One UFC fighter had a message for LeBron James that put jaws on the ground


LeBron James is the leader of the new generation of “woke” political athletes.

But not everyone appreciates his Trump hatred.

And this one UFC fighter had a message for LeBron James that put jaws on the ground.

UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington is a diehard Trump supporter and has previously criticized LeBron James and other left-wing athletes as “spineless cowards” for their anti-Trump and anti-police protests.

James responded by claiming a combat sports champion would be afraid to face him.

“Anybody can talk from outside,”James ranted. “But if they got into the ring or they got into the arena, probably 10 times out of 10, they’d s–t their pants.”

Covington – who is known as one of the more outlandish personalities in the UFC – responded during a promotion for a UFC-affiliated website

Standing on a beach between two women, Covington sarcastically congratulated James on winning a title in the least watched NBA finals in history and also noted that UFC’s viewership was up because UFC did not turn their sport into a shrine for Black Lives Matter.

“Congratulations are in order for my good buddy, LeBron James. Congrats, LeBron. Congrats on setting the record for the least-watched NBA Finals in history. You wish you could blame it on the pandemic, but everybody’s just sick of your woke b——t. And while the NBA ratings are down, UFC is up, just like our bank account,” Covington stated.

Many sports media observers speculated about why the finals drew such pitiful viewership, but the NBA is not guessing.

League commissioner Adam Silver revealed that next season the NBA will no longer paint Black the Lives Matter on the court and players will go back to wearing their names as opposed to left-wing social justice messages on their jerseys.

Whatever happens in this election, it’s clear that in the feud between Colby Covington and LeBron James, Covington scored a knockout.

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Vikings fans were left with their jaws on the floor after what Kirk Cousins just said


Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is having a dreadful season.

His team sits in last place after coming into the season with reasonably high hopes.

And Vikings fans were left with their jaws on the floor after what Kirk Cousins just said.

Kirk Cousins has a reputation for being a decent stat compiler who doesn’t win games.

In Cousins’ first two regular seasons in Minnesota, the Vikings were 1-10-1 in games where they trailed at any point in the fourth quarter.

Cousins had similar unclutch moments during his tenure with the Washington Redskins.

Nevertheless, the Vikings gave Cousins a fully guaranteed three-year, $84 million contract to be their franchise quarterback.

It hasn’t worked out so well for them this year.

The Vikings are 1-5, and Cousins leads the NFL with 10 interceptions in only six games compared to his 11 touchdowns.

Worse yet, the interceptions seem to be getting into the quarterback’s head.

After a humiliating loss to the previously winless Atlanta Falcons who just fired their head coach, Cousins remarked that he wouldn’t complete the season as the starting quarterback if his level of play continued.

Hearing the starting quarterback say “I won’t finish the season” doesn’t exactly exude confidence.

There was a belief that Cousins had turned a corner after last season.

The Vikings won an emotional wild card game on the road against the New Orleans Saints where Cousins played well.

He made a clutch throw in overtime that set the Vikings up for the upset victory.

But Cousins seems to have regressed so far this season.

It hasn’t helped that Cousins lost deep threat wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills, but he still has the reliable Adam Thielen at wideout, and Kyle Rudolph at tight end.

Cousins also has superstar Dalvin Cook at running back (although he sat out the Falcons game with a groin injury).

The Vikings gave Cousins a two-year extension worth $66 million, so they’re on the hook for a considerable amount of money if they try to move on from Cousins mid-season.

He and the Vikings will need to figure things out quickly before the season completely falls apart.

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The SEC is threatening to do something outrageous to football teams that don’t wear masks during the games


Despite the lockdown-enthusiasts best efforts, college football is in full swing this year.

Most teams are doing all they can to comply with whatever new, off-the-cuff rules get thrown at them during these challenging times.

But now the SEC is threatening to do something outrageous to football teams that don’t wear masks during the games.

One of the first signs of fall every year is the return of college football.

Thankfully, as everything else in Americans’ lives remains shuttered by government shutdowns, college football has found a way to keep playing.

