The MLB has made it clear that they could care less about conservatives.

So far they have gotten away with giving the cold shoulder to the average American.

But MLB legend Aubrey Huff just completely shredded the MLB and Little League Baseball for embracing the radical Left.

Major League Baseball used to be one of the most recognizable and historic American institutions.

It has stood the test of time and is as American as the tomahawk missile.

But something changed this year for the MLB.

They’ve made it clear that they could care less about conservatives.

Earlier this year, the MLB embraced the Left’s narrative and moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta because Georgia actually decided to protect election integrity.

Even with the backlash from the unprecedented move, the MLB made it clear that they were happy with their decision to turn on the average American’s concerns.

Well, now they have taken their embrace of the Left a step further.

The latest corporate cave is to change their logo to a gay pride rainbow flag.

It’s like one of those bad snapchat filter fads where everything in the logo stays the same but the colors just become a rainbow.

Well not only did the MLB gleefully jump at the opportunity to become a rainbow but so did Little League Baseball.

And Aubrey Huff was having none of it.

Huff was a pitching legend with over a decade of pitching in the MLB for teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and San Francisco Giants.

But he has recently become known for being an outspoken supporter of conservative values.

And he wasn’t happy with his former team’s embrace of the radical LGBT movement.

Huff tweeted out, “One would expect this from the “woke” ⁦@SFGiants. All you conservative players wear it with pride!”

And then called out the MLB for falling for the gay pride movement’s rainbow filter.

He then turned his sights on Little League Baseball for changing its logo to the LGBTQ rainbow.

It is insane how many corporations are gleefully changing their logos for the gay pride flag.

It’s like they could care less what the average American thinks about the issue.

But until more people speak out against the madness just get ready for more of the Left’s radical agenda to be rammed down your throat.

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