Not all superheroes wear capes.

Some are just eye-patch wearing track runners who get jumped and still finish first.

And you’ve got to watch as this track star gets jumped, beat up, needs an eye patch, and still takes home the gold.

Society has folklore stories of superheroes accomplishing remarkable feats because the average person is unremarkable.

The average person can barely do their job correctly.

Just think about the last fast food order you got that was completely mucked up.

The fast food dude literally had one job.

And some people are so helpless that they don’t even hold a job when everyone is hiring.

Right now, in America, millions of people don’t have jobs who are within working age.

The average person just sucks at life.

That’s why we have stories like Paul Bunyan and John Henry.

But there is at least one person who doesn’t completely suck and who can accomplish heroic feats.

Wilfried Happio is a track athlete in France who looks like your average runner.

But Happio is anything but average.

As he was prepping for the French Track Championships this past week, he was jumped and had the crap beat out of him.

His assault was so bad that he was gushing blood and needed an eye patch.

But that didn’t stop Happio as his next act made him an urban legend.

Happio decided to still compete in the 400 meter championship meet even though it looked like he lost a fight to Mike Tyson.

And even with an eye patch and dried blood on his face, he still went out there and won gold.


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