And even though the games might not feel the same with mostly empty stadiums, the game play has been on par with past years.

Just look at this incredible one-handed catch from over the weekend:

But as fans all enjoy the games and a sense of normalcy, the SEC has decided it needs to try and ruin everything with this absurd move.

Most teams are doing everything they can to follow all the new rules the government, NCAA, and the conferences put on them.

But the SEC wants them to do more or they will pay the price.

According to ESPN, the SEC plans to fine teams up to $1,000,000 if coaches are caught without wearing a mask at any point during the games.

The fines are $100,000 for the first maskless violation, followed by $200,000, $300,000 and $400,000 for a fourth violation.

This rule seems impossible to follow at the very least on a communication level.

Anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience of wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time has realized how difficult it is to communicate while wearing them.

And let’s face it, players at LSU can’t understand what the hell Head Coach Ed Orgeron is saying half the time without a mask on.

Now his raspy voice is worse with a mask on. Who knew that was even possible?

Maybe that explains why LSU went from being champions last year to starting out with a sub-par record of 1-2.

Hopefully the SEC will be understanding of how difficult their new rules are and reconsider their outrageous punishments.

Especially considering SEC commissioner Greg Sankey admitted the practice was little more than mask-virtue signaling, saying, “My premise is, our head football coaches are leaders, the most visible people in their programs. They set the tone. They have that responsibility in this environment.”

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You won’t believe what these two NFL announcers got caught saying about the U.S. military


The NFL’s nightmare 2020 season just took a turn for the worse.

Just when NFL league executives thought they had moved past the anti-American protests that poisoned the public’s perception of the league, the NFL was sucked back into a debate over the military.

And you won’t believe what these two announcers got caught saying about the U.S. military.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are Fox’s number one announcer crew for the network’s NFL coverage.

On Sunday, they broadcast the matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fox selected this as the network’s main double header attraction because of the expected shootout between the Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Packers signal caller Aaron Rogers.

But the biggest news out of this game was what happened before the game when a military flyover took place.

A hot mic picked up Buck and Aikman ripping the flyover as a waste of jet fuel and taxpayer money.

Aikman then claimed eliminating flyovers would be part of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supposedly restoring order to the American government next year.

“That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now partner,” Aikman said.

The NFL has quietly de-emphasized political protests.

Networks no longer focus on who stood or who kneeled for the national anthem.

And you don’t see players wearing the names of black Americans shot by police on their helmets.

But now the Fox’s number one NFL announcers got dragged into the political muck by reminding millions of Americans that from top to bottom, few in the NFL have any respect for the military.

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Leftists are making this insane comparison of a WNBA player to one of the NBA’s biggest stars


The WNBA has become one of the most unbearably “woke” leagues in all of sports.

This season, players for the Seattle Storm and New York Liberty literally walked off the court right before the national anthem.

Now leftists are making this insane comparison of a WNBA player to one of the NBA’s biggest stars.

Leftists refuse to give up on their terrible ideas.

The gender pay gap myth was debunked nearly 40 years ago, but it persists today.

And the push for “equal pay” has picked up more momentum in the current woke crisis in which the country finds itself.

People on the Left are now decrying the compensation differences between NBA and WNBA players.

Comparing Sue Bird and LeBron James is laughable.

This is absurd and illustrates the warped mindset of the Left.

It’s the same leftist impulse that can’t understand why a CEO makes orders of magnitude more money than an elementary school teacher.

Despite the NBA’s abysmal playoff ratings – they got woke and went broke – the league still draws millions of viewers and sells billions in sneakers and apparel.

Meanwhile, the WNBA has a fan base approaching zero.

In fact, the league is completely insolvent.

If not for the largesse of the NBA, the WNBA would’ve folded ages ago.

The WNBA is essentially a nonprofit organization that burns $10 million each year.

Nobody knows how many teams are in the league (12), who won the most recent championship (Seattle Storm), or who the reigning league MVP is (A’ja Wilson).

Literally, our Sports with Balls team of experts had to look it all up because no one knew it off the top of their heads.

The only time the league makes any headlines is when players complain about not making as much money as NBA players or not garnering the attention they feel they deserve.

