Major League Baseball is now another institution fully under the control of the American Left.

That’s bad news for the national pastime.

And now Major League Baseball is asking fans one question that shows they are in deep trouble.

Baseball yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta after Joe Biden led a pack of Democrats and corporate media activists in smearing Georgia’s new election integrity law with lies about how it amounted to “Jim Crow” on steroids.

That led to an immediate fan backlash, which saw baseball’s favorability ratings plunge 35 points with Republicans.

Baseball panicked and now when fans attend games this season they are given a survey about their experience at the ballpark.

One of the questions asks fans for their political affiliation.

National Review reports:

The question about political affiliation is part of the extensive fan surveys MLB is conducting this year around the ballpark experience, which the league says is to gain knowledge about fan perceptions, preferences, and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the question also is being asked as a poll shows MLB’s favorability rating among Republicans has plummeted since its decision to pull this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta because of allegations by Democrats that Georgia’s new voting law is racist.

MLB officials say the two things aren’t related – the league says it actually started asking the political affiliation question during the 2020 postseason – but the question could raise concerns among conservative baseball fans about how the increasingly “woke” league will use the information.

Polls have shown about 35 percent of Americans are watching fewer sports because of athletes, teams, and leagues backing national anthem protests and other politically-motivated causes.

Baseball had largely steered clear of this until the All-Star game debacle.

The league is now trying to figure out the extent of the damage the decision to “go woke” caused.

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