Golf only has one star anyone cares about and that’s Paige Spiranac.

Thankfully, Spiranac just blessed us all with her latest online content.

And Spiranac’s latest photo posted online just set the Internet ablaze.

Golf is a “sport” no one really cares about.

The few people who actually do care about golf either suck at life or are near the end of their life.

No matter how hard ESPN or CBS Sports tries to make us care about golf and figures like Tiger Woods, no one will really give a damn.

To be honest, the most exciting thing Tiger Woods has been involved in was off the course and only involved golf as his wife chased him with a club over a hooker.

Fun times.

But there is one person in golf who would catch all of our attention.

Paige Spiranac is a professional golfer turned social media icon and model who is using all of her talents to make golf watchable.

And you can see why she is so popular.

Thankfully for us all, she just shared a game that stopped Twitter in its tracks.

Paige asked her followers, “Let’s play a game! How many @swaggolfco head covers do you see behind me?”

This is the hardest game of our lives.

How can something be so easy and hard at the same time?

No matter how hard you gaze at the pictures, your eyes tend to go out of focus as to what is around Paige.

Thank goodness the book “Where’s Waldo?” wasn’t this distracting to play.

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