The MLB is already barely getting by with its own problems.

But now, one of the biggest politicians in the nation wants to make the league worse by throwing women into the equation.

New York City’s Mayor made it clear that he wants to ruin Major League Baseball with this absurd request.

Major League Baseball used to be the must watch professional sports league in the nation.

Names like Babe Ruth were known by more Americans than some of the country’s most prominent politicians.

But damn, if the MLB hasn’t gone to hell over the past couple of years.

Just barely over a week ago, there was serious doubt if there would even be an MLB season this year.

Now, New York Mayor Eric Adams wants to put the final nail in the MLB’s coffin.

Eric Adams claimed that the MLB should start having women play.

During his weekly news rant late last week Adams stated, “I’m so glad that the boys of summer are coming back. I hope in the next year we start seeing the boys and the girls of summer. It’s time to allow women to play professional baseball as well.”

The Mayor is absolutely insane.

If he is such a baseball fan like he has claimed he is, then why would he want baseball to fail?

Professional sports and women just don’t go well together.

Basketball is fun to watch, but then you throw women into the sport and it gets boring and unwatchable.

Would you rather watch some slam dunks or 20 layups in a row?

And do you really think the MLB is going to improve in viewership when we start replacing home run sluggers with daily singles?

God help the MLB if they start letting women play.

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