A college football coach just committed one of the biggest betrayals in sports history and fans are furious

With so much competition and so many rivalries in sports there are some memorable betrayals throughout sports history.

But of all the backstabbers we have seen in sports, this coach has to be the worst.

And a college football coach just committed one of the biggest betrayals in sports history and fans are furious.

Nearly every guy loves himself some competition.

And that’s exactly why so many guys love sports.

It’s nothing but pure competition.

Sure you have the beta male every once in a while who could care less about competing and winning.

All those weirdos are usually soccer fans and that’s why no red-blooded American gives a damn about soccer.

But in the rest of the sports world the knives are out.

And that’s created some insane rivalries.

With insane sports rivalries come some of the biggest betrayals in human history.

Americans know a thing or two about traitors as our nation was nearly derailed by some buttface named Benedict Arnold who tried to sell out the colonies for a name and title.

But thankfully the United States won, Benedict Arnold lost, and now we have the best sport in the world with football.

And in football these days, we have traitors who would rival Benedict Arnold.

Remember when Brett Favre was the savior of the Green Bay Packer then he left them for the inner division rival Vikings?

But it looks like we have a new traitor in football who could rival any of the past backstabbers in the game.

Louisville Head Coach Scott Satterfield is leaving the team before their bowl game.

That’s not unusual.

What is unusual is that Coach Satterfield is leaving Louisville to go coach Cincinnati, which is the team that Louisville will play in the bowl game.

You are going to have a coach on one side of the field who knows the other team’s whole playbook because he literally made the playbook.

Now the Fenway Bowl will be an interesting bowl game to watch.

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Deion Sanders could already be out of a job as Colorado’s athletic director admitted one huge issue

Deion Sanders is one of the most sought after college football coaches on the market.

And in true Prime Time fashion, Deion Sanders revealed that he will be going to Colorado to shake up the Pac-12.

But Sanders could already be out of a job as Colorado’s athletic director admitted one huge issue.

A good coach is hard to find.

That’s why teams are always hiring and firing coaches just to find the right fit for their program.

If you’re good in college football you stay and you advance while making a name for yourself.

But if you suck as a head coach in college football, you’ll be out of the game faster than you came in.

It’s a cutthroat world.

But no one was made more for the world of college football than Deion Sanders.

Prime Time lives for the amount of publicity, energy, and ego that it takes to coach a division one college football program.

And in just two short years with Jackson State, Sanders has also shown that he knows what it takes to win games and to make dynasties in college football.

And because of his success, he was announced as the new head coach for the University of Colorado.

That’s a big step for Coach Prime coming from division one FCS to a power five program.

Now Deion Sanders will have the ability to prove that he is worth his weight in salt as he makes a name for himself in the Pac-12.

But there’s one glaring issue that came out over the weekend as Colorado was lit up with excitement with the new hire.

The University of Colorado doesn’t have the money to pay Deion Sanders his contract.

Deion Sanders’ contract is for five years and $29 million.

And when the athletic director Rick George was asked about this one little detail, his response put the press in shock.

He noted, “We don’t have the money yet, but I know we’ll have it, so I’m not worried about that piece.”

How embarrassing is that?

You hire the biggest name in college football then you admit you don’t have the money to pay the coach – “yet.”

Colorado better hope that Deion Sanders brings the energy they are hoping for so he can bring in the money to get himself paid.

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Coach Mike Tomlin caught social media by storm and landed in the hot seat after what he did to a fan


Only the craziest and the biggest personalities can become successful football coaches.

And one of those crazy sons of guns that strikes the fear of God in the people he meets is Mike Tomlin.

But Coach Tomlin caught social media by storm and landed in the hot seat after what he did to a fan.

If you ever played football, you can remember that one coach who was just bat crap crazy.

You didn’t know if one second he was going to cheer you on or cuss you out, but that’s just how he rolled.

And at the end of the day, the crazy coach made you a better person.

It truly takes a crazy individual to be a successful football coach.

Trying to take a team full of adolescent males and idiots and turn them into a coherent football machine is something not many can do.

