The City of Philadelphia has one of the worst fan bases in the country.

But it looks like Phillies fans just met their match in Kate Upton.

And Upton left Phillies fans stunned after what she did as the Astros became World Champs.

Nothing brings more joy to a visiting team than when they learn that they are heading to Philadelphia.

The City of Brotherly Love definitely lives up to its name.

From the Eagles, to the Flyers, and especially the Phillies, all fan bases in Philadelphia are just miserable to be around.

For one, a lot of fans from the City are fat and expand out of their seats.

It’s never fun fighting off a fatty sitting next to you.

And even the kids in Philly are little pains in the butt.

But it looks like the Phillies might have met their match with model Kate Upton.

Kate is happily married to Astros pitcher and future MLB Hall of Famer Justin Verlander.

And as the Astros were cruising to their victories in the World Series, Upton was catching hell in the stands.

Phillies fans were berating her whenever they got the chance.

But Kate Upton said, ‘f-it’ and started to flick off fans around her.

Just look at the model go!

That’s a hard L for the Phillies to take.

They got their butt whooped on the field by Justin Verlander then had to get flicked off and mocked in the stands by Kate Upton.

That’s a powerful duo right there.

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