The NBA has been raging for years in a debate as to whether LeBron James is the GOAT of the league.

Well, so far this year LeBron James is sucking miserably and is about to lose it.

Now LeBron is completely melting down for all to see after the worst start for the Lakers imaginable.

One of the biggest questions that have plagued the sports world is who is the greatest of all time in the NBA.

Many people believe that the GOAT is Michael Jordan.

Who can argue with his stats and tape while on the court?

And those with the IQ of a potato claim that LeBron James is the ultimate GOAT.

But over the past couple of years, LeBron James has completely sucked.

And this year “King James” has been as bad as it can get.

The Lakers started the season 2-9 in one of the worst starts in Lakers’ history.

And this is driving LeBron crazy.

So now he is trying to blame his poor performances on the court on the referees.

He claims that the refs aren’t correctly calling fouls and that they need to do a better job at protecting him out on the court.

During recent post-game remarks after another loss, LeBron James told reporters that he just needs to learn how to flop during a game.

He claimed:

I love physicality. But I would also love for the whistle to be blown when I get hit. I mean, four free throws once again. I look at a lot of guys tonight, shooting a lot of jump shots, and they going nine, 13 times to the free throw line. I gotta learn how to flop or something. Seriously. I need to learn how to do that. Swipe my head back or do something to get to the free-throw line. Cause the ‘I missed it’ is getting repetitive. Three straight games of ‘I missed it.

It’s laughable for LeBron to even hint at the idea that he needs to learn how to flop as the guy is the undisputed Flop King in the NBA.

But at least he is consistent with his whining.

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