The Mets have been on a losing skid lately that has their fans fuming.

Even Mets mega fan Jerry Seinfeld has turned on his beloved team.

Seinfeld went ballistic on the New York Mets and you won’t believe why.

With the Major League Baseball season winding down quickly, teams are doing their best to get into the pennant race.

In the American League, you got the Toronto Blue Jays holding on by a thread to the last wild card playoff spot.

And coming up from behind are the Baltimore Orioles closing in with an amazing and unexpected season performance.

But in the National League, the story of the playoff hunt has been the losing streak by the Mets.

All season the Mets have been the team to beat in the National League.

And they have been hyping up the intro song for relief pitcher Edwin Diaz.

Mets fans go nuts in the stands when Trumpet starts to play.

And the Mets have been milking this hype song so much that they even brought in performer Narco to do the song live mid-game at the end of last month.

But things have gone downhill ever since.

The Mets have lost three straight after the performance and are on a downward slide losing five of their last eight.

And mega Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld is having none of it.

Seinfeld has been a Mets fan nearly his whole life and he didn’t hold back when he posted on Instagram, “I blame that stupid Trumpet performance. Celebrating in season. We haven’t won anything. Bad mojo.”

Seinfeld went even further, opening a wound that Mets fans still can’t get over to this day: the 2000 World Series loss to the Yankees in just five games.

He continued, “Same as when the (Baha) Men showed up to play ‘Who Let (the) Dogs Out’ in 2000 WS. Series ended right there.”

The Mets will still most likely make the playoffs but as of right now their hopes of going to the World Series look slim if this curse of the Trumpet continues on their season.

That’s what happens when you let a gay instrument like the trumpet be your team’s rallying cry.

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