The NBA is nearing the halfway point for the 2021/2022 season and teams are already separating like water and oil.

Some have injury problems, some have performance problems, and some have all of the above.

Now LeBron James is begging for pity after making this bizarre excuse for his poor performance lately.

Let’s face it, injuries can derail the best of teams, and as it stands nearly every team in the NBA is dealing with them.

Whether it be COVID or just your average basketball injuries, the NBA is pretty banged up right now.

But as any athlete should know, injuries should never be an excuse for your team’s lack of performance…

Perhaps somebody should tell this to LeBron James.

Just the other day, LeBron was quoted as saying when asked about the Los Angeles Lakers losing skid, “Nobody’s going to feel sorry for you, no one’s going to feel sorry for your record, nobody’s going to feel sorry for guys out because everybody, besides I think Golden State and Phoenix, everybody has guys out.”

While he is trying to make a point that injuries are no excuse, he used injuries as an excuse.

Not the brightest bulb in the batch.

The oddest part of this statement is that the Golden State Warriors do, in fact, have injuries of their own.

And arguably, the Golden State Warriors are one of the most banged up teams in the NBA.

As it stands, the Warriors are missing Klay Thompson, James Wiseman, and Andre Iguodala, and had four players (Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Damion Lee, and Moses Moody) in COVID-19 protocol who were unable to play last weekend.

You’d think that somebody who claims to be as knowledgeable of the NBA as LeBron James claims, would know that the Warriors are practically missing their whole team.

Next time LeBron should think twice before making stupid excuses.

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