Robert Griffin might be missing from professional sports but his wife shows off why he is still winning at life


We all remember when Robert Griffin III was supposed to be the next big thing in the NFL.

Well, after a few hits, RG3 became another has-been as he dropped out of the league.

And while Robert Griffin III might be missing from professional sports, his wife shows off why he is still winning at life.

Big names in college football have come and gone when they enter the NFL.

But few stars from college football were bound to be more of a success in the NFL than Robert Griffin III.

The man was a stud in college football at Baylor as he shredded defenses with his amazing arm and unmatched running ability.

Not to mention the fact that RG3 was a Heisman winner.

His amazing potential in the NFL didn’t go unnoticed as he was selected second overall in the 2012 Draft.

And in his first year in the NFL, RG3 went on to have one hell of a season with 3,200 passing yards and 20 touchdown passes for the Washington Redskins.

But ultimately his success and road to glory was cut short after taking countless injuries from trying to be a running back.

Since his days at Washington, he has become a has-been and now his career is at a point where he is just an announcer.

But even though RG3 might not have had the long-term success he wanted on the field, he is still winning at life.

The man ended up scoring off the field and married Estonian track star Grete Sadeiko.

The two have had two daughters since being married with the latest girl being born in 2019.

Well, Grete decided to show us all that RG3 is still a winner by posting on Instagram pictures of her “mom bod”.

Dudes a Hall of Famer in our book.

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This top sports commentator sounded off on the woke MLB after this ridiculous suspension

Across the nation, people are focusing on race now more than ever.

Race is often used as a way to turn heads or as an excuse for shortcomings, which is both sad and pathetic.

But this top sports commentator has finally had it with race being injected into everything.

All too often in this nation, people jump to conclusions.

Every time there is a disagreement, or a fight between two people, race is automatically assumed to be a leading factor.

That proves just how divided our nation is.

Sports are certainly not exempt, and more often than not, professional sports are much worse.

If you have watched any professional sporting event in the last few years, then you know how much they are focusing on race.

Sports are supposed to bring people together.

But instead, professional sports leagues like Major League Baseball are using it to divide people.

An excellent example happened the other day at the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox game.

According to the White Sox manager Tony La Russa, Josh Donaldson of the Yankees used a racist slur against one of his players.

Allegedly, Donaldson called Chicago’s Tim Anderson “Jackie” in reference to the late and great Jackie Robinson.

This alleged slur caused tempers to flare and a benching-clearing brawl to ensue.

But there are a couple of things that do not make sense here.

Why would Donaldson use the term Jackie?

That’s in itself not widely considered to be a slur.

If anything, that should be a complement given how legendary he was.

It seems pretty obvious that this is either a complete lie or a misunderstanding.

But the fact that the media is assuming the worst and running with it is appalling.

And fortunately, some in the media are saying something about it.

In fact, notorious loudmouth and quite often woke commentator Stephen A. Smith himself was one of the first people to question these allegations of race.

Stephen A. Smith said, “Here is what upsets me about this. We are having a conversation about race, and I can’t sit here and tell you that anything Josh Donaldson said was racist.”

Smith continued, “I think it’s actually wrong for people to attach racist, or racism, to Josh Donaldson today.”

For once he is exactly right.

People should think twice before throwing allegations around like this one.

There is absolutely no proof Donaldson said anything racist, but nonetheless, the woke MLB has suspended him for one game.

What a disgrace.

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This pro hockey team was caught partying after a major loss in the most Florida way possible


There is no worse feeling than losing, especially when the stakes are high.

Often the best thing to do is figure out what went wrong and use it as a learning experience.

But somebody should tell that to the Florida Panthers who were caught partying after a major loss in the most Florida way possible.

When you think of Florida, several things come to mind.

Old people, warm weather, hurricanes, and beautiful women.

But what most people do not think about when they think about Florida is hockey.

And for good reason – Florida does not exactly have a hockey climate.

In fact, there are many parts of Florida that never dip below freezing all year round.

Despite that, Florida has some of the best professional hockey teams in the nation.

First, you have the Florida Panthers who finished with the most wins and the best record in the NHL at 58-24 this season.

And then of course you have the Tampa Bay Lightning who have won the Stanley Cup two years in a row.

That alone is a very impressive feat.

So it goes without saying that the playoff matchup between these two Florida teams was destined to be epic.

