Cleveland Cavaliers star was hit with a drug test from the incredulous league after his blockbuster night


It started off as a euphoric showing but that didn’t last long.

Given what appeared to be a super-human accumulation of points, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

And a Cleveland Cavaliers star was hit with a drug test from the incredulous league after his blockbuster night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell racked up a 71-point performance on Monday Night.

But it came with a cost.

The star was hit with a performance-enhancing drug test on Tuesday, according to Mitchell’s Twitter account.

Drug tests aren’t unusual for players in the league and on average they can expect to be randomly tested four times during a season.

This didn’t have the appearance of being random, though.

Even though Mitchell offered no proof otherwise, he found the occurrence to be suspect and it seems, funny.

Mitchell’s record 71-points was instrumental in leading the Cavaliers back from a 21-point deficit to overtake the Chicago Bulls in overtime during Monday Night’s game.

This was the eighth-highest scoring game in league history, and the most scored by anyone this season.

Mitchell said, “It’s humbling. I’m speechless to be honest with you when you say that. I think for me, not only did I do that but I did it in an effort where we came back and won. And it’s how we won. That’s really what, for me, it’s like man, this is nuts . . . I’m extremely blessed, humbled that I’m in that company, in that group.”

But according to the NBA, Donovan’s 71-points should never have happened because Mitchell stepped into the foul lane early.

This should have voided his basket and given the Bulls the win.

Bulls coach Billy Donovan said after the game, “One, it’s a clear violation. Unequivocally, he’s crossing the line on the basket before the ball ever touches the rim. That’s the first thing . . . And he just shot it and really kind of beat Patrick. And I think part of the reason why he beat Patrick is because he went in there too early.”

But since it wasn’t called at the time, nothing can be done about it.

Mitchell certainly had a good night, but unfortunately his strong performance will have asterisks next to it in the record books.

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RG3 got the best news of his life live on-air during the Fiesta Bowl and you have to see his reaction

It’s hard for some to believe.

But there are a lot of things that are bigger than football.

And RG3 got the best news of his life live on-air during the Fiesta Bowl and you have to see his reaction.

This time of year is the best-of-the-best for many football fans.

You have teams vying to get in the NFL playoffs and fighting to make their season a success.

Then, in college football, you have the top of the top teams playing each other in the big bowl games.

And then coming up very shortly we’ll have the National Championship, which will be a fun game to watch between Georgia and TCU.

But Americans, now more than ever, are enthralled with football, it’s hard for many to believe that there’s more to life than just what happens on the gridiron.

Well, RG3 found out live on-air that football comes second to family.

RG3 has made a name for himself on ESPN as an outspoken football commentator.

And this past week RG3 was put on the sideline of the Michigan versus TCU game to provide commentary.

But while heading into the third quarter, RG3 got news he never would have expected.

Live on-air the former NFL great took a phone call from his wife.

His co-hosts were in shock that he had his headset off and were questioning what was going on when RG3 made the big announcement.

His wife was in labor.

You could see the joy of life upon his face.

So once he got congratulated by his co-host, RG3 booked it off the field with the cameraman trying to catch up behind him.

That’s something you won’t see again during a game.

But what makes the story even more interesting is that it was actually a false call.

His wife had false labor, so RG3 rushed home and probably lost some money from ESPN on a false alarm.

But at least the experience brings life into perspective as many things are bigger than the kids’ sport of football.

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TCU just broke the Internet with the best victory video montage and roast of Michigan you will ever see

Texas Christian University shocked the college football world this past weekend as they defeated Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl.

But that wasn’t the only win for TCU.

And TCU just broke the Internet with the best victory video montage and roast of Michigan you will ever see.

Heading into the semi-finals of college football, very few people were calling for Texas Christian University to even have a chance against the Michigan Wolverines.

Michigan looked dominant throughout the year as they walked through the Big Ten.

And Texas Christian University just came off of a disappointing loss in the Big 12 championship.

So all the hype around TCU had diminished and the University of Michigan had all the momentum heading into the Fiesta Bowl.

Well, come to find out, the Fiesta Bowl was a fistfight.

TCU proved themselves to the nation to be a true championship-contending team in college football.

And throughout the Fiesta Bowl, they slugged it out punch-by-punch against one of the biggest programs in the nation.

And thanks to an awful snap by the University of Michigan in the final seconds of the game, TCU was able to pull off the upset to the shock of many.

