Broadcasters and announcers are supposed to be as level headed as they come.

But it turns out some announcers lose their cool like the rest of us.

And one Major League announcer had viewers in disbelief after he slipped up and blurted this out live on air.

We all have a beloved news broadcaster from our local news station.

What is there not to love about your local news broadcaster?

Oftentimes, they look the part and are easy on the eyes.

And since part of the job is to be as cool as a cucumber, rarely, if ever, do you find your local broadcaster flustered and off script.

Sports broadcasters and announcers are the same way.

Some might be hated by fans but they always stay professional when broadcasting a game.

But all signs of professionalism went out the window for one broadcaster covering an MLB game live on TV recently.

During a matchup between the White Sox versus the Guardians, a standard fly ball was hit out to right field.

White Sox outfielder Gavin Sheets had a complete brainfart and just dropped the fly ball in what would have been an easy out.

Instead, it turned into a double and one broadcaster wasn’t having any of it.

During the play, broadcaster Rick Manning blurted out live on air “Are you shitting me?!”

But in his defense, anyone who watches that error is thinking the same thing.

How do you get paid millions of dollars and still drop easy fly balls?

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