Most people think that NASCAR is a “has been” sport.

But fans were in shock when they saw this crazy move by an up and coming driver.

In fact, NASCAR has never seen a move like this from a driver since Dale Earnhardt.

It’s hard to deny the fact that NASCAR has been neglecting its fans.

NASCAR was built on American values and fans used to go to races to escape the politics of the day.

But over the past decade, NASCAR has decided to ram the leftist agenda down their fans’ throats.

Names like Richard Petty, Dale Jarrett, and Dale Earnhardt used to bring the fans to their feet with unforgettable racing and an unapologetic championing of southern culture.

But these legends have been replaced with race-baiters and haters like Bubble Wallace.

Who can forget his infamous noose garage handle hoax?

But thankfully, NASCAR has a new rising star that old fans are starting to gather behind.

Ross Chastain came out of nowhere this year to be one of the best drivers in the NASCAR Cup circuit.

He just drives with a level of aggression NASCAR hasn’t seen in a long time.

And this past weekend in Martinsville, one of NASCAR’s last historic short tracks, his aggressive driving paid off big time.

Heading into the final turn of the race he was behind Denny Hamlin in the playoff points as Hamlin was ahead of Ross with several cars between them.

The average driver would have just called it a day and taken his fifth-place overall season position.

But Ross Chastain said screw it and pulled a move no one had ever seen in real life.

Rather than shifting down gears going into the last sharp turn of the race, Ross put the pedal to the metal and hit the fastest lap in Martinsville history and rode the wall around the turn in 5th gear.

His move put him just in front of Hamlin in the race finish and advanced him to the Championship Race.

Just watch this insane move.

This is literally a move out of a video game.

And when asked where the hell he came up with such a crazy move Ross explained that the idea did indeed come from a video game.

Ross in a post-race interview explained, “I played a lot of NASCAR 2005 on the GameCube with Chad [Chastain’s brother] growing up, and you can get away with it, and I never knew if it would actually work. I did that when I was 8 years old.”

Ross did more to bring fans back to NASCAR in one move than NASCAR has ever done in a decade.

Now let’s see if he can win the Championship.

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