LeBron James is one of the most outspoken political activists in American sports.

Now James’ left-wing politics landed him in hot water.

And LeBron James just got called out for a political stance by one person who risked everything.

LeBron James considers himself an expert on any number of political subjects.

James never wastes a moment to criticize police or Donald Trump.

But when it comes to the crimes and genocide committed by the Communist Chinese government, James dummies up out of fear of offending the Communist Chinese and costing the NBA hundreds of millions of dollars in blood money.

One NBA player is not afraid of James or the Communist Chinese.

And that is Boston Celtics player Enes Kanter.

Kanter spent the last several weeks attacking the Communist Chinese for running concentration camps and committing genocide against over one million Uyghur Muslims.

Communist China retaliated by banning Celtics games and taking down mentions of the team on the Communist Chinese social media platform.

Kanter won’t give up and now is calling out LeBron James for his silence ripping James as a fraud for pretending to care about social justice as long as it doesn’t hurt his bank account.

And to drive the point home, Kanter plans to wear custom made sneakers during the Celtics’ nationally televised matchup against James’ Los Angeles Lakers depicting Communist China’s brutal dictator Xi Jingping placing a crown on James’ head.

The Celtics-Lakers rivalry began the process of the NBA becoming a global phenomenon.

But the end result was the NBA ending up in bed with the murderous Communist Chinese government.

Now the Celtics-Lakers rivalry could spell the beginning of the NBA’s much needed break up with Communist China.

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