LeBron James should stick to sports.

The NBA superstar learned that lesson the hard way.

That happened when LeBron James said two words about a police officer that instantly blew up in his face.

Like many on the Left and in the media, LeBron James seized on a Columbus Police Officer shooting and killing 15-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant as evidence that cops are murderous racists cruising the streets in search of innocent black Americans to kill in order to satiate their bloodlust.

The truth soon exposed James and his allies on the Left as the true villains of this story.

Columbus police released the officers’ body cam footage, which showed the officer responding to a potentially deadly situation where a knife wielding Bryant had an unarmed girl pinned against a car, and Bryant was about to deliver a potentially killing blow to her victim.

Faced with just a split second to act to save a life the officer opened fire and killed Bryant.

The fact that this shooting came just 20 minutes after the jury rendered their guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial was presented as evidence by James and others on the Left that America itself needed to be put on trial and found guilty of systemic racism.

LeBron James’ response was not to call for calm or peace.

Instead James doxed the officer, by posting his picture with the caption “You’re next!”

Critics blasted James for exposing the officer to threats of assassination and targeted harassment against his family.

James deleted the tweet but not before it got 39,000 likes and went viral on social media.

NBA ratings are collapsing to historic lows as fans are sick of “woke sports.”

LeBron James posting tweets that could threaten violence against a heroic police officer who saved an innocent girl’s life will only hasten the NBA’s decline.

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