When it comes to the various fan bases across America, some have worse reputations than others.

This is what makes sports so exciting – you are not just beating a team, but you are also hoping to upstage and silence the fans from that respective city.

But LeBron James just went on an unhinged rant about fans from this major city.

When it comes to professional sports, there are several cities that have built some unsavory reputations for their rowdiness.

The three that come to mind are New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

To residents of these three major cities, sports are more than just sports, they are a religion.

New York sports fans have a major chip on their shoulder due to the historic success of the Yankees.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia sports fans also have a chip on their shoulder, not because of any previous accolades per se, but rather because sports is the most exciting part of their lives in the hell pit known as Philadelphia.

And then you have Boston fans, who do not play around with their professional sports.

Whether it be the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, or the Patriots, Boston fans show up and make their presence known.

But despite owning a part of the Boston Red Sox, notorious basketball player/simpleton LeBron James has made it clear that he does not care for Boston’s fans.

According to LeBron on a talk show called The Shop, he hates Boston “Cause they racist as f*ck,” James went on to say, “They will say anything. And it’s fine. It’s my life, fuck I’ve been dealing with it my whole life.”

These are pretty serious allegations from James, who was then unable to pinpoint exact references of this alleged racism.

The truth is, LeBron James is a cry baby who is desperate for any form of attention he can grab.

If he mentioned specific instances that would be one thing, but to paint one of the largest professional sports fan bases as “racist” is inappropriate to say the very least.

Instead of making excuses for himself, perhaps LeBron James should be using this valuable air time to reflect on his own failures.

After all, the Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the playoffs despite the 10 seed format being in full effect.

Not only was this lack of a playoff spot humiliating but it proved a lot about LeBron James’ inability to share the spotlight.

According to many professional basketball experts, last season’s failures from LeBron James are more likely than not the beginning of the end for him.

And slandering entire cities without any proof is not a good way to rebound his career.

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