The world of sports is once again involving itself into the 2020 Presidential election.

Even though the election is not over, Joe Biden continues to receive help from pro sports leagues.

And now Joe Biden received one invitation that will have Donald Trump seeing red.

On Saturday, the Fake News Media outlets declared Joe Biden the President-elect despite the fact that Donald Trump is still contesting the election results.

Major League Baseball’s the Washington Nationals got into the act of falsely claiming Biden was President-Elect by congratulating him on his victory and inviting him to throw at the first pitch on opening day of the 2021 baseball season.

First, Biden is not the President-Elect.

But all the institutions in America that lined up against Donald Trump – and that included every major professional sports league – want to convince Americans that the election is over and Donald Trump is toast.

Joe Biden may yet win the election once all the legal challenges are sorted out.

However, it is not official until the Electoral College meets and the electors cast their ballots.

The Washington Nationals meddled in that process by treating Biden like the President even though he has not yet won the election.

This invitation was also notable because Donald Trump was the first President never invited to throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

Joe Biden hasn’t even officially won the Presidency yet and he is already being extended that honor.

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