Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is one of the most divisive athletes in all of sports.

James is a full-on political activist who alienates fans at every turn with his antics.

But now LeBron James found out some bad news that you are going to love.

For years, LeBron James was the NBA’s biggest TV draw.

When James went out west to play for the Lakers for the 2018-2019 season, MNA media watchers blamed the league’s decline in ratings on the fact that James appeared far less frequently on national TV games that were scheduled in primetime on the East Coast.

But in the 2021 playoffs, NBA ratings are up 39 percent compared to 2020 despite the fact that LeBron James and the Lakers suffered a humiliating first round loss where James left the court early without shaking hands with the victorious Phoenix Suns.

There are many reasons for this.

Last year, the NBA played its postseason in the bubble in Orlando in front of empty arenas.

That’s not an exciting visual for television.

This year’s playoffs feature games in front of packed arenas like 2019.

However, the NBA is finding out it doesn’t need LeBron James in the playoffs to draw an audience.

Compelling games such as the Milwaukee Bucks heart-stopping game seven win over the Brooklyn Nets draws in viewers.

LeBron James spent the last four years making himself as radioactive as possible to the half the country that doesn’t support the Democrat Party.

And now the NBA is finding out that the league can prosper on television without their biggest – although most divisive – star front and center.

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