The Buffalo Bills are the favorites to be Super Bowl champs this year.

But they need to keep Josh Allen from fighting anything that moves to have a chance to win it all.

Now, Allen is looking for another fist fight and this time takes aim at a fan.

Praise be!

Football is about to be upon us in a few short weeks.

With all the crap going on, we all need a release from the world.

And for many hetero males, that release is football.

With the NFL pre-season in full swing, many are wondering who will win it all this year.

The Buffalo Bills are both Vegas and the fans’ favorite to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

And you can see why.

They had a rock solid offense and defense last year with no major losses to the roster.

And the Bills were good enough last year to give the Chiefs a run for their money.

Not to mention the addition of Von Miller.

But don’t overlook their franchise quarterback Josh Allen.

Allen put up over 4,400 yards and 36 passing touchdowns last year.

Stud performance, no doubt.

And everything looks good for this year with the exception of one thing . . . Josh Allen wants to fight literally everyone.

Something has changed with Josh Allen.

The man is apparently on a mission to kick ass and take names this season.

Allen has already picked a fight with one of the biggest players on the Bill’s roster.

But just the other day, he was ready to throw some haymakers on a Bills fan.

Some fan threw a ball at Allen when he was running back to the locker room after practice.

When the ball hit Allen, he bucked around and looked for the ball-tosser.

@johnniexwhite Replying to @jaycee3434 Its disrespectful to throw stuff at people in they face. Pro athletes are human too. #fyp ♬ original sound – Johnnie ✅

Thankfully, he gained his senses before he started throwing punches around.

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