For football fans, the weeks after the Super Bowl are the worst weeks of the year.

But in one positive note for the year, football is back in a new and upcoming league.

And Johnny Manziel just made his comeback on the football field and he didn’t disappoint.

Die-hard football fans go into relapse after the Super Bowl.

It’s a long wait from the big game to draft day.

And that time in between is filled with sorrow with just a little bit of joy from March Madness.

But with the last game of the year ending in a blowout and another Tom Brady Super Bowl ring, football fans won’t be able to survive until the end of April for the first pick of the draft.

Thankfully, football fans can get their fix with the emergence of the new professional football league, Fan Controlled Football.

Fan Controlled Football is trying to be the next up and coming sports league.

And they are trying to make a name for themselves by allowing fans to call the plays real time during the game.

But fans controlling the game isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out from the NFL and other football leagues.

The FCF is played on a 50 yard field, only has seven players on each team on the field at one time, and the league doesn’t allow kicking off any kind.

And to help develop a fanbase the FCL has acquired some of the NFL’s past stardom like quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Manziel didn’t disappoint too many fans in his flashy debut with the League.

Manziel showed his strength as a scrambler as he pulled off some nice runs like this 45 yard gainer.

But in true Manziel fashion he couldn’t throw the ball.

He ended the game like he ended so many games with the Browns with one of five passes completed for eleven yards and one rushing touchdown.

When asked about his performance Manziel responded, “Feels like I’m super washed up, but still had a blast. That was the most fun I’ve had in awhile.”

You can catch Fan Controlled Football during the next several weekends on Twitch.

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