NASCAR races used to be filled with eager fans waiting to watch the drop of the green flag but now they can’t even pay people to show up.

And rather than try to re-engage their fan base, NASCAR is telling their old fans to screw off.

NASCAR just made it clear that they hate their southern fan base and want them out of the sport for good.

The Daytona 500 used to be a sight to see in the sports world.

Hundreds of thousands of fans crammed in the stands shoulder to shoulder to watch the best race car drivers in the world going at it on the track.

Just look at the stands for the infamous 2001 Daytona 500.

Now look at the crowd for a NASCAR race.

Your local 6-year-old soccer game has more fans at it than NASCAR has had recently.

But it shouldn’t shock anyone that NASCAR’s fan base has left.

NASCAR has proven they want their fan base to leave.

And a recent story in USA Today just proves that the leadership of NASCAR would rather want the woke outrage mob’s favor and woke corporate cash rather than the average hard working American fans who have kept the sport going for decades.

The article reiterated NASCAR’s commitment at being more “inclusive” and “diverse.”

We know what this means.

NASCAR just wants to get away from the white southern fan base that has built the sport to be what it has become.

But now NASCAR is more worried about catering to the Left’s agenda and ramming their beliefs down our throats.

And Bubba Wallace, the guy who made up the whole fake nose in the garage story, decided to attack the fans that have stayed in this recent article.

Wallace talked to USA Today about the increase in boos he has received saying, “That’s them [white fans]. They’re the ones who have to lay down at night and realize what’s going on. […] Some just may not like me as a driver, which is fine. But it’s just ironic that the boos have gotten louder and more consistent ever since last year. And so it’s just, I guess, quite the timing.”

Even Brandon Thompson, NASCAR’s Vice President of Diversity and Equity, told the paper that:

No one’s in the business, particularly nowadays, of firing their customers. But we also know and understand that true NASCAR fans are going to continue to be supportive about this, and if lifelong fans decide that this is not for them anymore because they’re opposed to the sport being more inclusive, then unfortunately, we’re OK with continuing to move on.

NASCAR has become a joke.

Everyone knows that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

And NASCAR has made it clear that they are all in for the woke outrage mob and not their fan base.

It’s sad to watch what was once a fast-growing, truly American sport die off in their push to become nothing more than a puppet for the Left.

But NASCAR will get what it deserves, which is a pending collapse.

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