The MLB commissioner has really sucked this year.

First, he turned his back on Americans who supported election integrity by pulling the MLB All-Star game out of Georgia.

And now the MLB’s commissioner has been getting railed by players over his cheating hypocrisy.

Roger Goodell might not be the most hated professional sports commissioner anymore.

Since the beginning of the year, the MLB has shown us all what you don’t do.

First, the commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, unilaterally decided to appease his woke friends by pulling the All-Star game out of Atlanta over Republican’s efforts to secure their state’s election process.

Nothing will make your TV ratings drop faster than turning your back on the majority of hard-working Americans who just want to watch sports without politics being involved.

Just ask the NFL and Roger Goodell how kissing Black Lives Matter’s ass worked for their ratings.

But Manfred must have told Goodell to hold his $16 IPA beer as he just showed him and the world how stupid he really is.

Manfred thought it would be a good idea to crack down on cheating now after the MLB let all the players involved in the Astros’ cheating scandal off scot-free just last year.

Manfred issued a new foreign substance ban, which increased inspection of pitchers and made it a mandatory suspension of 10 games if a player was caught with a foreign sticky substance.

And this ban is rumored to even include sunscreen.

Too bad we will now never see Howie from “The Benchwarmers” make a debut in the MLB.

But the new guidelines mandated by the commissioner have players fuming.

And star pitcher Carlos Rodon of the White Sox didn’t hold anything back.

Rodon didn’t hold any punches back when he said, “It’s hard to see this when you’re giving out 10-game suspensions for cheating, but you give the Astros no suspensions at all. If Rob Manfred can look himself in the mirror and say ‘hey, I’m doing the right thing,’ that’s fine. But (if you) can’t suspend the team you actually knew was cheating during a playoff game, that’s on you.”

The man has a point.

You had a whole team caught with their pants down cheating and Manfred gave them just a slap on the wrist.

Now he’s decided to go after pitchers for something pitchers have done for decades.

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