This NFL head coach pulled out all the stops to recruit a coveted wide receiver


Recruiting is probably the most crucial aspect of a head coach’s job in college athletics.

But in professional sports, the recruitment of free agents is typically something coaches aren’t as heavily involved in.

This NFL head coach doesn’t quite see it that way, though, and recently pulled out all the stops to recruit a coveted wide receiver.

While the NFL has more parity today than ever before, there are still only a handful of teams each year that are capable of making a Super Bowl run.

And with the way the league is currently constructed, a team’s window for winning a Super Bowl can open and shut rather quickly.

So when the opportunity presents itself, teams have to go all-in on winning as quickly as possible.

That’s why Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid went into this offseason determined to add as much talent to his already talented roster as possible.

After falling just short of winning back-to-back Super Bowls, Reid felt that the best way to ensure his team a better chance at another Lombardi Trophy was to give quarterback Patrick Mahomes as many offensive weapons as possible.

So, he went all-out in his recruitment of the top wide receiver in this year’s free agent market, Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

In a recent interview with former NFL great Michael Irvin, Smith-Schuster admitted that Reid’s over-the-top recruiting efforts were effective, and nearly caused him to abandon Pittsburgh in favor of Kansas City.

“It would’ve been KC,” Smith-Schuster admitted. “Andy Reid was just calling me, he was sending me Lombardi trophy pictures constantly, and we had a good talk. So it would’ve been KC after the Steelers.”

Smith-Schuster went on to expand on his comments, saying Reid sent him “pictures of the Lombardi [trophy]… like, texting it to me while I was trying to make a decision.”

“I have so much respect for him and his team,” Smith-Schuster concluded.

You have to respect Andy Reid’s hustle and determination to try and land yet another playmaker to help get his team over the hump.

Very few veteran NFL coaches with Reid’s pedigree would’ve been taking the time to go to such lengths to try and persuade a receiver to join his team during the offseason.

Even one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history, Bill Belichick, apparently spends part of his offseason on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago hanging out with a certain former President.

But not Andy Reid.

Andy Reid is still grinding, cataloging every picture of the Lombardi Trophy imaginable so that he can inundate a free agent with text message after text message reminding him that if he wants to win a Super Bowl, he’ll come to Kansas City.

The only thing that could have made this story better is if Reid was also sending videos of himself doing the same TikTok dances Smith-Schuster infamously posted relentlessly throughout the 2020 season.

It’s hard not to root for a coach like Andy Reid, and while his efforts with JuJu Smith-Schuster ultimately didn’t lead to the receiver signing with the Chiefs, let’s hope this isn’t the end of his incredible recruiting efforts.

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Major League Baseball finally revealed the insane reason they moved the All-Star Game


You thought you knew the real story.

But you didn’t.

And Major League Baseball finally revealed the insane reason they moved the All-Star Game.

Fox Business Channel reporter Charlie Gasparino dropped a bombshell report on Thursday explaining why Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

Gasparino claimed failed 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams spearheaded conversations warning Manfred that her allies in the media would harass players all summer about whether or not they would boycott the All-Star game over Georgia’s new election integrity law.

But if Manfred thought he was avoiding a political minefield by appeasing the left and relocating the All-Star game to the lily white city of Denver, Manfred thought wrong.

Instead, the MLB became another political battleground in the culture war by declaring that the league hates everyone who voted for Donald Trump and hates his supporters’ values.

Former President Trump called on his supporters to boycott Major League Baseball.

The MLB has seen its fanbase get smaller and older as the years have gone on.

Teams’ obsession with analytics turned the games into three hour plus snooze fests where pitchers get taken out of games where they are throwing no hitters because of an arbitrary pitch count and rules about not going through the batting order three times.

Position players stand around while batters either draw a walk, strikeout, or hit a homerun.

The game needs all the help it can get in terms of growing its fanbase.

Instead, Commissioner Manfred just signaled that baseball is now a Democrat Party’s political action committee.

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A former NFL player killed four people. The reason for the shooting will shock you


The NFL offseason is one piece of bad news after another.

Now the league has another mess on their hands.

That’s because this former NFL player killed five people. The reason for the shooting will shock you.

32-year-old former NFL player Phillip Adams took his own life after shooting six people, killing five.

Dr. Robert Lessie, his wife Barbara, and their two grandchildren were killed and another man named James Lewis was wounded.

After the tragedy, Adams’ father Alonzo talked to a local media outlet and said his son was never violent and blamed football and possible head trauma from concussions for causing his son to fly off the deep end and kill four innocents.

WCNC in South Carolina reported:

The father of a former NFL player Phillip Adams, who is the suspect in a shooting that left prominent Rock Hill Dr. Robert Lesslie and four other people dead, said his son took his own life after shooting six people in York County, South Carolina, Wednesday.