But that wasn’t the only win TCU got from the Fiesta Bowl.

The Texas Christian University football Twitter page was going insane.

And after the win they posted a video that dunked on everyone who didn’t believe in TCU.

You just have to see the video to believe it.

This video would fit right in with the old Pepe the Frog videos that we had during the 2016 Presidential election.

And that’s what makes this video so glorious.

They dunked on the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, and Barstool’s President Dave Portnoy to the point where they may never recover.

We need to see more of this in college football.

Maybe if there were more Pepe the Frog-style videos more people would watch college football.

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Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy’s dad could be heading to jail for what he did to J.J.’s girlfriend

We all know that some beers can muddy your decision making and your vision.

But there is no excuse for what J.J. McCarthy’s Dad just did.

And now Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy’s dad could be heading to jail for what he did to JJ’s girlfriend.

There are a lot of things that can mess with someone’s mind and decision-making process.

And one of the biggest enemies of logical thought is beer.

Just look back at history.

The Japs took some shots of sake before they attacked the United States through the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Not the smartest move as it didn’t turn out great for them in the long run.

Line up beer after beer with a night out with your buddies and it might end with you in bed with a sixty-year-old dried-up hooker.

It’s just something about beer that clouds the mind and blurs the eyes.

That’s why so many idiots at sporting events do dumb things.

After a few beers it doesn’t take much to push their idiocy into action.

Just look at all Bills fans.

Well, some have tried to use beer as an excuse for what J.J. McCarthy’s Dad did during Saturday’s game.

But a man can drink all the beers in the world and that wouldn’t excuse his actions during the Fiesta Bowl.

While J.J. McCarthy was making some lucky plays on the field to give Michigan a fighting chance to advance to the Championship game, his dad was trying to get lucky in the stands with his son’s girlfriend.

After scoring a touchdown Mr. McCarthy took his shot at J.J.’s girlfriend as he rubbed her butt with his finger then smacked it for the whole nation to see.

You can just tell by the video how thirsty the guy was.

Now how much worse can it get for J.J. McCarthy and his girlfriend?

Not only did he have to suffer through a humiliating loss in the Fiesta Bowl to TCU but now he’s taking the L from his Dad.

Hopefully his Dad’s Urban Meyer moment won’t hurt his family too much.

But we all know that if we did that to a girl we would be slapped and charged with assault and rightfully so.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

One mom ruined everyone’s New Year’s Eve with what she did during the Georgia-Ohio State Bowl Game

Sometimes, all a dude wants to do is just sit back, relax, and watch a game.

But one family learned the hard way that this doesn’t always settle well with the head woman of the house.

And one mom ruined everyone’s New Year’s Eve with what she did during the Georgia-Ohio State Bowl Game.

To the disbelief of many women, men really don’t want much in life.

Give a man a beer, a couch, and a TV and he can entertain himself for days.

That’s one reason why sports go so well with men.

They don’t have to participate in the action to have some fun.

All they have to do is sit their fat butt down, crack open a cold one, and they’re enjoying the game as much as the athletes.

But oftentimes the joy that men have for sports does not align with the needs of women.

Oftentimes, all women want to do is badger them about their feelings.

And throughout the history of mankind, men have had to suffer through awful situations time and time again.

Sometimes a woman has to assert herself and get what she wants even though it pisses off everyone in the room.

And one family learned this the hard way on New Year’s Eve.

The Peach Bowl over the weekend was a game to remember.

Ohio State and Georgia were duking it out play after play.

Rarely do you get a primetime bowl game with so much action as the scoring went back and forth the whole game.

And thankfully for fans, the game literally came down to the wire.

But in a situation you couldn’t ever makeup, Ohio State had to make a field goal to win the game right during the New Year’s ball drop.

If they make the field goal, they win.

If they miss, their season is over.

As the game suspense built up with everything coming down to this one play, one mom took control of the TV remote.

And while her family and guests were trying to watch the end of the epic game, she flipped the channel to watch the ball drop.

The family and guests were going nuts, but they learned the hard way that mom always gets what she wants.

And as the mom had her fifteen seconds of enjoyment to watch the ball drop, the crowd finally got their way and the game was turned back on only to learn that it was over without even seeing the play.

What a great way to start 2023!

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A household name in the NFL is making the news today for being a true hero and saving lives


We always hear about National Football League players doing good things on the field.

