College football season is in full swing.

Fans are back in the stands and Saturday traditions returned.

And Joe Biden will be furious when he hears what students chanted at college football games.

At college football games across America, a “[email protected] Joe Biden” chant is picking up steam in the student’s section.

Students at Tennessee, Kentucky, and Wyoming chanted their profane displeasure at Joe Biden’s collapsing Presidency.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is beset by crises on multiple fronts.

But the anti-Biden chants became a thing on college campuses after Biden delivered an angry speech declaring war on 80,000,000 unvaccinated Americans.

Biden thought this speech would stop his poll numbers from continuing to plummet.

That did not work out as planned.

Not only did Biden’s poll numbers keep dropping, but Biden also roused opposition among the public on traditionally left-leaning college campuses.

Ever since the 1960s, college campus political activism has been associated with the Democrat Party.

But on Saturday’s this fall, college football stadiums around the country are turning into anti-Joe Biden pep rallies.

Students expressing their disgust with Joe Biden’s Presidency is a microcosm of the broad disapproval across America of Joe Biden’s policies on a wide variety of issues.

No one expected a sporting event to become ground zero for the resistance to Joe Biden.

It’s been the Left that took over sports and infused them with political messaging and activism.

Now it appears anti-Joe Biden forces are getting in on the act.

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