As fans flee NASCAR, the NBA, MLB, and the NFL by the tens of thousands, team owners are scrambling to find a cure.

But instead of a cure, Mark Cuban and other owners are spreading the disease.

And the Mark Cuban vs. Ted Cruz Twitter fight shows just how far sports have fallen in the United States.

The growing player movement to kneel and disrespect the Flag, the National Anthem, the men and women who have died for our freedoms, and the very country where they live is just a small part of what is ailing American sports.

Take NASCAR for example.

Once a wildly popular sport with millions of die-hard fans, the sport has become just another corporate-run activity bowing to the “woke” leftist mobs while alienating its largely southern, blue collar, conservative base.

They have attempted to ban the rebel flag at NASCAR events, resulting in major backlash none of the suits in the front office saw coming.

It also resulted in a major display of support for Bubba Wallace when NASCAR execs told him a garage door pull-down rope was actually a “noose.”

NASCAR execs have now mandated “sensitivity” training and a new effort to promote “diversity” despite finding out, or perhaps even knowing all along, that it was all a hoax.
In fact, for those who follow the sport it’s widely known that ever since Bill France, Jr. stepped down, NASCAR has been taken over and run by a bunch of rich, pompous Yankees who literally have no clue why anyone would watch NASCAR.

You know those friends who say, “Why would you want to sit in the sun, drink crappy mass-produced beer with a bunch of rednecks and watch cars drive in circles?”

That is the new corporate culture at NASCAR.

Kind of hard to effectively run an organization when you despise the very people you depend upon for your livelihood.

But now, in addition to the well-known problems with NASCAR and the NFL we can add the NBA.

Just this week, billionaire NBA team owner Mark Cuban spent the day in a heated Twitter argument with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz about sports, the national anthem, the Communist China’s takeover of Hong Kong, Black Lives Matter, the Chinese coronavirus, and the NBA’s reliance on slave labor.

As is usual for Twitter debates, nothing was solved, no issues were agreed upon, and Cuban came off as both a spoiled rich elitist and a hypocrite.

And he seemingly unknowingly brought up something that sports fans have suspected for years.

The owners no longer care about their fans.

And, the owners and players believe they can do pretty much anything they want and their fans will stay because they always have in the past.

In fact, Cuban literally said if fans don’t support his team (the Dallas Mavericks) kneeling during the National Anthem then he will personally show them the door.

This is truly a new era in sports. It wasn’t that long ago that owners, players, and coaches worried about and even feared fan defections.

But now, by caving to violent “woke” socialist mobs, instead of their fans, the billionaire owners have openly signaled fans don’t matter.

They are saying loud and clear that if they lose any fans, and as NASCAR shows they most certainly will, then that is fine with them.

This is the new fan experience. Spend your money on overpriced tickets to games, buy overpriced mass-produced food, spend too much money on slave-labor made Chinese merchandise, and get lectured by millionaires and billionaires for being too “privileged.”

And if you don’t like politics taking over and destroying America’s favorite pastimes, then leave.

The billionaire owners, multi-millionaire players, and league executives believe most fans will stay because they always have, through price gouging, strikes, rules that have destroyed the games, and worse and worse treatment of their very fan base.

After all, how are you going to watch Mahomes, LeBron, Denny Hamlin or other superstars if you boycott sports?

Only time will tell just how many fans walk away, but based on recent numbers for NASCAR, which once had arguably the most loyal fan base, Mark Cuban and the billionaire boys club better rethink their strategy.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.