Though more often it seems we hear about them doing bad things off the field.

But now a household name in the NFL is making the news today for being a true hero and saving lives.

Being an NFL player comes with a level of exposure and press attention that the average person couldn’t even dream of.

Especially if you are a starter – odds are you’ll be on ESPN or some other sports channel for either doing something good or bad during the game.

But we’ve also seen story after story of NFL players just making awful choices off the field.

There’s a reason why there are so many felons in the NFL.

The average player just can’t seem to make good choices when they’re not on the gridiron.

That’s what makes this story so special.

You never hear about players doing good things off the field.

But quarterback Blaine Gabbert for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is making headlines today for the lives that he saved.

Last week a family was taking a tour of the scenic Tampa Bay area beaches from a helicopter when all of a sudden the helicopter started to malfunction.

The pilot was able to pull off a safe water landing, but time was short to get the family and the pilot to safety.

Thankfully, Blaine Gabbert lives right off the coast from where the helicopter crash landed.

And thankfully for those on board, Gabbert was one of the first people to respond to the crash with his jet ski.

And Gabbert, along with others, successfully helped the family and pilot make it back to shore safely.

We need more stories like this in the NFL.

And fewer stories about drug deals and wife beating and more stories about lives being saved by NFL players.

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The Tennessee Titans will never recover after getting roasted by Prime Thursday Night football


The Tennessee Titans had a rough Thursday night when they got whooped by the Dallas Cowboys.

But the Titans weren’t just humiliated by the Cowboys during the game.

And the Tennessee Titans will never recover after getting roasted by Prime Thursday Night football.

The Titans so far this year have been an up and down team.

One week they look like an AFC Championship contender with Derrick Henry running people over like a bulldozer.

And then the next week they look like one of the worst teams in the NFL.

And a lot of that has to do with the number of injuries they have sustained this season.

For the Titans, it seems like every week a major player is getting hurt and benched for weeks.

That just comes with the style of game they play with the ground and pound offense.

Well, Amazon had a little bit of fun with it during Thursday Night Football with the Titans’ demise.

This past Thursday, the Tennessee Titans were really banged up when they played the Dallas Cowboys.

And even though the Tennessee Titans kept it close for most of the game, they ended up losing to the Dallas Cowboys, which is always a horrible night for any team.

But as it turned out, the worst part of their night wasn’t losing to the Dallas Cowboys, but rather from Amazon.

During the game, the Amazon broadcast team put up a graphic of the Titans’ injured players in crutches and wheelchairs.

It’s one of the funniest things you’ll see coming from an NFL broadcast.

Some people who get offended at everything took offense to the graphic saying they were making fun of people with disabilities.

But at the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, that graphic is funny as hell and is one hell of a roast on the Tennessee Titans.

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Terrell Owens could make a comeback in the NFL and you won’t believe what team he’s considering


The age of players competing in the NFL just keeps getting older and older.

But if Terrell Owens comes back, he will be one of the oldest NFL players to ever be in the league.

That’s right – Terrell Owens could make a comeback in the NFL and you won’t believe what team he’s considering.

There is something wrong with our society’s older generations.

Usually, generations have their fun then step aside and let the next generation step up to the plate and take the mantle of running the show.

But someone must have forgotten to tell Baby Boomers or Generation X this is how it’s done.

Just think about it.

Freakin’ Mick Jagger with the Rolling Stones is still going on tour at the age of 79.

And in politics, we literally have Senators and members of Congress pushing 90 years old.

But the same goes for football.

Tom Brady is 45 years old and no signs of retirement are in the future for the old geezer.

But it looks like Tom Brady might not be the oldest member of the NFL if this legend rejoins the league.

Terrell Owens used to be a stud wide receiver in the NFL.

The man was a touchdown-catching machine with over 150 touchdowns in his career.

But Terrell Owens has been out of the league for nearly twelve years now.

And he even became an NFL Hall of Famer in 2018.

But his age, time out of the NFL, and Hall of Fame status aren’t keeping him from trying to make a run back into the league.

According to TO’s agent, Gregory D.L. Daniel, Owens is “in constant communication with Jerry Jones’ office over the last few days about the possibility of him returning to the Cowboys. Terrell is ready to contribute and play any role, big or small. He’s in outstanding shape. He looks no different than he did years ago. I watched him running routes full-speed with DeSean [Jackson] and he looked great. He didn’t drop a pass.”

