some of the woke mob got offended and immediately lashed out at Jones for using the term “midget.”

So shockingly, Jerry Jones apologized for saying midget.

Jones started a press conference mid-week by saying “Earlier today I made a reference which I understand may have been viewed as offensive. I apologize.”

But what exactly is Jerry Jones apologizing for?

Midget is one of the least ‘offensive’ names for a pint-sized adult.

Jerry Jones could have used: peewee, dwarf, runt, tiny, little bitty, munchkin, gnome, itty bitty, or elf.

There’s something about having that little man complex that really makes you pissed about everything.

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