Alonzo Adams, the father of Phillip Adams, a former NFL player and college football star at South Carolina State, said his son shot six people, killing five, before taking his own life.

“I can say he’s a good kid,” Alonzo Adams said. “I think the football messed him up.”

CTE is real and doctors continue to study how repeated blows to the head impact the brain and cause former players to fall into depression or other dark mental states that have led to suicides and other forms of violence.

Adams played six years in the NFL for the Jets, Patriots, Raiders, Seahawks, Falcons, and 49ers before ending his career in 2015.

There were no reports from his playing career that Adams suffered any concussions.

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This NFL great says one starting QB and his team are destined for a divorce


In today’s sports world, it’s extremely difficult for a relationship between a player and a team to last for years on end.

Fewer pro athletes than ever are starting and finishing their careers with the team that drafted them for a variety of reasons.

And this NFL great says one starting quarterback and his team are destined to see their relationship end in a divorce.

Even dating back to his days at North Carolina State, Russell Wilson has always been positive, and never dared to speak out publicly against any teammates, coaches, or other decision makers.

But that all changed at the end of the 2020 season, when Wilson began to voice his frustration with being sacked more times in his first nine seasons than any player since at least 1970, and the lack of other playmakers around him to help the team get to the next level.

It’s hard to blame Wilson for being frustrated, after all, if that trend continues, he’s on pace to become the most sacked quarterback in NFL history in just three years time — 12 years into his career — surpassing the total it took Brett Favre two decades to set.

Many have speculated throughout the offseason that Wilson’s time in Seattle would be coming to an end, and there were even reports that the Seahawks were fielding trade offers for their star quarterback.

None of that has materialized, though, leading most to assume that the Seahawks would do what it takes to keep a top-five quarterback in the league happy and healthy, as that caliber of player – especially at the quarterback position – doesn’t come around often.

But according to NFL great Warren Moon, the relationship between Wilson and the Seahawks won’t end well, and he pointed to other Seahawks greats of the recent past as evidence of his prediction.

“I think it’s kind of headed, unfortunately, in the same direction [as former Seahawks Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman],” Moon said. “I think right now it’s almost like a marriage that’s started to just have squabbles, and they’re squabbling about certain little issues, whether it’s pass protection, whether it’s talent. There’s all these little squabbles going on right now. And I think because of Russell’s contract situation, there’s not a whole lot the Seahawks can do as far as moving him somewhere else, even if they wanted to.”

Like many, Moon rightly pointed out that Wilson’s contract does tie the Seahawks’ hands, at least for the time being.

With Wilson’s current contract, if the team traded him before June 2, he would still count for $39 million against the team’s 2021 salary cap, and if they trade him after that date but before November 2nd, the $39 million would be divided over the next two seasons with $13 million counting against the 2021 cap and $26 million counting against the 2022 cap.

Therefore, with that much dead money at stake that the team couldn’t use to improve their roster, Moon pointed out that the most likely scenario is Wilson stays in Seattle for the 2021 season.

However, Moon simply doesn’t envision the relationship lasting far beyond that.

“I think he’s definitely there this year unless they just want to take a hit and not become a really good football team for a year or so,” Moon said. “But I think that the marriage is not going to end very well going down the road.”

“I think this squabble is going to turn into more of a separation and then a divorce at some point,” Moon continued. “And that usually happens with most players anyway. You just don’t like it to happen because of the two sides not getting along.”

While Moon’s prediction makes total sense based on how this offseason has played out, there is obviously always a chance the two sides can work things out.

In fact, earlier this week, Seahawks veteran defensive end Carlos Dunlap said that before he resigned with the team last month, he specifically asked Wilson if he was staying with the team.

“I did ask him if, obviously, he was going to be with us, because if I’m coming back, I’m coming back because I see him as my quarterback, and the rest of the team, I want to pick up where we left off,” Dunlap said Tuesday. “And he told me he’s with us and he’s here to stay, and he said, ‘Let’s go, Hawks.’ I’m not going to quote his every word. These words are not his words verbatim, but these are my explanation of how I interpreted what he said.”

While we’ve certainly heard similar quotes about players who’ve ultimately jumped ship in the past, Russell Wilson is different than most.

He’s never given anyone a reason not to believe him when he says he’s committed to the team, as he’s always been a team player who simply wants to do whatever he can to help his teammates succeed.

Wilson isn’t a “me-first” player, at least, he’s never seemed to be throughout his first nine seasons in the league.

But no one can blame him for wanting to get hit less – it helps extend his career and helps the team succeed if he’s not being destroyed by a 280-pound defensive end every other play.

