You can’t have a great offense without the fat pigs up front holding the line.

And in college football this year, Michigan had the best offensive line by far.

But Michigan’s award-winning offensive line went for the nation’s best to a national embarrassment against the Dawgs.

Everyone always remembers who the quarterbacks are as they get all the name recognition from the fans.

And few things make a crowd go wild than a flashy wide receiver catching a touchdown.

But if it weren’t for the big uglies up front, these flashy players wouldn’t have a chance to make a name for themselves.

And this year Michigan put themselves forward as having the best offensive line in college football.

The Wolverines’ offensive line this year was so good that they won the coveted Joe Moore Award, which goes to the best offensive line unit in the nation.

And everyone thought going into the College Football Playoff game against Georgia that they would be able to hold their own.

Well, that isn’t exactly what happened.

During the game on New Years Eve, the Michigan line got their lunch stolen by Georgia’s defensive line.

Just how bad was their offensive line in their 34-11 loss?

Well, they only had 91 rushing yards after priding themselves all year as being one of the top rushing offenses in the nation.

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