Few athletes are despised more than LeBron James.

And here is just another reason to look down on the coddled millionaire.

That’s because LeBron James just showed who he really is after going off on a high school announcer.

LeBron has always been a cocky player.

But over the years he has turned his cockiness into being a total jagoff.

He has used his platform to openly attack the President of the United States and his supporters.

LeBron showed what a poor sport he was this season by leaving his teammates hanging while running off the court into the locker room with ample time remaining to play.

Such a team player.

And he has even attacked a cop on Twitter, promoting violence against the officer.

But his level of being plain awful just hit new heights.

LeBron James literally stopped a high school basketball game to walk across the court to scold the announcer for saying that his son was getting foul calls because James paid for the gym.

You can see LeBron walking his arrogant self over to the announcer’s table in the middle of the game in the video below:

And the sad thing is, everyone around LeBron James is more worried about praising him than acknowledging the fact that he made a big scene during a game to scold the announcer for making it about him.

But does anyone even expect more from LeBron at this point?

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