Well, that’s not exactly how it turned out.

The Tampa Bay Lightning swept the Panthers 4-0 and to make matters worse, the Panthers only managed to score 3 goals in all 4 games combined.

That is pathetic to say the least.

But rather than slink home to Miami, the Panthers celebrated the end of their season in the most Florida way imaginable.

A strip club of course.

Anybody who has been to Tampa knows that the strip clubs there are like nothing else, and the Panthers made sure to check it out for themselves.

Naturally, feminists and woke sports announcers are furious about this strip club visit.

But at the end of the day, who cares?

Let these guys let off some steam after a long grueling season.

Without a doubt, these players will need to make some major improvements if they hope to make a playoff run again.

But what’s wrong with some fun every now and then?

As for the Lightning, they are facing off against either the Carolina Hurricanes or the New York Rangers in the semifinals.

And given how badly they beat the top ranked Panthers, another Stanley Cup should not be a problem for these reigning champs.

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This Hall of Fame Coach is fed up with how boring the NFL has become


The truth of the matter is, the NFL has gone completely soft.

Whether it is league sanctioned protests against America’s national anthem, or rule changes to make the game “safer,” the NFL has become unwatchable.

But this one legendary coach has had enough and just recently he explained what the NFL can do to bring its audience back.

If you have watched an NFL game in the last several years, then you know just how unwatchable it has become.

Back in the day, the NFL built its empire by becoming one of the hardest hitting, most exciting sports out there.

Players took crazy hits, the cheerleaders were smoking hot, and everybody was happy to be there.

Now teams are switching to co-ed “dance teams,” and the NFL is shoving anti-American, anti-police, and pro-transgender ads down fans’ throats.

To make matters worse, the NFL has implemented a slew of rule changes with the intention of “making the game safer.”

All it has done has made the game far more boring.

And as you can imagine, some of the greats from back in the day are appalled with how the NFL has evolved.

One such legend is none other than legendary former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Bud Grant.

Just the other day, Grant made it very clear that he is fed up with the NFL.

Grant argued, “Football is entertainment. And there are things in the NFL that provide no entertainment.”

Grant went on to say, “Why would you want to be watching a game for three hours or more, and then have the last two minutes turn into a quarterback kneeling down?”

He added, “Worse than that is the kickoff. They have turned that into the most nothing play in football.”

He is exactly right.

Football is about entertainment, not wokeness, not social justice, and certainly not boring people to death for three hours.

The sad thing is, the NFL will only continue to get worse as long as corporate America, which sponsors everything the NFL does, is promoting this crap.

However, ratings are plummeting for the NFL, which is starting to catch the attention of league executives.

On top of that, other leagues such as the USFL and FCFL are popping up, which may begin to drain viewership from the NFL as they grow in popularity.

If the NFL hopes to last, then they need to start making the sport more entertaining instead of more politically correct.

If not, then say goodbye to the NFL’s dominance in the world of sports.

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This 48-year-old Hall of Famer is still making plays and stirring up trouble on the field


Let’s face it, football is not as fun to watch as it once was.

Instead of bone-shattering hits, players have their woke protests and instead of on the field fights, players have their pansy choreographed celebrations.

But this 48-year-old Hall of Fame legend is still turning heads with his athletic catches and his tenacious attitude.

Professional football has gotten soft these days, there is simply no other way of putting it.

Players leave the field due to pathetic “injuries” and fans have to sit through a series of nauseating anti-American protests before the game starts.

The NFL has absolutely no edge anymore.

This has created a market for other football leagues to arise, and one league that is beginning to turn some heads is the Fan Controlled Football League.

In a nutshell, this league gives power to the people.

Fans can choose which players are signed and who starts any given week.

It is almost like a fantasy football team come to life.

This league has allowed players who are not quite ready for an NFL debut, or return, to show what they are made of.

And without a doubt, the most high profile player in the Fan Controlled Football League is none other than NFL Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens.

As it stands, TO is 48-years-old, which is pretty damn old for football.

But for years, TO has claimed that he is ready to come back, and this start-up league is helping him to prove just that.

Just the other day, TO reminded fans what he is made of when he made a very nice two-point conversion catch.

But in typical TO fashion, he did not do so with grace.

He had to make sure everybody saw his feat of athleticism, including the DB he caught it over.

