Out of all the players in the NFL, Josh Allen has to have some of the worst emotional damage from last season.

But it’s clear the Buffalo quarterback is turning that sorrow into aggression and the NFL better watch out.

In fact, Josh Allen is already the frontrunner for MVP this year after he pulled this gutsy move at practice.

Football is an emotional sport.

And sometimes the ending of seasons can scar a man for life.

Just ask a Dallas fan what is a catch and most of them will break out into a seizure over the thought of the catch that never was.

Some scars never heal.

And no player knows this better than Josh Allen.

Josh Allen had about as good of a season as you can imagine leading the Buffalo Bills to an impressive 11 and 6 record.

Then the Bills went to Kansas City to play in what came to be one of the best playoff games in recent memory.

In the divisional playoff game, Josh Allen led his team on two touchdown drives to take the lead with two minutes left in the game.

But in the end, Patrick Mahomes had enough time, 13 seconds to put together a drive to tie the game and send it to overtime for the win.

That 13-second drive ruined Josh Allen’s soul.

The man hasn’t been right since.

And for the first time in full pads since being emotionally scarred by that drive, Allen is out here taking names.

He is so fired up that he even decided to pick a fight with a 6’6” 300-plus pound defensive tackle during a goalline stance play.

While running a quarterback sneak up the middle, defensive tackle Jordan Phillips gave Josh Allen a love tap so the QB decided to take a shot at Phillips.

And all hell broke loose after the quarterback took on the defensive tackle.

God help the NFL as Josh Allen is ready to take some heads this season.

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