Coincidentally, Sue Bird is married to Women’s National Soccer Team player Megan Rapinoe, and they essentially said that people don’t watch the WNBA because they’re racist.

Bird told CNN, “To be completely blunt, but also kind of simple, soccer players generally are cute little white girls. And I think basketball players, we’re all shapes and sizes . . . It’s 70-80% Black women, a lot of gay women. We’re tall; we’re big. And I think there’s just maybe this intimidation factor with that.”

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that the WNBA is a far inferior product to the NBA.

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This legendary college football coach just enthusiastically endorsed President Trump for three reasons


Nearly every week, pro-athletes and sports elites bash President Trump.

And even if they do support President Trump, very few are willing to risk their career by showing support for Trump.

But this legendary football coach just enthusiastically endorsed President Trump for three reasons.

In a world where Americans just want to watch sports, there seems to be a political message always glaring at fans in the face during games and player interviews.

And outside the bubble of sports, many athletes and sports elites make clear their hatred for Trump.

Just look at LeBron James who has repeatedly attacked President Trump throughout his Presidency.

Who can forget his attack on President Trump and his supporters back in 2017 when he tweeted, “Hate has always existed in America. Yes we know that but Donald Trump just made it fashionable again!”

Maybe comments like this explain why viewership among the NBA and NFL are worse off than an NFC East team’s record.

But thankfully, there are those in the professional sports realm that actually are fans of the President.

And just this past week, legendary college football coach Lou Holtz endorsed President Trump.

At a campaign event this past Friday with the President’s son, Don Jr., Lou Holtz was asked why he was there to support President Trump.

Coach Holtz responded, “I’m just one of these old fashioned people. I’m an old person. It doesn’t mean much to me, but I’m doing this for my children, my grandchildren, their future and it’s something I believe.”

Coach Holtz says what many of us are thinking.

And in a sports world filled with Trump haters like LeBron James, Americans (and frankly professional sports – to save their ratings) need more leaders like Lou Holtz who speak for the average American.

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This NFL team let fans back in the stands. One video showed why it was a big mistake


The NFL is in the middle of its most difficult season in league history.

Fans are fleeing the game as players protesting the national anthem took center stage.

And now this NFL team let fans back in the stands. One video showed why it was a big mistake.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are known as a rough lot.

During a December 1968 game, Eagles fans famously pelted a man dressed as Santa Claus with snowballs.

In 1999, Eagles fans disgracefully cheered a career-ending neck injury to Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Michael Irvin.

Even the Eagles’ own players were not spared.

When the team hired current head coach Doug Pederson in 2016, Pederson admitted that in 1999 when he was the starting quarterback, fans threw D batteries at him because they wanted rookie first round draft pick Donovan McNabb to play instead.

So it should not have been surprising that on Sunday, when Eagles fans were allowed back in Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles game against the Baltimore Ravens, the fans’ conduct attracted just as much attention as the Ravens’ 30 to 28 victory.

During the game, a viral video on social media that racked up nearly two million views showed Eagles fans fighting with Ravens fans in the stands.

2020 and the coronavirus pandemic upended every aspect of American life.

Activities and behaviors Americans once took for granted are restricted or outright banned.

But a video of Eagles fans fighting in the stands is the first real sign that American life is returning to normal.

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This top finance expert says ESPN is in major trouble after one big move


Leftists have made it their mission to ruin sports by pushing for more political messaging.

Fans looking for escapism are being bombarded with politics whenever they turn on sports.

Now this top finance expert said ESPN is in major trouble after one big move.

Disney just made a huge announcement that could spell doom for their subsidiary, ESPN.

The entertainment giant said via released statement:

“The company’s three content groups (Studios, General Entertainment and Sports) will be responsible and accountable for producing and delivering content for theatrical, linear and streaming, with the primary focus being the company’s streaming services.”

While that statement sounds harmless enough, Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money said, “I think it’s really about getting rid of ESPN . . . There is a belief we’re saturated in sports . . . that ESPN is no longer integral.”