This of course did not sit well with the DB.

But at the end of the day, how mad can you get?

TO is a Hall of Famer after all.

Embarrassing DB’s is his forte, and he is one of the greatest to ever do so.

Moments like this one from legends like TO is exactly why the Fan Controlled Football League is gaining viewership.

And as long as the NFL continues to go down a road of social justice and wussification, expect leagues like this one to thrive.

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All hell broke loose after an Arkansas man caught a wild animal in the stands

Most of us go to a baseball game to watch the action on the field.

But some fans got more than they bargained for at a recent Arkansas Razorbacks game.

And all hell broke loose after an Arkansas man caught a wild animal in the stands.

Most of us watch sports for two reasons.

First, for many men, is to get away from their wives and the “honey do” list . . .

And the second reason is to be entertained by the action taking place on the field.

But rarely is the entertainment at a sporting event in the stands.

Well damn if fans at a recent Arkansas Razorbacks baseball game got more entertainment than they paid for from action in the stands.

While in Arkansas, you should be on your toes and be ready for whatever wildlife mother nature tosses your way.

And for these Razorback fans, the surprise from mother nature was a raccoon.

When one fan decided to grab the raccoon, all hell broke loose.

Just look at how the lady in the white shirt lost her soul when the raccoon appeared.

The Arkansas man named Grant who was manhandling the furry visitor was literally showing the whole escapade in real-time on Facebook Live.

What is more Arkansas than this whole situation?

A racoon is stuck in the stands at a baseball game.

Rather than waiting for animal control, Captain Arkansas just manhandled the ravaging raccoon.

He then proceeds to livestream his triumph over the raccoon.

Then he proceeds to carry his new furry friend around the stands and shows it off like a trophy he just won.

And in the end, Captain Arkansas even changed his profile picture to include the raccoon.

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First baseman and Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols just made his debut in a new position


When it comes to Major League Baseball, few are as accomplished as Albert Pujols.

Over the years, Pujols has racked up some crazy good numbers, and he has etched his name into the record books.

But first baseman and Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols just made his debut in a new position.

As it stands, Albert Pujols is one of the greatest professional baseball players to play the game.

For proof, just look at his incredible stats.

Since Pujols made his rookie debut for the St. Louis Cardinals back in 2001, Pujols has hit 681 home runs, which put him in fifth place on the all-time home run list.

In addition to his excellent ability to hit dingers, Pujols is a ten-time All-star, two-time World Series Champion, and a three-time NL MVP among other honors.

The man is a beast, there is no denying that.

And although Albert Pujols is a once-in-a-lifetime batter, you will not see any pitching achievements on his impressive resume.

That is because, after 21 years in Major Baseball, 42-year-old Albert Pujols made his Major League pitching debut just the other night.

While the St. Louis Cardinals were beating the San Francisco Giants by a score of 15-6, St. Louis Cardinals Manager, Oliver Marmol, made the decision to give Albert Pujols a shot behind the mound.

And although Pujols lacks speed, his accuracy was surprisingly good.

As you can see, Pujols nearly got a strikeout and he was able to finish out the game for the Cardinals.

This move was clearly a gimmick by the Cardinals, as they were up by nine runs in the ninth inning, and they simply wanted to give their franchise hero a shot to take the mound.

This is the sort of stuff you love to see in baseball, and this is part of what makes this sport so great.

Albert Pujols will undoubtedly go down as one of the best hitters of his generation, and will certainly earn his spot in the Hall of Fame.

As far as the St. Louis Cardinals are concerned, they are off to a decent start to the season with a 19-15 record.

However, there is plenty of baseball yet to be played, and plenty can go wrong.

It will be interesting to see if Albert Pujols can help to deliver yet another World Series title.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

One baseball fan had the luck of the Irish in Boston to do one thing never before seen in MLB history


Many fans dream of having a part of the game to take home after paying massive bucks for their seat.

Well, one fan recently took home more souvenirs in one game than most fans will take home in their lifetime.

And truly one baseball fan had the luck of the Irish in Boston to do one thing never before seen in MLB history.

Countless fans spend huge amounts of money to get good seats at games.

Then they pay for overpriced food and beer.

And oftentimes they have to deal with some little punk sitting next to them or someone the size of a minivan trying to fit in a two-foot wide seat.