After the Cowboys signed the fossil T.Y. Hilton, no one would really be in shock if they signed TO to the team too.

But for now it looks like the deal to get TO playing again is in limbo as Jerry Jones is playing hardball with his money.

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This future Hall of Famer announced he’s hanging up his cleats for good in a sad day for fans


His departure will leave big shoes to fill and he will certainly be missed by the fans.

But on the upside, after this season’s record he’ll be going out with his head held high.

And this future Hall of Famer announced he’s hanging up his cleats for good in a sad day for fans.

Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt has made it official.

He has announced his retirement, which will happen at the end of the 2022 season.

In a tweet, Watt wrote, “Koa’s first ever NFL game. My last ever NFL home game. My heart is filled with nothing but love and gratitude. It’s been an absolute honor and a pleasure.”

Watt, at age 33, is finishing up a good season with a stat line of 9.5 sacks, 14 tackles for loss, in addition to 33 tackles.

According to, Watt has played 12 seasons in the National Football League, with 107.5 sacks total and 514 tackles, 387 of which were solo.

Watt has earned three Defensive Player of the Year awards, as well as the 2017 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

Andrew Powell of the Daily Caller wrote, “Watt could keep playing if he wanted to, he’s still elite. Maybe he just wants to preserve his body, and I’m not going to knock him for that, but it’s still sad to see him go.”

But it turns out he’s hardly alone in that sentiment.

When speaking of his retirement plans to reporters, Watt said, “I knew it would be crazy” but one reaction really took the cake.

Watt told reporters, “I’m scrolling through it and there’s this number that I don’t recognize that FaceTimes me. So, I’m like, ‘I’m not going to answer a FaceTime I don’t know.’ So, I just let it go to voicemail, and then I get a text from that number. And it’s a voice memo. I’m like, ‘Who is this number?’ So, I play the voice memo, and it’s – I wish I could play it so bad. I wish so bad. A picture comes through, and it’s Jesse Luketa, our rookie outside linebacker, and he has cotton balls in both of his cheeks. He just got his wisdom teeth out.”

The Cardinals star then got the funny voice memo and decided to post it to Twitter.

In the end, the funny call turned out to be a moment of levity in the wake of the bittersweet retirement news.

Given his career stats, Watt will certainly be inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 2028, likely becoming the first Houston Texan inducted into the Hall.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Leave it to the worst NFL franchise to fight its former players over what could be the worst mascot in the league


If you want to feel true heartbreak and despair, become a Washington Commanders fan.

The franchise has been screwing over their fanbase for decades now.

And leave it to the worst NFL franchise to fight its former players over what could be the worst mascot in the league.

Every major sports league has its joke of a franchise that everyone picks on.

For Major League Baseball it’s usually the Cleveland Guardians or a team like the Baltimore Orioles.

Only a joke of a franchise would change its name from the classic “Indians” to “Guardians” to pacify the woke mob.

For the NBA, the joke of a team is whatever team LeBron James is on because they just automatically suck with him on the court.

But in the NFL, the joke of the league is the Washington Commies.

The team just can’t get anything right off the field.

Even if they have success on the gridiron, their front office just does something stupid to overshadow the team’s success.

Just look at what they have done over the past couple of years.

The Washington Redskins became the Washington Football Team after literally no one of importance got offended by the former legendary name.

The Football Team then became the Commanders, which are also known as the Commies by many.

And with the worst name in the National Football League’s history they even dropped their infamous jerseys and color schemes for the most basic and generic colors imaginable.

But the embarrassments continue for the Washington Commies.

Now they want a mascot to go with their lousy name and awful jerseys.

And right now, all signs are pointing to the Washington Commies selecting a hog as their mascot.

But there is one little problem with having a hog as their mascot.

A group of former Washington Commies players already trademarked the hog mascot.

The hog mascot was trademarked by former players Joe Jacoby, Mark May, John Riggins, Fred Dean, and Doc Walker, who have formed the O-Line Entertainment LLC. to hold the hog mascot trademark.

And O-Line Entertainment isn’t holding back any punches on their former team as their attorney has already told the press that “If they go forward on Sunday and make the hog their mascot and try to trademark it, we are going to be forced into trademark infringement litigation.”

How much worse can it get for the Washington Commies?

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