One NFL quarterback made a surprising announcement about retirement


This NFL off-season has been dominated by talk of star quarterbacks demanding trades.

Suddenly, teams around the league were thrown into chaos by the player at the most important position in sports.

And this NFL quarterback made a surprising announcement about retirement.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been the team’s starting quarterback since being a second round draft pick in 2014.

Carr has played well – he’s completed 64 percent of his passes for his career with 170 touchdown passes against 71 interceptions – and in 2016 led the Raiders to their first playoff appearance since the 2002 season.

But the Raiders struggled overall and Carr’s career record of 47-63 leaves him with the most losses of any quarterback in their first seven seasons.

That’s led to annual speculation that the Raiders are preparing to trade Carr and draft a new franchise quarterback.

Carr addressed the speculation with the media at the Raiders mandatory minicamp and said he would rather quit than play for another team.

“I’d probably quit football if I had to play for somebody else,” Carr stated. “I am a Raider for my entire life. I’m going to root for one team for the rest of my life – it’s the Raiders. So, I just feel that so strong in my heart I don’t need a perfect situation . . . to make things right.

“I’d rather go down with the ship, you know what I’m saying, if I have to,” Carr added.

Carr explained that he had an old school mentality where he only wanted to play for the team that drafted him.

In an era where athletes want to manipulate their way onto super teams so they can chase championship rings, it was refreshing to see a quarterback like Carr dismiss any interest in playing anywhere other than for the team that drafted him.

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One top baseball pitcher made a jaw-dropping admission about a scandal sweeping the game


2021 has been a difficult season for Major League Baseball.

The game jumped into the political fray on behalf of the Democrat Party and now there are on-field troubles as well.

And one top baseball pitcher made a jaw-dropping admission about a scandal sweeping the game.

The game of baseball has never taken longer to play or been more boring to watch.

Analytics pushed every team in baseball to adopt power pitching and swing for the fences offenses focusing on pitchers spin rates and batters launch angles.

As a result, every division in baseball has more strikeouts than hits as teams focus on the three true outcomes – walk, strikeout, and homerun.

Baseball is trying to inject more action into the game and Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the league would be cracking down on pitchers using “sticky” stuff – adhesives such as Spider Track – that allow them a tighter grip on the ball and thus greater spin rates on their pitches.

“I have determined that new enforcement of foreign substances is needed to level the playing field,” Manfred announced. “I understand there’s a history of foreign substances being used on the ball, but what we are seeing today is objectively far different, with much tackier substances being used more frequently than ever before. It has become clear that the use of foreign substance has generally morphed from trying to get a better grip on the ball into something else — an unfair competitive advantage that is creating a lack of action and an uneven playing field.”

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow whined about the decision in a comment that critics contend amounted to an admission he can’t pitch to major league batters without loading up on adhesives that grant him an unfair advantage.

“I just threw 80 something innings & you just told me I can’t use anything. I have to change everything. I truly believe 100% that’s why I got hurt. I’m frustrated MLB doesn’t understand. You can’t just tell us to use nothing. It’s crazy,” Glasnow stated.

The bottom line is baseball needed to do something.

Games degenerated into boring contests of fans watching guys stand around on the field as pitchers ran up record strikeout numbers while the opposing team waited for a home run.

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You have to respect this Texas-born NFL QB’s reason for not being a Cowboys fan


There’s certain areas of the country where you are expected to be a fan of a team simply because of where you grew up.

Many can’t wrap their head around the idea that a baseball fan could grow up in Boston, for example, and not be a diehard Red Sox fan – it just doesn’t make sense to them.

And that’s why you have to respect the reason that this Texas-born NFL quarterback gave for not becoming a Cowboys fan, and the fact that he admitted it publicly.

In the state of Texas, football is king, and growing up there as a male, you are basically expected to love football.

The stories of the football factories that are Texas high schools are legendary and have been turned into books, movies, and TV shows like Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, and Carter High.

They literally spend as much, if not more, on their high school football programs than most colleges do.

Year after year, NFL rosters are filled with more players from Texas than virtually any other state, and just last season, some 192 of the players on NFL rosters were from the state.

For many of those players, the path they dreamed about from an early age was clear – win a state championship in high school, play for the Texas Longhorns, and get drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

If nothing else, they all definitely grow up as fans of the Cowboys.

