LeBron James’ bizarre 2021 season just took a strange turn.

The controversial star can’t help but make a spectacle of himself.

And LeBron James just got fined for the most humiliating thing ever.

During the Lakers’ 126-116 overtime win over the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James ordered two courtside fans to be ejected from the game for supposedly making obscene remarks.

But James’ stand for on-court decorum was just as fraudulent as his hairline.

The NBA fined James $15,000 for making a profane gesture when James grabbed his genitals and mocked the Pacers fans.

James made himself out to be the victim of abusive fans.

In reality, James was the profane antagonist.

The NBA fining James capped off a week where James was the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter publicly ridiculed James for bending the knee to Communist China and wore sneakers depicting Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jingping placing a crown on James’ head.

The NBA also suspended James for one game after James blasted Detroit Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart in the face with an elbow that started a massive brawl.

James then turned into a national laughingstock by crying to officials that a woman heckled him during the game against the Pacers where James made his obscene gesture.

2021 may be a season to forget for James.

The Lakers are at the bottom of the playoff seedings in the Western Conference as the championship window for the Lakers’ aged roster appears closed.

James’ simping for Communist China exposed him as a fraud whose political convictions fade away when in conflict with James’ bank account.

And now James’ season of embarrassment includes a $15,000 fine that NBA Commissioner and social justice warrior Adam Silver felt forced to issue as James’ on court behavior became impossible to ignore.

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