Many football teams and players have some of the craziest game prep rituals in all of sports.

But this hilarious game prep is by far the most bizarre game prep out there.

And NC State got their quarterbacks ready for their matchup against Mississippi State with a cowbell in the most insane way you will ever see.

What would football be without pre-game rituals?

At Virginia Tech, they have one of the best entrances in all of sports.

And who could forget the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott’s ritual of prepping his hips pre-game.

But this game prep is by far as wild as it gets.

As NC State prepped for their Saturday afternoon matchup with Mississippi State, the coaching staff thought all the Wolfpack quarterbacks needed some cowbell desensitization.


Because at Mississippi State, the Bulldogs take cowbells seriously.

Facing a student section filled with drunk sorority girls swinging away with their cowbells, that’s a daunting prospect for any young man.

So the staff just wanted to get their quarterbacks used to it before they hit the field.

The NC State coaches were certainly thinking ahead.

But the Wolfpack coaching staff’s simulation must not have gone far enough.

Perhaps NC State should have had their own sorority girls making the racket instead of coaches during the game prep exercise.

Because in the end, Mississippi State’s sorority girls and their cowbells must have been too big a distraction, as NC State got wrecked by the Bulldogs 24-10.

What do you think?

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