And it would really put anyone on their last nerve and make them absolutely insane.

But many coaches have been able to do it as they take their team and make them victorious through a lot of hard work, patience, and testosterone.

And one of the coaches over the past decade who has beaten the odds and lived in success has been Mike Tomlin.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin at some points hasn’t had a lot to work with on his team.

But at the end of the day, he found a way to get it done.

It wasn’t always pretty but at least you knew if the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing they at least would have a shot to win.

That’s something that many teams in the NFL couldn’t dream of.

But Mike Tomlin is also one of the craziest coaches in the NFL.

He really doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

And you can see that full and well in this latest video of Mike Tomlin reacting to a fan who was just trying to encourage the coach.

Rather than saying thanks or just ignoring the fan, Tomlin kept walking and yelled at the fan, “Man don’t fucking talk to me!”

It’s a good thing that Mike Tomlin is a legendary coach because any other ol’ coach in the hot seat who cusses like that at a fan would be fired in no time.

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Championship weekend had one TCU football player ready to risk it all and throw some hands on the field

Emotions are running highest as the football season comes to an end.

But one player let their emotions get the best of them as he was about to turn the field into a boxing ring.

And one TCU football player was ready to risk it all and throw some hands on the field.

All levels of football around the nation are starting to come to a close.

Odds are your local high school football team is either done with their season or nearly done as they head through the playoffs.

In the NFL, the playoff picture is starting to come to light as teams who suck start to drop and teams who are good start to separate themselves from the rest of the field.

And in college football this past weekend we had championship week, which set the table for who would get into the playoffs and what teams would get into which bowl games.

Near the end of the season, emotions are always flying high.

For many, it’s the last season of ever playing football and they’re willing to do anything to keep it going.

And that’s exactly what was going through one TCU player’s head.

Texas Christian University started the season unranked and has shockingly gone undefeated throughout the regular season.

No one could have imagined their success this season.

But this weekend things didn’t go as planned in the Big 12 Championship for the Horned Frogs.

TCU ended up getting their butts whooped for most of the game versus Kansas State.

And safety Bud Clark was about to take all of TCU’s anger out on one Kansas State wide receiver.

The man squared up like George Foreman on number 34.

The guy better be glad he wasn’t kicked out of the game for that.

But in all honesty, his boxing stance was pretty on point.

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One unknown quarterback just became a household name with the craziest touchdown pass of the year

College football is slowly winding down to an end.

But thankfully for viewers, the play on the field is just as good as it has ever been and especially with this insane touchdown.

And one unknown quarterback just became a household name with the craziest touchdown pass of the year.

One of the best times of the year is when football gets started again.

Fans have to wait through a grueling spring and summer without any football.

But once September gets here, fans’ faces light up with excitement as the best time of year is here.

And fans have been blessed this year with some great college football.

Traditional powerhouse teams haven’t been doing as hot as many would have expected.

And the underdogs have emerged out of nowhere to shock the nation.

Just look at TCU’s rise to dominance as they started the season outside of the top-25.

But of all the great plays this year in college football, the greatest play so far has come out of the FCS.

Incarnate Word was playing Furman this past weekend in the FCS playoffs.

During the first quarter, quarterback Lindsey Scott Jr. threw one hell of a touchdown pass that would make NFL players like Patrick Mahomes jealous.

It’s one thing to have a pass like that completed.

It’s another thing to have a pass like that completed for a touchdown.

Incarnate Word ended up winning the game in a 41-38 victory over Furman.

Plays like this are exactly why so many people like college football.

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Cam Newton had more fun than he ever could have imagined over the weekend in one college football student section

Cam Newton was one of the biggest personalities in the National Football League.

But even with him being out of the league, Cam is still finding a way to make it on ESPN.

And Cam Newton had more fun than he ever could have imagined over the weekend in one college football student section.

Believe it or not but most NFL players are actually reclusive.

They don’t like to be the center of attention or to be put in front of a camera.

But other players live for it.

And in all reality, they love the camera more than they love the game of football.

And one of those attention whore players is previous NFL star, Cam Newton.

