Low ratings following the George Floyd protests led the NBA to try and move away from politics.

That proved impossible.

And now Michael Jordan made one unbelievable comment about a political protest upending the NBA.

Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving sits at the center of a massive controversy.

Irving refuses to get the coronavirus vaccine in solidarity with Americans losing their jobs due to tyrannical – and possibly illegal – workplace vaccine mandates.

This became an issue because of New York City’s authoritarian vaccine passport edict, which requires proof of vaccination to enter establishments such as the Barclays Center – where the Nets play their home games.

Charlotte Hornets owners – and all-time NBA great – Michael Jordan discussed the NBA’s vaccine protocols and the players refusing to “get the jab” in an interview on the Today Show with host Craig Melvin.

Jordan supported the vaccine protocols – which impose strict rules on testing and restrict how unvaccinated players can live their lives – while hinting that he expected Irving to eventually give in and take the vaccine.

“I am totally in unison with the league,” Jordan stated. “I think everybody has been speaking about vaccinations. I’m a firm believer in science, and I’m gonna stick with that. Hopefully everybody abides by whatever the league sets the rules. I think that, once everybody buys in, we’re gonna be fine.”

But Irving refused, as sources close to Irving told The Athletic that Irving won’t get the shot in order to give a “voice to the voiceless.”

Irving could play in the Nets 41 road games this season, but General Manager Sean Marks announced the team banned Irving from all games and practices until he complies with New York City’s vaccine passport law.

Irving is not taking the vaccine anytime soon and is willing to forfeit $16 million in salary and a potential championship run this season to stand by his principles.

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