Well, everyone except the Arizona Cardinals’ Texas-born quarterback Kyler Murray, apparently.

According to Murray, he simply was never able to catch the same Cowboys fever that has engulfed every corner of the state – except for Houston, of course – for decades.

And he had a more than colorful way of describing exactly why that was.

“They were always ass,” Murray bluntly admitted.

While Murray was rather blunt, he also wasn’t wrong by any stretch.

Even though he’s entering his third season as the Cardinals starting quarterback, he’s just 23-years-old, and in his entire lifetime he’s never seen the Cowboys be a legitimate contender.

Since he was born in 1997, the Cowboys have won just 49% of their games, they’ve had a losing record more often than a winning one, they’ve failed to make the playoffs more than they’ve made it, and they have won just three playoff games.

That’s a dismal 23 years for any franchise, much less one whose fan base claims they are “America’s Team,” and continues to pretend that it’s 1995 and they’ve just won three Super Bowls in four years.

They have had bright spots over the years, but those have been one year wonders that were not sustained into the next season.

Put simply, they’ve been one of the NFL’s worst franchises over the past 23 years, and there’s no getting around that.

So with that in mind, no one can’t blame Kyler Murray for never being able to become a diehard Cowboys fan – after all, what was there for him to root for?

But most of all, you have to respect that Murray admitted that the Cowboys were so bad that he couldn’t be a fan of them publicly.

That’s the type of comment Cowboys fans aren’t going to forget so long as Murray is in the NFL, and the two teams will meet in Dallas in week 17 this season.

Saying something like that about another team that you have to play in their home stadium in just a few months time is bold, but at the same time, there’s no reason for Murray to be nervous about it since he and the Cardinals crushed the Cowboys in 2020, defeating them by 28 points.

The Cardinals are also 5-1 in their last six matchups against the Cowboys, and there’s no reason to think we won’t see Arizona continue that trend this season as they’ve only improved their roster this offseason, while outside of an overpaid quarterback that’s now healthy, the Cowboys are basically just the same average-at-best team they always are.

Regardless, it will still be fun to see how Kyler Murray is greeted by Cowboys fans in his Texas homecoming.

And it will be even more fun to watch him prove everything he said about the Cowboys, and quiet their entire stadium.

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This NFL running back quickly regretted sending a tweet – but doesn’t regret what it said


The Internet has certainly helped sports fans get a peak behind the curtain into the lives and personalities of their favorite athletes.

But for the athletes, being as open as some are has caused some issues that simply wouldn’t have existed even just 10 years ago.

Issues like those that this NFL running back is facing after he sent out a tweet he quickly regretted, even if he now claims he doesn’t regret what the tweet actually said.

From 2014 to 2017, Le’Veon Bell was one of the best running backs in football, and it seemed like that would remain the case for years to come.

However, after he turned down a $15 million per year contract to remain with the team who drafted him in the second round, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and refused to sign any contract with the team that wasn’t exactly what he wanted – even if it was completely unrealistic – Bell sat out through the first nine games of 2018 making himself ineligible for the season.

From there, the Steelers finally had enough and cut ties with him, leading Bell to sign with the New York Jets on a four-year $52.5 million deal that ultimately proved to be an atrocious deal for the team as Bell was a total bust.

But, of course, Bell wasn’t going to take responsibility for his downfall, and ended up “liking” a Tweet that said the Jets should trade him, even if roughly zero teams would have traded for him considering his total lack of production and monstrosity of a contract.

In the end, he ended up being flat out cut by the Jets who decided they’d rather swallow the financial losses than continue to deal with him, leading Bell to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs on a one-year deal worth less than $2 million – a deal much more in line with his actual value at the time.

For the Chiefs, Bell failed once again to be even remotely productive, even though he was part of the most prolific offense in the NFL, and became a free agent this offseason.

And despite the fact that the Chiefs were one of the only teams who were willing to take a chance on Bell last season after all of his on and off-field issues, Bell decided to not only burn that bridge, but blow it to smithereens.

On Sunday, Bell decided rather randomly to post on Instagram that he would rather retire than ever play for Chiefs coach Andy Reid again.

“I’ll never play for Andy Reid again . . . I’d retire first,” Bell wrote on Instagram.

