We have seen some great beatdowns of fans by professional athletes.

But nothing can compare to what Lamar Jackson just did as he ruined a fan’s life.

Now Lamar Jackson could get kicked out of the NFL after he completely shredded a fan.

Fans sometimes get a little rowdy at games.

Usually they just beat the crap out of each other.

But every once in a while fans decide to turn their scorn on the players and coaches on the field.

And when that happens, God help those fans in the stands.

There’s a reason why they are professional athletes.

And when the couch potatoes in the stands decide to attack players, they learn real quick why they never made it in professional sports.

We can look back at the examples of when fans got beat down by players.

But of all the beatdowns of fans, Lamar Jackson just put himself at a level no one has ever reached and without even throwing a punch.

Lamar Jackson is trying everything he can to get a massive contract at the end of this year with the Baltimore Ravens.

But lately his play on the field has not matched the level of money he wants.

And fans are starting to call him out and especially after the Ravens lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past weekend.

One fan put Lamar Jackson right in his crosshairs online as he tweeted out, “When someone is asking for over 250 mil guaranteed like [Lamar Jackson] games like this should not come to [kicker Justin Tucker]. Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well rounded team.”

But Lamar Jackson was not having any of it and he went right for the fan’s throat online.

Lamar tweeted back at the fan saying, “Boy STFU y’all be cappin too much on this app mf never smelt a football field never did shit but eat dick!!”


Hopefully, Lamar Jackson sent that fan’s funeral after he destroyed him.

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