Not many people outside of the Left can stand LeBron James.

But he gave everyone another reason to despise him after an embarrassing loss.

LeBron James just showed how big of a crybaby he really is after the Lakers got whooped.

Fewer athletes today have been embraced by the Left like LeBron James.

The man went from being just an athlete to now a political and social guru for some in America.

And the sad thing is he did it by bashing and attacking half of America to the cheers of some on social media.

For his ruthless attacks on the average American, LeBron has also earned himself a bash of hate that few athletes have achieved.

Usually, if an athlete achieves this level of hate it has to do with their unmatched success.

But for LeBron it’s just because he is an idiot.

And now those who can’t stand LeBron have another reason to despise him.

During a recent playoff game with the Lakers facing off against the red hot Phoenix Suns, LeBron just showed how bad of a team player he really is.

With over five minutes left in the game, the Lakers were down a dismal 32 points.

Some who put themselves out there as the greatest of all time would usually stick with their team and try to find a way to edge out a nearly impossible comeback.

But for LeBron James, he just decided to ditch his team and leave the game disgusted.

But anyone who watches him play knows that no comeback would be possible because LeBron is as lazy as they come on defense.

In the end, the Lakers lost their series to the Suns, handing LeBron his first First Round loss in the playoffs – perhaps just desserts for LeBron’s actions.

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