Is it too much to ask for a free souvenir from the game?

Well, one lucky guy went to a game and actually got something from it besides heartburn and a hangover.

During a recent Red Sox-Astros game, one fan caught not one, but two home run balls in the same inning.

What type of luck is that?!

Most of us won’t catch one in a lifetime but this guy goes and catches two in an inning.

Now that’s impressive.

According to online baseball nerds, the odds of catching any ball during an MLB game, foul or home run, is 1 in 600.

Hopefully, he played the lottery that night because he just had the luckiest day of his life.

Now maybe he can use some of that luck and give it to the Red Sox as they can’t buy a win with only 15 wins so far this season.

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US Women’s Soccer was shocked to learn this fact after they finally got “equal pay” with the men’s team


Sports are the new political battlefield and the Left has been on a full out assault on many of their issues on the field.

One issue that has made headlines over the past couple years is US Women’s Soccer’s push for equal pay with the Men’s Soccer Team.

But US Women’s Soccer was shocked to learn this fact after they finally got “equal pay” with the men’s team.

In one of the last arenas of America that isn’t completely gone to political chaos, sports is now one of the biggest battlefields in our culture.

Sports used to unite us.

But now, thanks to the woke outrage mob, sports are used as a political tool that divides most of America.

We have all seen it first hand as Black Lives Matter forced nearly every sports league to bend the knee in support of their anti-American ideology.

And one of the biggest talking points for the Left in sports over the years is the “pay gap” between men’s and women’s sports.

Ignoring simple economics and supply and demand, the Left demands that all women’s sports should get paid the same as the men.

Well, it looks like there might have finally been a breakthrough for equal pay in sports between the sexes.

The bad thing is, the women were already earning more than the men.

According to the US Soccer Federation’s website, the women have been making more than the men for years now.

The website asks the question, “Do U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT) players make more money than USWNT players?”

Then the answer claimed, “No. From 2015 to 2019, USWNT players made more money than USMNT players as a team both overall and on an average per-game basis. USSF paid the four USWNT class representatives in the equal pay lawsuit more than the four highest paid USMNT players.”

The only thing this truly impacts is FIFA World Cup winnings, which will now be pooled together, and have historically paid men’s soccer winnings more than women’s simply because internationally men’s soccer brings in more money.

As Breitbart reported, “In 2018, the Men’s World Cup earned an amazing $3.572 billion worldwide. On the other hand, the most the women’s World Cup ever made for a single series was the 1.12 billion it earned in 2019.”

Surprise, surprise.

But since the USMNT sucks and aren’t likely to win a World Cup anytime soon, the women are unlikely to benefit from pooling those winnings together.

And in the end, the women’s soccer team got screwed by asking for equal pay.

Now they will have to take a pay cut to earn what the men’s team does on a daily basis.

Guess we will see some Only Fans accounts soon from the women’s soccer team once they realize just how much they got screwed pay wise.

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An NFL legend shocked fans when he straight up called Kaepernick a phony and a fraud


Kaepernick has plagued the NFL and fans for years over his non-stop obsession with demonizing the league with the BLM agenda.

Now it seems like the tide may have turned on Kaepernick as players start to question his motives.

And an NFL legend shocked fans when he straight up called Kaepernick a phony and a fraud.

Football in the good old days used to be enjoyable to watch.

We weren’t hammered with political message after political message.

Only things getting hammered were fans with beers and quarterbacks by defenses.

Well, thanks to sharts like Colin Kaepernick, now NFL games are nothing more than a political rally for the Black Lives Matter radical agenda.

Now everything from commercials to helmets are flooded with woke BLM messaging.

And no matter what the NFL does, Colin Kaepernick is ready to pounce with the latest line of attack.

Well, it looks like players and alumni of the NFL are starting to call out Kaepernick for the fraud that he is.

Pacman Jones is a legend for NFL fans.

The man was a beast on defense with 17 career interceptions and a return specialist with five career punt returns for touchdowns.

He was also known for speaking his mind.

When he was asked recently about Kaepernick and if he agreed with Antonio Brown that Kaepernick is nothing more than a fraud, he didn’t hold back.

Pacman told a fan, “As far as the community part, I think AB is right. We haven’t heard anything that Kaep did for the community or given back to the community after the settlement. That part of the question, I do think AB is right.”

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