ESPN has experienced massive layoffs throughout the years, and they’re reportedly in the process of firing hundreds more.

The sports trailblazer seems to be in a bad way financially.

Cramer continued, “ESPN used to be this unbelievable thing, and now it’s just a really expensive thing they are having trouble monetizing. ESPN is no longer the precious place that it once was.”

There have been rumors for years that Disney has been underwhelming by ESPN’s performance, so dropping the “worldwide leader in sports” could become a reality.

With more people “cutting the cord” and switching to streaming services, networks across the board have been hit by a loss of subscribers; ESPN alone has gone from 100 million subscribers in 2010 to 80 million currently.

The problem is compounded for ESPN because they have the highest subscription fee at $10 per month.

The loss of 20 million subscribers means lost revenue of $200 million per month.

On top of that, it costs the network considerable money to acquire the rights to air live sports.

That’s where “woke” politics has really hurt business.

It’s become harder for Disney to justify ESPN bleeding money when wokeness has caused a massive dip in ratings.

Viewership for the entire NBA playoffs was abysmal, and fans aren’t enthused by ESPN’s woke on-air personalities.

ESPN reporter Malika Andrews was literally crying on television over Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement that no murder charges would be brought against the officers in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

That is not a good look for a network that has been accused of being too political.

If things don’t turn around for ESPN, the network could be left out in the cold.

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ESPN’s Max Kellerman took a cheap shot at Donald Trump during this bizarre rant


ESPN is the “wokest” sports network on television.

Their commentators regularly offer spicy hot takes on politics instead of sticking to sports.

And the latest example came when ESPN’s Max Kellerman took a cheap shot at Donald Trump during this bizarre rant.

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban recently tested positive for coronavirus.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman decided that was his “in” to go on a bizarre rant that included calling the President “overweight” and falsely claiming that only the famous and wealthy survive a fight with the coronavirus.

“Nick Saban looks in pretty good shape,” the Trump-hating Kellerman said on Thursday.

“But if you are famous and rich, and you get a certain level of care,” he said, adding, “The president, who’s also overweight, gets cutting-edge care, and makes it through. But that’s not most people, who can afford to or have access to the kind of care Nick Saban will have access to.”

Breitbart notes, “In all the coronavirus coverage, no reports claim that people are dying because they can’t afford the “cutting-edge care” that it takes to cure them. Care for the coronavirus is no more expensive than any other viral illness or general hospital stay. Kellerman’s claim that regular folks are dying because of the expense of care for the coronavirus has no basis in fact.”

In ESPN’s wide world of “woke” sports, Max Kellerman is the wokest.

He’s also no stranger to bizarre and unfounded claims, like when he said a few weeks ago that the violent riots in American cities this year were started by “extremist, right-wing agitators.”

Considering ESPN’s ratings are in the gutter and the network is on the verge of potentially cutting 700 employees, perhaps Kellerman should be one of the first on-air talents they look to part ways with.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

This former Fox News host just pointed out the worst mistake LeBron James ever made


LeBron James wants to be both an anti-Trump political activist and the face of the NBA.

James is learning that is much harder task than he initially believed.

And this former Fox News host just pointed out the worst mistake LeBron James ever made.

On the latest episode of his No Spin News, O’Reilly blasted LeBron James for ruining the NBA and making it less popular than before.

“The fifth game went from 18 million viewers last year to 5.7 this year,” O’Reilly stated. “Why? Because Black Lives Matter [and] political slogans.”

“Do we want it during the game? Obviously, not,” O’Reilly added.

O’Reilly compared LeBron James to American hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick whose poisonous influence on the NFL led to a rash of protests that tanked the league’s ratings and who league officials and their broadcast partners are now eager to pretend never existed.

Even far-left NBA Commissioner Adam Silver agreed with O’Reilly and retreated from the league’s out front stance on cultural Marxism.

Silver told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that the league would not paint Black Lives Matter on the court next year and players would no longer wear social justice messages on the back of their jerseys.

The NBA Commissioner reasoned that some fans may agree with the league’s political message, but that they just want to watch a game to escape the daily grind of American politics.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.