The Russell Wilson saga has certainly been interesting to watch unfold thus far this offseason, and Warren Moon’s point that this is only the beginning certainly has merit.

It’s merely a waiting game now, though, and we’ll just have to wait and see how this relationship ultimately plays out.

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One former football star’s career is over after getting arrested on one murder charge


The scandal plagued NFL offseason just got worse.

The ugliness reached a new low.

And one former football star’s career is over after getting arrested on one murder charge.

Former Florida State star receiver Travis Rudolph was arrested in Lake Park, Florida on charges of first degree murder and attempted first degree murder following a shooting involving four targets.

USA Today reports:

Deputies responded shortly after midnight to reports of a double shooting on the 500 block of North Redwood Drive in Lake Park, south of Northlake Boulevard and west of U.S. 1.

They learned that one male had been taken to a hospital while another male was found dead in West Palm Beach.

Further investigation led to Rudolph being identified as the suspect, PBSO said. The agency said a total of four people were shot at, or by, Rudolph. Two of his intended targets were not harmed, PBSO said.

Rudolph was one of the top recruits in the nation back in 2014 when he signed with Florida State.

After three years, in which Rudolph caught 151 passes for 2,300 yards and 18 touchdowns, he turned pro.

Rudolph played one year in the NFL with the New York Giants in 2017 appearing in seven games where he caught eight passes for 101 yards as the Giants suffered through a miserable 3-13 season.

The Giants let Rudolph go after that season and he failed to catch on in the NFL, making a brief appearance on the Miami Dolphins practice squad.

Rudolph ended up in the Canadian Football League with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but his career looks over as the team immediately released him following the news breaking of Rudolph facing a murder charge.

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Baseball yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta after the Commissioner spoke to this Democrat


Major League Baseball is still scrambling to contain the fallout of the politically motivated move to relocate the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver.

Fans are finally beginning to learn why this decision was made.

And baseball yanked the All-Star game out of Atlanta after the Commissioner spoke to this Democrat.

Fox Business Channel’s Charles Gasparino tweeted that owners were stunned that Commissioner Rob Manfred moved so quickly to take the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Gasparino reported that Manfred made the decision after speaking to failed 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

A later report claimed Abrams begged Manfred not to move the All-Star game, but that looked like damage control.

Abrams spent weeks blasting the law as “Jim Crow 2.0” and baseball followed her lead.

Stacey Abrams wants to run for Governor of Georgia again in 2022.

Abrams being seen as the leader of a movement to force corporations like Delta, Coca Cola, and Major League Baseball to boycott Georgia would be disastrous for her political hopes.

Baseball yanking the All-Star game out of Atlanta cost the majority black city $100 million dollars.

That is a political debacle for Abrams, and it explains why she is so desperate to separate herself from this story.

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One of the top quarterbacks in the NFL just dropped a bomb on the Left they never saw coming


We are all used to failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick spewing his two cents about political topics.

And for years there hasn’t been a conservative voice in the NFL to fight against the Left’s agenda.

Well now, one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL just dropped a bomb on the Left they never saw coming.

It’s undeniable that the NFL has taken a hard Left turn over the past decade.

In a league that used to just focus on the game, it decided it was best to give some focus to Colin Kaepernick and his racial crusade.

And now look where the NFL is at.

When Black Lives Matter emerged as a political force in 2020, the league did whatever it could to appease the radical group.

The games became nothing more than a sixty minute commercial for Black Lives Matter with their messages on the field and players.

And the NFL even agreed to give $250 million to Black Lives Matter’s agenda over the next ten years.

But as the league has become political, it has also become an echo chamber for the Left.

There haven’t been any active players voicing the concerns and beliefs of middle America.

Well, it looks like middle America may finally have its voice in the league.

Josh Allen is one of the rising stars in the NFL.

The man is surprisingly quick, accurate with his passes, and can launch the ball to the parking lot of the Bills’ Highmark Stadium.

But now it comes out that he actually is a voice for many of us.

While on the NFL Network, Josh Allen was asked about getting vaccinated before the start of the next season.

Allen responded, “I’m still debating that. I’m a big statistics and logical guy. So if statistics show it’s the right thing for me to do, I’d do it. Again I’d lean the other way too if that’s what it said.”

But then he brought up a word you never thought you would hear from an NFL player: the Constitution.

Allen said, “I think everybody should have that choice to do it or not to do it. You get in this tricky situation now where if you do mandate that that’s kind of going against what our Constitution says and the freedom to kind of express yourself one way or the other. I think we’re in a time where that’s getting a lot harder to do. Everybody should have that choice.”

Who ever would’ve thought you would hear one of the biggest names in the NFL start to talk about the Constitution and our freedoms?

Maybe Josh Allen can be the conservative voice we have been lacking in the NFL for years.

