From throwing the flag too many times to not calling penalties at all, no one likes football refs.

And as bad as the refs have been this year, hatred towards the guys in stripes is the only thing uniting football fans right now.

Well, karma is back with a vengeance against refs this week and it was glorious to watch.

Referees in football are a lot like the government.

They always hamper good teams with idiotic called penalties.

When there are actually penalties to be called, the flags never leave the ref’s pockets.

And we can all agree, even the guys we can’t stand, that the refs suck some butt.

They suck so bad that they deserve to be mocked.

Well, after the endless horrible calls and missed penalties so far this season, karma has come back for vengeance on the refs.

First up is a referee taking the field to the face during the Kansas State vs. Texas game from this past Friday.

Dudes gotta go into concussion protocol after that one.

And then during the Dallas vs. Raiders game on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys returned a kickoff for a touchdown that also resulted in a referee tripping over a pylon on the sideline.

Just two acts of karma against refs for causing endless pain for fans this season.

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