Every draft there seems to be a quarterback that is going to be the next best thing in the NFL.

But nearly every season, the newcomers seem to suck while Tom Brady continues playing at an elite level.

And legendary head coach Urban Meyer will never forget when he realized what made Tom Brady the best of all time.

Do you remember Mark Sanchez?

What about Matt Leinart?

And how about the great quarterbacks of college from back in the day like Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith?

Well there is one thing they all have in common.

All of them were going to be the next best thing in the NFL and they ended up sucking at their job as an NFL quarterback.

But one quarterback keeps coming back year after year as one of the best.

Tom Brady has been in the league for 21 years and has the stats books filled with his accomplishments.

The man has literally played in ten Super Bowls and has won seven of them, which is something no other NFL player can claim they did.

Brady has also racked up an impressive 79,204 passing yards and over 580 touchdown passes.

Tom Brady is unquestionably one of the best of the best.

But many people have tried to figure out what makes Tom Brady stand out from the others in the NFL.

Legendary coach Urban Meyer thinks he has it all figured out.

The new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach claims Brady is one of the best because of his work ethic.

Meyer told sportswriter Peter King that “I got to witness Tom Brady first-hand and it was the last day of a mini-camp in June. I had been to a few of those and usually people had one foot out the door. They just got done with a very long, seven/eight weeks in the offseason. You’re talking about the greatest quarterback of all time . . . I was blown away.”

The legendary college football coach continued by talking about how Brady controls the film sessions that few players ever dream of attempting.

Meyer claimed:

He was in there running the film. He had the offensive line sitting there, running backs, receivers, and Tom Brady was running the clicker and watching practice film, dissecting the plays with the offense. Think about that for a minute. You can say he throws a great pass. But people that really understand the game – there’s much more than that that makes him the best of all time.

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