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An ESPN host just got fired after this racy video with strippers went viral on social media


ESPN knew it had a problem on its hands.

The left-wing sports network quickly moved to staunch the bleeding.

And an ESPN host just got fired after this racy video with strippers went viral on social media.

ESPN fired former NBA legend Paul Piece who worked at the network as an analyst on its NBA coverage after Piece posted a video to his Instagram where Pierce was playing poker while what appeared to be strippers twerked in the background and gave him a neck rub.

The video blew up on social media and ESPN fired Pierce quietly without any public comment.

Shortly after the news spread, Pierce – who worked on ESPN’s NBA Countdown pregame show and NBA themed discussion show The Jump – posted a tweet mocking the idea that the firing was a setback.

But in one example of how over Americans are of the coronavirus pandemic, Pierce posting a video where no one observed social distancing guidelines or wore masks didn’t register a blip on the daily outrage circuit.

Instead the racy nature of the video attracted all the attention and cost Pierce – who played 19 seasons in the NBA, won a NBA title with the Celtics in 2008, and was known as one of the great clutch players of all time – his job with ESPN, which Pierce does not appear to be all broken up about.

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Joe Biden just did one major walk back on his support for moving the MLB All-Star game


Joe Biden stepped in it big time.

Biden peddling lies about the Georgia election integrity law blew up in his face.

And Joe Biden just did one major walk back on his support for moving the All-Star game.

Major League Baseball bought into Joe Biden’s lies about Georgia’s new election integrity law being “Jim Crow on steroids” and moved the 2021 All-Star game out of Georgia.

Atlanta lost out on $100 million in economic activity and Biden and the Democrats who supported the boycott quickly realized they damaged their fortunes in a state that will play a key role in the 2022 and 2024 election.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked Biden if he supported boycotting the iconic Masters golf tournament, held each year at the legendary Augusta National Golf course – and moving the event out of Georgia.
“That’s up to the Masters,” Biden responded.

Biden then spouted off a line his handlers fed to him – which he should have thought about before – about how boycotting sporting events and forcing them to move only hurts the hourly wage earners who work in concessions, parking, ticket taking as well as the surrounding small business owners.

“When they in fact move out of Georgia, the people who need the help the most, the people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most,” Biden added.

Biden ruined those middle class Americans’ summer by encouraging baseball to move the All-Star game out of Georgia and now he pretends to act like he cares.

“I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make or group to make, but I respect them when they make that judgment,” Biden concluded.

This was a far cry from Biden’s calls for baseball to move the All-Star game out of Georgia.

Biden and his team quickly realized the political damage they incurred and tried to change course.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott put the woke MLB in their place for attacking Georgia over their new election law


The MLB attacked conservative fans when they decided to move their All-Star game out of Georgia for passing a new election integrity law.

President Trump called on the Right to boycott the MLB for their blatant attack on conservatism.

And now Texas Governor Greg Abbott put the woke MLB in their place for attacking Georgia over their new election law.

Nothing used to be more American than Major League Baseball.

Some of our nation’s most iconic men, like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, used to put on a show in the MLB.

And few sports franchises are as much of an iconic American institution like the New York Yankees.

But the MLB has taken a turn for the worse against the nation we all love.

After this past election, Georgia decided to rein in its election laws to make sure the ability to abuse the election process is limited.

As a result, they passed a law that required some form of identification to prove that the voter is really who they say they are.

And after some questionable campaign tactics, Georgia decided to ban campaigns and politicians from handing items to lines at places of voting like food and drinks that could bribe voters.

Nothing seems unreasonable about Georgia’s voting laws.

But to the Left, anything that doesn’t give them free rein to take over this nation is portrayed as unjust, inhumane, or racist.

As you would have guessed the Left went on a full media blitz to label these laws as racist.

And without missing a beat, the MLB decided to move its All-Star game out of Atlanta over the election laws.

It’s worth noting that within a couple days of deciding to remove their All-Star game out of Georgia, the MLB signed a big deal with Communist China.

After the clear attack on conservatism, Republicans around the nation started to call out the MLB for punishing Georgia.

And in true Republican fashion, most Republicans didn’t do anything beyond making a mean comment about the MLB on Fox News.

But Republican Governor Greg Abbott actually took a stand.

Abbott was planning to throw out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers opening game.

But after the MLB decided to attack conservatives, Abbott decided that he would not throw out the first pitch for the Rangers and he would boycott all MLB events in the future for their actions.

It is clear that the MLB doesn’t care about calls by Americans to boycott them for the move after they gave Denver the All-Star game.

Colorado has nearly the same election laws in place as Georgia.

And really the MLB would care more about Communist China’s concerns than concerns from conservatives in our nation.

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