If you want to feel true heartbreak and despair, become a Washington Commanders fan.

The franchise has been screwing over their fanbase for decades now.

And leave it to the worst NFL franchise to fight its former players over what could be the worst mascot in the league.

Every major sports league has its joke of a franchise that everyone picks on.

For Major League Baseball it’s usually the Cleveland Guardians or a team like the Baltimore Orioles.

Only a joke of a franchise would change its name from the classic “Indians” to “Guardians” to pacify the woke mob.

For the NBA, the joke of a team is whatever team LeBron James is on because they just automatically suck with him on the court.

But in the NFL, the joke of the league is the Washington Commies.

The team just can’t get anything right off the field.

Even if they have success on the gridiron, their front office just does something stupid to overshadow the team’s success.

Just look at what they have done over the past couple of years.

The Washington Redskins became the Washington Football Team after literally no one of importance got offended by the former legendary name.

The Football Team then became the Commanders, which are also known as the Commies by many.

And with the worst name in the National Football League’s history they even dropped their infamous jerseys and color schemes for the most basic and generic colors imaginable.

But the embarrassments continue for the Washington Commies.

Now they want a mascot to go with their lousy name and awful jerseys.

And right now, all signs are pointing to the Washington Commies selecting a hog as their mascot.

But there is one little problem with having a hog as their mascot.

A group of former Washington Commies players already trademarked the hog mascot.

The hog mascot was trademarked by former players Joe Jacoby, Mark May, John Riggins, Fred Dean, and Doc Walker, who have formed the O-Line Entertainment LLC. to hold the hog mascot trademark.

And O-Line Entertainment isn’t holding back any punches on their former team as their attorney has already told the press that “If they go forward on Sunday and make the hog their mascot and try to trademark it, we are going to be forced into trademark infringement litigation.”

How much worse can it get for the Washington Commies?

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