At this point, no one can deny the fact that Tom Brady operates on a higher plane of existence than the rest of us.

After all, Father Time was undefeated until he came onto the scene and proved to be an Ageless Wonder.

And even though it wasn’t necessary, more evidence has emerged to support the hypothesis that Tom Brady is not human.

For at least five years now, the sports media – well, mainly ESPN – has attempted to pronounce Brady’s career dead countless times.

They’ve all wanted to see him fail, and be forced to finally call it a career.

Of course, the only problem with that is Brady is built differently, allowing him to defy all the odds and naysayers to continue winning Super Bowls at 43-years-old.

Brady’s apparent aversion to the aging process that effects every actual human being has obviously caused many to theorize that he’s simply not human.

Some will undoubtedly call that hyperbole, but now, additional evidence has emerged that may very well prove just that.

According to reports from the Tampa Bay Times and NFL Network, Brady played the entire 2020 season, including the Super Bowl, with a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee.

And this wasn’t a partially torn MCL, no, this was a fully torn MCL.

On top of that, the injury actually occurred all the way back in the 2019 season, Brady’s final year in New England.

Brady recently underwent a knee surgery to repair that torn MCL, yet he and others around him significantly downplayed the procedure, with Brady himself calling it more of a “clean up.”

“Tom Brady’s injury was actually more serious than that,”’s Ian Rapoport reported. “It was a fully torn MCL, sources say, that required surgery following the Super Bowl win.”

While most players would have been virtually debilitated by such an injury, Brady thrived with a bum knee in his 20th NFL season, throwing 40 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions en route to his seventh Super Bowl win and fifth Super Bowl MVP.

With Brady’s MCL now finally repaired and on its way to being 100% for the first time literally in years, there’s no telling how much better he can be, even as he plays his 21st season at the age of 44.

Politics aside, he was already the Greatest of All-Time, and already playing at a higher level at an advanced age than anyone ever dreamed possible.

That fact should terrify every opponent that gets in Brady’s way as he chases an even higher level of immortality.

So with that, it’s official – Tom Brady is not human.

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