Cam Newton never found a camera he didn’t like.

And when his play on the field started to suck to the point where the press started to care less and less about him, Cam found other ways to make the press care.

But even his crazy outfits and outlandish acts couldn’t keep Cam Newton in the NFL forever.

This year, no team was willing to take its chances with Cam who was once considered a likely Hall of Fame caliber quarterback who seemingly fell short of expectations.

Now Cam is doing what he does best and found another way to end up as a headline story.

Cam’s younger brother Caylin Newton is playing for William & Mary, which is making their way through the FCS college football playoffs.

And in their recent game against Gardner-Webb, Cam Newton was found in the student section making a fool of himself.

The man cannot get through a football season without being on ESPN in some way or fashion.

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Viewers were stunned when they realized what Mac Jones was screaming at his team


Patriots’ Mac Jones is one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

The man sucks more at his job than any other mainstream quarterback in the league.

And viewers were stunned when they realized what Mac Jones was screaming at his team.

Being a quarterback in the NFL is one of the hardest roles imaginable.

Oftentimes you have to put the team on your back with the other team trying to find any way they can to deceive you and ruin your career in one game.

But to be frankly honest, it doesn’t take a lot for opposing teams to show just how much Mac Jones sucks.

Jones only has seven touchdowns this season to seven interceptions.

He has the same amount of interceptions as he does touchdowns and that’s a horrible stat to have as a “franchise quarterback.”

The guy is an interception machine.

Even with Hall of Fame coach Bill Belichick trying to guide him through his youthful career Mac Jones still finds ways to be one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL.

And this past Thursday night, Mac Jones had another chance to shine in front of the world in prime time.

But yet again he stunk up your TV screens with his horrible play and then whined about it to his team.

During his horrible performance, viewers were shocked to see what he was claiming on the sidelines for everyone to hear.

Mac Jones literally blamed the coaching staff for running the ball too much for his horrible play.

He was caught screaming at his coaches, “Throw the fucking ball! The running game sucks!”

Can you imagine lobbying your coaches for another opportunity to throw an interception?

Mac Jones is a joke and the only chance the Patriots will ever win again is if they get rid of the overrated quarterback.

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One thug found out the hard way that Terrell Owens still has some fast hands


People need to learn that they need to stop messing with professional athletes.

Every time they decide to step up on a professional athlete they end up getting their butts whooped.

And one thug found out the hard way that Terrell Owens still has some fast hands.

Sometimes you have to wonder what the hell people are thinking.

You think to yourself what average Joe gets out of bed and thinks to himself “I’m going to whoop the hell out of a professional athlete today.”

Well, sadly we see it all the time on social media.

Some drunken fool thinks he can take on a bodybuilder, MMA fighter, or professional athlete that has been working out since he was born.

It’s both comical and sad at the same time.

In the end, they always learn their lesson to stay in their place and know what fights to pick.

But the latest idiot to learn this lesson was some thug you decided to throw hands with NFL legendary wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Terrell Owens was just minding his business last week when some piece of trash started to give customers in a CVS hell.

Somehow Terrell Owens and the thug ended up outside of the store and that’s when it gets interesting.

Terrell Owens squared up with the thug and waited his time for a clean hit.

Then when he got his chance he dropped him with a triple fist attack.

The next time you think about fighting a professional athlete, just watch how easy it was for retired NFL player Terrell Owens to drop this fool.

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Pittsburgh Penguins’ Kris Letang got some devastating news. But all is not lost


Sometimes it’s not about having the best luck, but rather making the best of the hand you are dealt.

That’s not always the easiest thing to face but can often be the most productive approach.

Now, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Kris Letang got some devastating news. But all is not lost.

On Wednesday, the Penguins announced that Letang suffered a stroke and he would be out indefinitely.

In a statement the team said he was “not experiencing any lasting effects of the stroke and will continue to undergo a series of tests over the next week.”

Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager Ron Hextall said, “Kris reported symptoms to the training staff on Monday and was immediately taken to the hospital for testing. The test results were shocking to hear, but we are grateful that Kris is doing well. We are thankful to the medical staff and the physicians at UPMC. He is a warrior on the ice, but first and foremost, he is a son, father, husband and friend. His health is our number one priority.”

