To the Left, everything worth celebrating is considered racist.

And, unfortunately, no one is off limits to being labeled racist, including excited children enjoying sports.

The latest example came when leftists freaked out after a bunch of elementary school children were photographed cheering for their national team.

It is undeniable that the modern day black death is left-wing political movements.

You literally can’t do anything enjoyable without it being racist.

And just look how leftists have ruined sports for us.

We can’t get through an NBA game without being blasted in the face with Black Lives Matter’s agenda.

Members of the US Olympic Team are actively advocating against their nation and dissing our national anthem.

Hell, even NASCAR has gone to crap and pushed a fake narrative that a standard garage door pull rope was fashioned into a noose to fit the Left’s narrative that its fan base is racist.

But now it’s even racist for children to cheer on their favorite teams.

England’s National Football (Soccer) Team is heading to the UEFA European Football Championship.

And as a result, many fans in England are ecstatic to cheer on their favorite team.

Even elementary schools in England are getting in on the fun with face paint and pep rallies.

But leftists are having none of it.

Leftists in social media crawled out of their holes to attack a video of gleeful children showing their pride for England.

One low-life tweeted out, “Very depressing. What does it even mean? Poor kids, already brainwashed. A sea of aggressive white faces . . . Is that global Britain? Just check the amazing English team and learn from it.”

The babbling idiots continued their tirade by tweeting out, “A sea of white faces screaming nonsense and flagshagging. Very sad.”

Another basement dweller tweeted, “Yes, well done teaching kids to act like football hooligans.”

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