For a guy who has had all the issues that Bell has, to completely dismiss as an option not only one of the best teams in football, but one of the only teams who would probably be willing to sign him was a bold move.

So less than a day later, Bell decided to apologize for posting that comment for the world to see, saying he regrets putting that out into the public.

However, he simply couldn’t help himself and basically went on a Twitter rant against anyone who had a problem with what he said, and also made clear that he doesn’t regret what he actually said, because it’s how he really feels.

It’s never been revealed what the issue Bell has with Reid – one of the coaches most beloved by players who’ve played for him – but his Tweets obviously referenced something Reid “said” to him.

Most likely, it was nothing that would have caused this big of an issue for most players, but Le’Veon Bell clearly seems to be one of those guys who can’t help but be offended by even the slightest hint of what he believes is “disrespect,” even if he hasn’t earned actual respect.

It’s extremely difficult for anyone to say that Le’Veon Bell has handled any of the situations he’s been in over the past four or so years correctly – he flat out hasn’t.

He’s burned bridges, been an issue for teams, made unrealistic demands, refused to play for multiple teams, had injury issues, been arrested, and been suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

And even when he’s given multiple chances, he hasn’t performed on the field and he has ultimately destroyed his chance of remaining with any team he’s played for.

There’s no doubt he was talented, and probably still has something left in the tank, so some teams would be willing take a chance on the potential that could still be a productive player in the right circumstances.

But it’s reached the point where the chance of him producing at even a slightly above average level is completely outweighed by the virtual certainty that he will be a major problem.

Obviously, Bell either doesn’t understand that, or he’s simply content with living off the money he basically stole from the Jets after not producing in the slightest and being an issue for the team.

It’s always sad to see talented athletes not be able to have the type of careers they were capable of having for things that are out of their control.

But there is no way to have any sympathy for Le’Veon Bell when he is the reason he wasn’t able to have a great career, and he’s the reason he’ll ultimately be forgotten about within a few years time.

He made his bed, and now he’s going to have to lie in it.

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The NFL is about to learn a very painful lesson after this police officer’s lawsuit


After George Floyd’s death, the NFL went all-in on Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protest and the Black Lives Matter movement.

That decision could cost the NFL dearly.

And the NFL is about to learn a very painful lesson after this police officer’s lawsuit.

Last year the NFL allowed players to wear the names of victims of police shootings on their helmets during games.

This led to multiple controversies as some players “honored” individuals who turned out not to be so innocent.

One case was the Indianapolis Colts wearing the name of Dreasjon Reed on their uniforms.

Reed was killed by Police Officer De’Joure Mercer following a chase.

A grand jury and prosecutor declined to bring charges and now an Indianapolis police officer is suing the NFL arguing that by allowing Colts players to wear Mercer’s name on their uniforms it amounted to defamation.

WISH reported:

Officer De’Joure Mercer filed the suit Monday in federal court in Indianapolis. Mercer shot and killed Reed after a police chase in May 2020. Prosecutors and a grand jury declined to file charges against Mercer.

Mercer says the NFL’s decision to include Dreasjon Reed in its Say Their Stories campaign amounts to defamation.

The campaign included victims of police misconduct as part of a push for social justice in 2020.

The NFL’s decision to fully embrace political protests cost the league fans and support.

Now it could cost the NFL in the pocketbook.

The pendulum in the NFL swung so far in favor of protestors and political agitators that a backlash was inevitable.

Officer Mercer’s lawsuit is just the latest sign that the tide in the NFL is shifting.

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A national anthem protest led to one unbelievable reaction


Kneeling for the national anthem is now as common as instant replay at sporting events.

That’s led to another big change.

And a national anthem protest led to one unbelievable reaction.

Before their first game against Croatia at the Euro2020 Soccer Championships, the English national team knelt during the playing of God Save the Queen.

And while the stadium was only at 20 percent capacity the fans booed the political protest.

It was noticeable to fans watching on TV.

English soccer players – like athletes in America – began kneeling before the anthem last year when their domestic league resumed playing games last June after a pause due to the coronavirus.

Those protests were easy to stage because there were no fans in the stands.

Once fans came back, it was clear the paying customers did not want politics intruding into sports.

