Green Bay’s wide receiver trolled this big shot player after their last game


Week 12 is in the rear view, and man was it one for the books.

One of the best matchups was America’s Game of the Week, which featured the Los Angeles Rams and the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers bested the Rams 36-28, and you will not want to miss how Packers receiver Davante Adams trolled one player on the Rams in particular.

After the game, it is reported that Davante Adams sent his jersey to Los Angeles Rams Wide Receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. with a note that read, “please do not punch a hole this time.”

This refers to an instance in which Beckham punched a hole in the locker room wall after the Green Bay Packers beat Beckham and the New York Giants in the Wild Card card round in 2017.

Of course, Beckham is now with the Rams after a tumultuous schism with his previous team, the Cleveland Browns.

It is unknown how Beckham reacted to the taunt from Adams.

Both players admittedly looked very good in the matchup.

Adams recorded 8 receptions for 104 yards while Beckham recorded 5 receptions for 81 yards, including a 54-yard touchdown.

For anybody who follows football, it is well-known that Beckham does not tolerate underperforming well.

After not getting enough attention in Cleveland from quarterback Baker Mayfield, Beckham parted ways.

Beckham reportedly had his eyes on one team in particular… the Green Bay Packers.

But the Packers refused to sign him due to his ridiculous contract demands.

Beckham then found his way to the Los Angeles Rams, where he has had an average start.

His 54-yard touchdown against the Packers was a much needed sign from Beckham that he still has it.

Unfortunately for Beckham, he appeared to have sustained a painful back injury during the game.

The Rams are not entirely certain when he will return.

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Tom Brady publicly humiliated this team after the Buccaneers’ latest win


There are good quarterbacks and there are great quarterbacks.

And then there is Tom Brady, who is widely referred to as the GOAT (greatest of all time).

But over the last couple of decades, Tom Brady has had one team in particular’s number, and you will not want to miss how he hilariously trolled them after his latest win.

The other day on the Let’s Go podcast with Jim Gray, Brady wasted no time basking in his own glory following Tampa Bay’s 38-31 victory over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

“Always fun talking to you on a Monday after winning,” Brady told Gray. “Especially fun after we beat the Colts, which we’ve done a pretty good job of that lately.”

Brady then went on to absolutely BASH the Colts, “I think I’ve beat the Colts the last nine times I’ve played them, so… it was great to win in Indy. It turns out that horseshoe on their helmet isn’t as lucky as it seems, which really sucks for them but not for us.”


Brutal words from the GOAT.

But unfortunately for the Colts, he has a point.

In fact, over the course of Brady’s career, Brady has gone 16-6 against the Colts (which includes the playoffs).

It goes without saying that Brady is loathed by Colts fans, primarily for beating them down every time he has played them since 2010, but also for the infamous Deflategate incident, which accounts for one of Brady’s 16 wins over Indianapolis.

For those of you living under a rock, “Deflategate” refers to the 2014 AFC Championship game where Brady and Patriots dominated the Colts 45-7.

However, following the game, reports emerged of Patriots players and staff allegedly deflating footballs before the game, thus making them easier to catch.

This resulted in Brady being suspended 4 games, and the Patriots losing two draft picks as well as receiving a fine of $1 million.

Moving forward, the Buccaneers face off against their division rival Atlanta Falcons this Sunday.

This should not be too much of a challenge for Brady and the Bucs, but this year has been anything but certain, so only time will tell.

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You won’t want to miss what this NFL legend texted to Coach Harbaugh after Saturday’s big win


Rivalry week has come and gone, and football fans were treated with some awesome matchups for the ages.

Perhaps the highest profile matchup of the day, and arguably the year, was between the arch rivals #2 Ohio State and #5 Michigan.

Michigan came out on top 42-27, and what this NFL legend sent to Coach Jim Harbuagh of Michigan will give you goosebumps.

