We all know that some beers can muddy your decision making and your vision.

But there is no excuse for what J.J. McCarthy’s Dad just did.

And now Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy’s dad could be heading to jail for what he did to JJ’s girlfriend.

There are a lot of things that can mess with someone’s mind and decision-making process.

And one of the biggest enemies of logical thought is beer.

Just look back at history.

The Japs took some shots of sake before they attacked the United States through the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Not the smartest move as it didn’t turn out great for them in the long run.

Line up beer after beer with a night out with your buddies and it might end with you in bed with a sixty-year-old dried-up hooker.

It’s just something about beer that clouds the mind and blurs the eyes.

That’s why so many idiots at sporting events do dumb things.

After a few beers it doesn’t take much to push their idiocy into action.

Just look at all Bills fans.

Well, some have tried to use beer as an excuse for what J.J. McCarthy’s Dad did during Saturday’s game.

But a man can drink all the beers in the world and that wouldn’t excuse his actions during the Fiesta Bowl.

While J.J. McCarthy was making some lucky plays on the field to give Michigan a fighting chance to advance to the Championship game, his dad was trying to get lucky in the stands with his son’s girlfriend.

After scoring a touchdown Mr. McCarthy took his shot at J.J.’s girlfriend as he rubbed her butt with his finger then smacked it for the whole nation to see.

You can just tell by the video how thirsty the guy was.

Now how much worse can it get for J.J. McCarthy and his girlfriend?

Not only did he have to suffer through a humiliating loss in the Fiesta Bowl to TCU but now he’s taking the L from his Dad.

Hopefully his Dad’s Urban Meyer moment won’t hurt his family too much.

But we all know that if we did that to a girl we would be slapped and charged with assault and rightfully so.

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