At the opening game of the 2020 NFL season, Kansas City Chiefs fans booed the Chiefs and the Houston Texans paying tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement in a pregame ceremony.

Even in left-wing Europe the fans just want to watch games and not be lectured about how racist they are.

Despite the negative fan reaction, the English soccer players plan to kneel for the anthem before every game right up until the moment England suffers their typical elimination, when they break their fans hearts by choking in a big situation.

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The next Super Bowl is going to feature a political statement that will make your stomach turn


Fans were hoping the NFL got politics out of its system.

But their hopes were just dashed.

And the next Super Bowl is going to feature a political statement that will make your stomach turn.

Super Bowl LVI will take place in Los Angeles’s SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022.

The game is already awash in controversy.

That’s because the Los Angeles Super Bowl host committee doled a $10,000 grant to the local Brothers, Sons, Selves coalition.

Brothers, Sons, Selves is pursuing the goal of defunding the police and redirecting money away from paying for police officers to protect local schools and instead use the money for so-called “racial justice” initiatives.

Breitbart reports:

The BSS self-describes as “a group of ten community-based organizations” with a mission “to end the criminalization of young bois/boys and men of color by creating and influencing public policy that invests in young people and their future.”

However, a closer look at what the BSS actually does, reveals that the group seeks to “decriminalize” and “invest in young people” by divesting and defunding the police.

Specifically, the BSS is actively seeking to force the Los Angeles Unified School District to do away with its police force.

Each year, the security at the Super Bowl gets more intense.

Fans budget extra time when leaving for the game to navigate the lines, scans, and searches the NFL puts up as a barrier to prevent a terrorist attack.

The NFL would certainly never support defunding the law enforcement personnel who provide Presidential-levels of security for their marquee event.

And yet the league is financially rewarding a group that wants to leave school children defenseless.

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A star athlete died on the field but what happened next saved the day


It was a scene out of a nightmare.

Fans could not believe what they were watching.

A star athlete died on the field but what happened next saved the day.

29-year-old Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed falling face first to the ground after completing a pass during the first half of Denmark’s first game in the 2020 European Soccer championships against Finland.

Players on the field frantically waved for medical attention and the game immediately stopped.

Doctors erected a tent around Eriksen as they administered medical treatment, leaving the fans in the stadium and those watching on TV to pray for the best.

Eriksen was eventually removed from the field and taken to a hospital, but team doctor Morten Boesen told reporters that Eriksen was clinically dead before CPR brought him back to life.

After a lengthy delay, officials agreed to resume the game after players said Eriksen wanted the match to continue.

Finland ended up winning the game 1-0 and notching three crucial points in group play that boosted their chances of advancing to the knockout round.

But the result of the game was by far and away the least important aspect of what transpired as everyone breathed a sigh of relief when reports came back that Eriksen’s condition stabilized and that he would be ok.

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NASCAR’s GOAT Jimmie Johnson’s new teammates give him high marks for his transition to IndyCar


Almost no fan will ever understand how difficult it is for racers to change disciplines, especially at the age of 45.

It’s not just smashing the gas and turning a steering wheel – it’s literally breaking down everything you know and rebuilding a whole new skill set, all at 180+ MPH.

Which makes the fact that all of NASCAR’s GOAT Jimmie Johnson’s new teammates are giving him high marks for his transition to IndyCar a monumental accomplishment.

Jimmie Johnson’s career in the most challenging and competitive motorsports discipline in the world was obviously second to none.

The level at which Johnson dominated the NASCAR Cup Series – like winning five consecutive championships and a record seven total championships in just 11 seasons – has been proven to be utterly untouchable throughout the sports’ history, and that will most definitely not be changing anytime soon.

But after winning those seven championships and securing 83 wins, Johnson called it a career at the end of last season, deciding at the age of 45 that he wanted to spend more time with his family and challenge himself with something new.

So he made the decision to take on the rather insane challenge of completely switching racing disciplines and running a part-time IndyCar schedule that consisted of nothing but their road course and street circuit races.

Simply going from running no more than three road courses a season over the past 20 years to running 13 road courses and street circuits in a single season would be a difficult enough challenge for anyone, but doing it at 45-years-old is a whole other ballgame.

Not to mention the fact that virtually every aspect of the approach, technique, and skill set that is required to be fast in a 1,600-pound, 700 horsepower IndyCar on road courses is entirely different from that of a 3,500-pound, 750 horsepower stock car.

