Democrats are turning sports into another institution of the American Left.

Many Americans are not happy about this.

And now Major League Baseball just got slapped with one major lawsuit over moving the 2021 All-Star game.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred caused a massive uproar by caving to Democrats’ demands that the sport move the All-Star game out of Atlanta in protest over the state’s new election integrity law.

That move is estimated to cost the city of Atlanta – where a majority of residents are minorities – around $100 million dollars in economic activity.

In response, the Job Creators Network filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball in an attempt to get the 2021 All-Star game moved back to Georgia.

“FOX Business has learned that the right-leaning trade group founded by Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus — plans to file a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court Tuesday morning alleging that MLB’s decision has injured Atlanta’s small business community. Also to be named in the lawsuit, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter is the Major League Baseball Players Association – the union which represents some 1,200 players – and which the Job Creators Network contends played a role in the decision to move the game out of Atlanta to Denver,” Fox Business Channel’s Charlie Gasparino reported.

Major League Baseball – like the NFL and NBA – is now a political action committee for the American Left.

Millions of fans feel alienated as the commissioner of the game they love spit in their faces and essentially called their values racist.

This lawsuit is a long shot.

But it shows that Americans who don’t care for the “woke-ification” of pro-sports aren’t going to take America’s national pastime turning into an institution of the Left lying down.

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