2021 was the year Major League Baseball got in the politics business.

It did not go well.

And Major League Baseball got some bad news about its All-Star Game political protest.

Major League Baseball agreed to Joe Biden’s demands to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia’s new election integrity measure.

Becoming a Super PAC for the Democrat Party blew up in baseball’s face as this year’s All-Star Game earned the second lowest rating in history.

Breitbart reported:

MLB’s 2021 All-Star Game turned out to be the second lowest rated of all time after playing on the heels of the league’s controversial decision to move the game from Atlanta due to Georgia’s election integrity law.

Indeed, in terms of low-ratings, the 2021 All-Star Game was only outdone by the 2019 ASG — but only by a scant one percent — allowing 2019 to retain its shameful crown as the least-watch All-Star Game ever.

To show how far the All-Star Game has fallen, in 1980 the broadcast earned 36 million viewers. By 2015, only 11 million cared to tune in. This year, the league’s big match-up only garnered 8.24 million viewers. 2019’s dismal showing only reached 8.14 million. (There was no All-Star Game in 2020 due to the pandemic.)

Major League Baseball experienced what it means to “get woke and go broke.”

And the All-Star game should have been a major TV draw.

The Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani made history by being the American League’s starting pitcher and leadoff batter as the designated hitter.

Normally, fans would be flocking to watch this once in a lifetime superstar pull off a feat not seen since Babe Ruth.

But because baseball decided advancing the Democrat Party’s agenda was their North Star it alienated fans, and baseball paid the price with the All-Star Game ratings.

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