Jim Harbaugh is considered a great football coach and mastermind of the game.

But for some reason he has fallen flat on his face over and over again at Michigan.

Now, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh claims he isn’t going anywhere after literally looking everywhere else for a job.

A good coach can make an average team good and a good team great.

And then you have coaches like Jim Harbaugh who get blessed with the best talent you can ask for but then he ends up sucking anyways.

Just think about it.

Jim Harbaugh inherited a good San Francisco football team as head coach in 2011.

But even with a star-studded roster he couldn’t win the big game and bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

And in the end we all got screwed with the cultural rot he elevated named Colin Kaepernick.

And it’s been nothing but the same mediocre coaching since he went to Michigan.

After taking over one of the top five programs in college basketball, he has only gone 85-61.

Since taking over the Wolverines in 2015, he has only beaten their arch-rival Ohio State once.

Not to mention, Michigan hasn’t won a major bowl game since Jim Harbaugh has been coach.

So that is why many people could see the writing on the wall for Jim during this off-season as he begged for an NFL coaching job.

He literally tried to get a coaching job at Miami, Jacksonville, Chicago, and Minnesota.

And Jim’s last hope of escaping his icy hell-hole in Michigan was Minnesota as the other teams ignored the ex-NFL coach.

But even the Vikings denied Jim Harbaugh as they went with Kevin O’Connell.

So now Jim wants to claim that he intended the whole time to stay at Michigan and it’s now his forever home.

During a press conference, he stated, “Ultimately, I decided this is where I wanted to be. And really, a lot of gratitude for that.”

He continued to tell reporters, “That’s how I felt, and how I feel.”

And after missing the National Championship game for over seven years at the controls of one of the best teams in the nation, now Jim Harbaugh proclaimed, “We could win the national championship, and that’s plenty good.”

Wonder how long before he is looking for another NFL coaching job?

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