Following Michigan’s upset victory over Ohio State, NFL Hall of Famer and legendary announcer John Madden texted Jim Harbaugh of Michigan.

According to Harbaugh, Madden told him via text, “As a former offensive lineman, I really appreciate offensive line play and that performance in that game was as good as he’s ever seen.”

Now that is a compliment that Harbaugh will surely never forget.

And, according to Harbaugh, he immediately forwarded the text to offensive line coach Sherrone Moore and told him to keep it on his phone forever.

Let’s just say the compliment was well-earned.

Michigan looked phenomenal on the field, and their offensive line looked like they belonged on an NFL field.

Michigan combined for 297 rushing yards, and the offensive line did not allow a single sack.

That is nothing short of elite, especially against the vicious Ohio State defensive front.

This unforgettable performance could not have come at a more important time.

Not only is Ohio State their arch rivals, but at #5 in the nation, Michigan needed this win to contend for a College Football Playoff spot in the top 4.

After the victory, Michigan found itself in the #2 spot, with Ohio State knocked out of the playoffs at #7.

But for Michigan and their fans, this victory is short lived, because a new test likely sits in front of them… the highly anticipated 2021 College Football Playoff.

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This stunt went horribly wrong last Sunday for the Jaguar’s mascot


For Jacksonville Jaguars fans, this year has been a major disappointment.

Despite hiring Urban Meyer as their new head coach and drafting elite college quarterback Trevor Lawrence first overall this year, the Jags sit at an embarrassing 2-9.

But things got even more embarrassing for Jaguars fans at Duval last Sunday when their mascot’s attempted stunt did not go as expected.

Before last Sunday’s home game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Jaguars beloved mascot, Jaxson de Ville, attempted to make a death-defying stunt in front of the Jacksonville home crowd…

A backflip from the top of the stadium while tethered to a bungee cord.

If successful, this would have been a move that would etch Jaxson de Ville in mascot history.

But unfortunately, this stunt did not go as planned.

As you can see, Jaxon de Ville was successful in making the leap and the back flip, but he did not have enough momentum to bungee back up to his podium, leaving him dangling high above the fans.

This led to a successful rescue operation, and luckily nobody was hurt.

But man, what an embarrassment. Fortunately, Jaxson played it off well.

But from a larger perspective it is hard to not correlate this failure to the utter failure that is the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise this year.

From the awful on-field performances from the Jaguars, to the scandal-ridden coaching staff (primarily Head Coach Urban Myer’s now infamous sabbatical in Columbus with a blonde co-ed), the Jaguars are an absolute mess.

This Sunday, the Jaguars face off against the Los Angeles Rams in a matchup that can best be described as tilted.

The Jags will need to give it everything they got if they hope to upset the Rams.

Let’s just say the Jaguars franchise, and in this case Jaxson de Ville, are quite literally hanging on by a thread.

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LeBron James’ season turned into a nightmare after the league ordered him to stop playing


The 2021-2022 season has not been one to remember for Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Now James will miss several games.

And LeBron James’ season turned into a nightmare after the league ordered him to stop playing.

The insanity of America’s COVID protocols took center stage once again with fully vaccinated LeBron James testing positive for coronavirus and will now miss several games.

“Obviously, it’s a huge loss,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel told reporters before the Lakers 117-92 victory over the Sacramento Kings. “It’s disappointing. We just want the best for him right now. That’s where our thoughts are. And we have a next man up mindset.”

James’ teammate Anthony Davis explained that James was asymptomatic.

“He said he’s good,” Davis said in his postgame comments. “I think he’s asymptomatic, which is a good sign, but we want to make sure that he gets back. Health is most important. This is bigger than basketball. He has a family. We want to make sure that he’s good no matter what.”

The only way America will ever move beyond COVID is if major institutions send the message that it’s time to move on.

Multiple vaccines and therapeutics are available.

Hospitals are in no danger of collapsing due to a surge of patients.