Literally everything is different, and he tried to do it all with just a few test sessions over a handful of months.

Despite all of that and some growing pains, though, Johnson’s new IndyCar teammates at Chip Ganassi Racing are all giving him really high grades for how he has made the transition to the discipline early in his rookie season.

While six-time IndyCar champion Scott Dixon wouldn’t put a specific grade on an incomplete season, he heaped praise on Johnson while admitting that he believes he’s crazy for even trying to climb this mountain.

“Just the attention to detail and just how hard he works at it,” Dixon said. “This is the toughest thing that any driver in their career can try to do. I’ve called him, in previous media stuff, a bit crazy because not many people would even take that on. So it’s huge for the NTT IndyCar Series.”

“It’s like me getting the [Indy 500 ] pole and then trying to win the Masters in golf. I’d be so far down, it’d be just ridiculous,” Dixon continued. “So I think what’s really impressed me is just his progression from weekend to weekend and the things that he picks up on it. He’s always asking questions. Just his will to learn is so big.”

For their part, Johnson’s other teammates, 2004 IndyCar champion Tony Kanaan, Alex Palou, and Marcus Ericsson all gave Johnson an “A” grade for how he’s performed and progressed thus far.

“Honestly, I think what Jimmie did, to have the courage to jump on after so many years in NASCAR, I’ll grade him an A,” Kanaan said. “Not a lot of guys in his situation and his status – when he’s had seven championships – will put themselves in that position. It’s not easy.”

Even after winning the 2021 IndyCar season opener, Palou admitted that he’s even still starstruck by the fact that a world class, motorsports legend is his teammate.

“It’s crazy to think that I am teammates with Jimmie Johnson,” Palou said. “It’s been super fun having such a champion with us. It’s true that it’s a new world for him. But he’s a champion. We learn a lot from him, especially the way he works, the way he describes the car.”

“I would give him an A, to be honest,” he continued. “It’s super hard. I don’t see myself going to NASCAR after doing 20 years in IndyCar and being able not to be last.”

Needless to say, Jimmie Johnson is making a massive impact on IndyCar in his rookie season.

He’s obviously not dominating IndyCar in the way he dominated NASCAR, but that was also never anywhere close to a reasonable expectation for anyone making such a colossal transition, much less someone who’s 45-years-old.

But at the same time, as the other Ganassi drivers’ quotes show, Jimmie Johnson is Jimmie Johnson for a reason – he’s just built differently.

The generational talent and work ethic that made him NASCAR’s GOAT and one of the best wheelmen the world has ever seen will – with time – propel him up a mountain few, if any, other drivers would even consider attempting to climb.

And while he does just that, we all get the pleasure of continuing to witness a level of greatness that will be talked about for generations on full display.

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Legendary quarterback Joe Theismann didn’t hold back any punches about Aaron Rodgers


Joe Theismann is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

That’s why many were eager to hear what he had to say about Aaron Rodgers’ situation in Green Bay.

And the legendary quarterback Joe Theismann didn’t hold back any punches about Aaron Rodgers.

Joe Theismann was a stud on the football field.

He logged over 25,000 passing yards for the Washington Redskins and led them to two Super Bowl appearances while earning one Super Bowl ring.

Theismann later became a regular on sports news with his over-the-top commentary on current events in the NFL.

That’s why everyone was eager to hear about his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’s situation in Green Bay.

While on Fox Business’ Varney & Co., Theismann was asked about the situation and he stated, “It is a feud.”

He continued:

It started two years ago when the Packers traded up for Jordan Love, the young quarterback out of Utah State, I believe. Aaron wasn’t happy. He felt like the football team needed something else and didn’t get it. Now he goes out and becomes and MVP and basically what he says to the Green Bay Packers is, ‘Look you traded up for the young man, now he’s yours. How about letting me go?

He then stated the obvious saying that “I think Aaron Rodgers is underpaid, certainly underappreciated, for what he’s been able to do.”

The big question this summer for the NFL is going to be where does Aaron Rodgers end up.

Someone of Aaron Rodgers’ talent could land the starting job at quarterback in 30 teams in the league.

But time will tell to see what happens with the legendary gun slinger.

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