NASCAR has been changing for the worst over the past several years.

But this change could be the final nail in the coffin for most fans.

And NASCAR fans were shocked to learn about this drastic Biden-approved change that would change the league forever.

If you have been a NASCAR fan over the years just face the fact that the racing league hates you.

Don’t believe it?

Just look at their continuous assault on your beliefs.

It all started when they barred the Stars and Bars from being displayed by fans.

Don’t worry, they didn’t ban the Black Lives Matter flag and instead took a hard Left turn.

They ended up embracing lyin’ Bubba Wallace and his fake noose story.

Not to mention that NASCAR is gay.

And they wonder why fans aren’t showing up to races anymore.

Well, this move could piss off the last remaining fans of NASCAR.

NASCAR is planning to go full-blown Green New Deal and make stock cars electric.

Recently released documents show steps being taken by NASCAR to introduce their next line of stock cars, which will be electric.

The electric stock cars will supposedly have speeds matching current stock cars and will have around 1000 horsepower.

The racing league is also trying to find a way to make the electric cars sound like race cars as they would be silent with the electric motors.

So let’s get this straight.

Now NASCAR is all for the Green New Deal and is bending over backwards to appease the Left with electric cars.

This will be the end of NASCAR as we know it.

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