The NBA actually led the way in prompting lockdowns by being the first pro sports league to shut down operations in March 2020.

The NBA could take the lead in helping America shake itself out of the COVID insanity by stopping mass surveillance testing, which only picks up new, mild cases and keeps America locked into the seemingly endless cycle of COVID restrictions.

James entering the health and safety protocols capped off a disastrous two weeks where James faced criticism over his silence on Communist China’s human rights abuses, faced a one-game suspension for starting an on court brawl, forced security to eject two fans because their heckling triggered him, and earned a $15,000 fine after making an obscene gesture in that same game.

James may be feeling frustration as the Lakers sit at just eighth place in the Western Conference playoff standings and the championship window for the aging Lakers roster appears closed.

Now James will have several days to ponder his fate as he sits at home for the mindnumbingly stupid reason that the NBA treats fully vaccinated players as public health threats.

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This NFL quarterback played grab ass with the wrong person


We have all seen some horrible luck in sports that make for some hilarious moments.

But out of all the mishaps, this is by far the most embarrassing one we have seen in a while.

That’s because this NFL quarterback played grab ass with the wrong person.

One of the best things about professional sports is that most of it is spontaneous.

Unlike nearly every other form of entertainment, from television shows to the Fake News Media, what you see in sports on the field isn’t staged.

So that’s why we get amazing moments like Jameis Winston’s famous fumble against Oregon in the 2015 Rose Bowl.

Or who can forget the famous butt fumble by Mark Sanchez?

You just can’t make up stories like Mark Sanchez fumbling the ball when he got a face full of his lineman’s ass cheeks.

But of all the gaffes in sports over the years, this has to be near the top of the list of most embarrassing.

Down 34-26 in the fourth quarter to the San Francisco 49ers this past week, the Vikings were making a drive down the field to get back into the game.

But on 4th and goal just four yards away from a touchdown, the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has the brain fart of the decade.

He ran up frantically to snap the ball but the only problem was he put his hands in the ass of his guard rather than his center.

You just have to see the video to believe it:

The embarrassing play led to a timeout being called by the Vikings and in the end they lost the game 34-26.

It can’t get much worse than that.

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All hell broke loose in college football when two top coaches jumped ship for new megadeals


College football has never seen a coaching carousel quite like this.

The entire landscape of the sport changed in 48 hours.

And all hell broke loose in college football when two top coaches jumped ship for new megadeals.

College football fans experienced a one-two bombshell of Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley leaving the Sooners after five years on the job to take the head coaching gig at the University of Southern California for a rumored $110 million contract.

The next day, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly jumped ship to take over the Louisiana State football program for a ten-year contract that could reportedly pay Kelly $15 million per season if Kelly reaches certain incentives.

Kelly left Notre Dame despite the fact that the fifth ranked Fighting Irish could still make the college football playoff depending on how the conference championship games shake out this coming weekend.

Michigan State giving second-year coach Mel Tucker a 10-year, $95 million contract coming off a 56 to 7 loss to Ohio State kicked off the college football coaching contract arms race, with blue blood schools tossing out hundred-million-dollar contracts like crazy.

Kelly and Riley leaving their schools also speaks to the competitive balance changes thrust upon college football by the playoffs and conference realignment.

In 2024, Oklahoma leaves the Big 12 – where the Sooners dominated in the 21st century – and joins the SEC, where it will face traditional powerhouses like Alabama, Louisiana State, Georgia, Florida, and Texas A&M.

The depth of the SEC means the days of zero and one loss seasons for OU are over.

Riley jumped ship to USC – which has long been the premiere team on the West Coast – because it’s easier to win in the PAC 12 than the SEC.

In Kelly’s case, the Fighting Irish face a handicap every year for the playoff because they do not play in a conference and miss out on a league title game that gives teams one more chance to notch a high-profile win and boost their playoff chances.

