Major League Baseball is now a Democrat Party Political Action Committee.

It acts at the behest of Democrat politicians and their priorities.

And Major League Baseball canceled one game because of this insane political protest.

The Minnesota Twins announced it canceled their game on Monday night against the Boston Red Sox in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors who rioted after a police officer accidentally shot Daunte Wright.

“Out of respect for the tragic events that occurred yesterday in Brooklyn Center, and following the additional details in this evolving situation, the Minnesota Twins have decided it is in the best interests of our fans, staff, players and community to not play today’s game,” the statement read. “The Minnesota Twins organization extends its sympathies to the family of Daunte Wright.”

The officer shot Wright after thinking she was reaching for her taser after Wright – who had a warrant out for an outstanding weapons charge – resisted arrest.

Riots broke out in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and the Twins canceled their game in solidarity with the rioters.

This reminded many Americans of when the NHL, NBA, and MLB all went on strike last summer when police officers shot knife wielding accused rapist Jacob Blake.

Professional sports continue to find ways to tell half the country that they hate them and their values.

The hosts of Fox & Friends recently made headlines when they said baseball was now a blue state sport following baseball’s decision to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta in protest over the state’s new election integrity law.

Canceling games to support the radical Black Lives Matter movement will only serve to further alienate any fans who don’t vote for the Democrat Party.

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