Letang considers himself lucky that things weren’t worse, saying, “I am fortunate to know my body well enough to recognize when something isn’t right. While it is difficult to navigate this issue publicly, I am hopeful it can raise awareness. It is important for me that my teammates, family and the fans know that I am okay. I am optimistic that I will be back on the ice soon.”

The team provided new information surrounding the stroke, saying, “Kris Letang called head athletic trainer Chris Stewart, saying he had a migraine and that something didn’t feel right. After he reported those symptoms, head team physician Dr. Dharmesh Vyas said to take the defenseman to the hospital immediately. After getting some tests done, it was determined that Letang had suffered a stroke. He is not experiencing any lasting effects, and will continue to undergo a series of tests over the next week. The condition is not considered to be career-threatening.”

Letang previously suffered a more severe stroke in 2014 and according to Hextall, “This was much less severe than what happened to him eight years ago, and I think there’s a lot of comfort in that for him.”

Penguins Head Coach Mike Sullivan is more worried about keeping Letang on the mend, saying, “The biggest challenge for me today was to try to find a way to keep him off the ice. He wanted to skate today. That’s just an indication of Tanger’s passion to play and wanting to get back with his team.”

Hextall continued, saying, “The level of hockey he’s played, for as long as he’s played, is absolutely incredible. The level he’s continued to play at, at his age, the type of shape he’s in . . . I’ve been here for less than two years, and I know I know how much I realize already how much he means to this organization, this city and how much he means to his teammates. He’s a warrior. He was talking last night about, ‘when can I skate?’ He’s a terrific human being, and he’s one tough S.O.B.”

Here’s to wishing him a full and speedy recovery.

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This World Series champ just issued an uncomfortable challenge to radical activists


In 2022 America, it seems everyone has an opinion, and all too often so many are eager to share them.

The desire to gain attention and notoriety through controversial statements is everywhere, and it has infiltrated the sports realm just as much as anywhere.

Now, this World Series champ just issued an uncomfortable challenge to radical activists.

Curt Schilling has never shied away from making his feelings known, but he’s hardly alone in that.

Now, the World Series champ is calling for radical left-wing activists attempting to restructure the United States of America to take up their cause in China.

In a tweet, Schilling wrote, “How about all you antifa, BLM, and women’s rights advocates, and the lgbtq community, hop on planes, fly to china and fight for people truly oppressed who need help? You’re all so set on fighting against tyranny, it’s right in front of you.”

Any qualms that any of the groups called out by Schilling may have with the U.S. surely pale in comparison to real and pervasive human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party.

Political writer Jack Posobiec says, “A building full of Uyghurs and Han Chinese citizens, it caught fire. Well that building had been under three months of extreme lockdown measures. This high-rise people have been welded into their homes, door shut. Cars were strewn about outside. There was no way for anybody to get in. There was no way for anyone to get out, and the people were trapped like this for months.”

Certainly, that seems like a bigger fish to fry than wailing about “microaggressions” here at home.

Posobiec continued, “While you were eating Thanksgiving dinner a fire broke out in this high-rise on the 15th floor and if anyone who’s ever lived in a high-rise in any city in the world knows a fire breaking out on a high floor is one of the most dangerous and deadly things that can happen. But here’s what happened to those people, they were locked inside their homes by their own government. They were forced inside. They were stuck inside and their loved ones were forced to listen while these people, Han Chinese and Uyghurs burned alive at the order of the Chinese Communist Party. This was a massacre. This was the Xinjiang Massacre.”

He also shared videos from China where the CCP has engaged in censorship, grabbing and checking phones on a subway.

So many who have the power to shine a light on overseas atrocities shy away out of fear of political retribution or loss of corporate sponsorship for angering the Chinese government.

It’s actually refreshing to see someone using his celebrity to do some actual good, rather than simply stick to the overplayed tack of blaming the United States.

Schilling knows that however imperfect our country is, our problems aren’t even in the same ballpark.

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