Notre Dame’s season finishes every year Thanksgiving weekend and the teams that play in league title games have one more chance to impress the committee while Notre Dame sits idle.

But at the end of the day, money is what talks and never before have so many coaches at plum jobs taken a walk to other schools in such a short period of time.

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One NHL goalie made these once-in-a-lifetime saves that left fans in complete shock


Being an NHL goalie is one of the hardest professional sports positions to play.

From time-to-time they get the opportunity to show you just how skilled they really are.

And one NHL goalie made these once-in-a-lifetime saves that left fans in complete shock.

When you think of the hardest positions to play in professional sports, many of us will probably name the same positions.

Many will name an MLB pitcher, who can literally control a whole game with just his arm.

Some will probably say an NFL quarterback, which a good QB is necessary now for every team in the NFL because they have to know the whole playbook inside and out.

But now, others will say goalie as their top pick for the hardest positions to play.

Hockey goalies are by far one of the most underrated positions in the sports world.

For one, they have to be tough as nails as they take some nasty hits that would make your average NFL quarterback piss their pants.

And most NHL goalies are usually the craziest players on the ice as you would have to be to stand there willingly as pucks fly at your face over 100 mph.

But one of the things that makes them some of the top professional athletes in the world is their ability to react and make some amazing saves.

And you won’t see many better saves than these that just happened.

In a game between the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins, Bruins goalie Jeremy Swayman made not one but two “once-in-a-lifetime” saves.

Just watch and be amazed:

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This rivalry game was by far the best game of the year in college football


We have been blessed with some of the best college football this season.

And with NCAA football “rivalry week” this past week came some of the best games of the year.

But this rivalry game was by far the best game of the year in college football.

After such a crappy year for us all, we deserved one hell of a college football season.

And fans weren’t disappointed this year as some of the best plays you will see in your lifetime took place this season.

And with Rivalry Week came some amazing games.

Many with some heated exchanges.

But one game during Rivalry Week stood out as by far the most insane game of the year.

NC State vs. North Carolina might not be seen as one of the top rivalries in college football, but this past week the rivalry impressed the nation.

The fans didn’t disappoint, as you can see with these two love birds.

But the play on the field was just legendary.

With just two minutes left in the game, NC State was down 30-21.

With the ball back, the Wolfpack decided it would be a good time to show why they are a ranked team and they completed a 64 yard touchdown pass at the minute and a half mark.

But still being behind by a score with a minute and a half left, no one could have predicted what happened next.

In a crazy onside kick up the middle, NC State’s kicker somehow ended up with the ball.

But there is no way they could still win the game being down by 11 with just two minutes left, right?

Well, somehow the Wolfpack pulled out the upset and they managed to score another 24 yard touchdown pass with just a minute left going up 34-30.

In the end, the Wolfpack’s late and unimaginable surge was enough to win the game over the Tar Heels.

You can see the highlights of their comeback below:

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Karma is back with a vengeance against football refs this week and it was glorious to watch


From throwing the flag too many times to not calling penalties at all, no one likes football refs.

And as bad as the refs have been this year, hatred towards the guys in stripes is the only thing uniting football fans right now.

Well, karma is back with a vengeance against refs this week and it was glorious to watch.

Referees in football are a lot like the government.

They always hamper good teams with idiotic called penalties.

When there are actually penalties to be called, the flags never leave the ref’s pockets.

And we can all agree, even the guys we can’t stand, that the refs suck some butt.

They suck so bad that they deserve to be mocked.

Well, after the endless horrible calls and missed penalties so far this season, karma has come back for vengeance on the refs.

First up is a referee taking the field to the face during the Kansas State vs. Texas game from this past Friday.

Dudes gotta go into concussion protocol after that one.

And then during the Dallas vs. Raiders game on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys returned a kickoff for a touchdown that also resulted in a referee tripping over a pylon on the sideline.

Just two acts of karma against refs for causing endless pain for fans this season.

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