This legendary college football coach just enthusiastically endorsed President Trump for three reasons


Nearly every week, pro-athletes and sports elites bash President Trump.

And even if they do support President Trump, very few are willing to risk their career by showing support for Trump.

But this legendary football coach just enthusiastically endorsed President Trump for three reasons.

In a world where Americans just want to watch sports, there seems to be a political message always glaring at fans in the face during games and player interviews.

And outside the bubble of sports, many athletes and sports elites make clear their hatred for Trump.

Just look at LeBron James who has repeatedly attacked President Trump throughout his Presidency.

Who can forget his attack on President Trump and his supporters back in 2017 when he tweeted, “Hate has always existed in America. Yes we know that but Donald Trump just made it fashionable again!”

Maybe comments like this explain why viewership among the NBA and NFL are worse off than an NFC East team’s record.

But thankfully, there are those in the professional sports realm that actually are fans of the President.

And just this past week, legendary college football coach Lou Holtz endorsed President Trump.

At a campaign event this past Friday with the President’s son, Don Jr., Lou Holtz was asked why he was there to support President Trump.

Coach Holtz responded, “I’m just one of these old fashioned people. I’m an old person. It doesn’t mean much to me, but I’m doing this for my children, my grandchildren, their future and it’s something I believe.”

Coach Holtz says what many of us are thinking.

And in a sports world filled with Trump haters like LeBron James, Americans (and frankly professional sports – to save their ratings) need more leaders like Lou Holtz who speak for the average American.

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This NFL team let fans back in the stands. One video showed why it was a big mistake


The NFL is in the middle of its most difficult season in league history.

Fans are fleeing the game as players protesting the national anthem took center stage.

And now this NFL team let fans back in the stands. One video showed why it was a big mistake.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are known as a rough lot.

During a December 1968 game, Eagles fans famously pelted a man dressed as Santa Claus with snowballs.

In 1999, Eagles fans disgracefully cheered a career-ending neck injury to Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Michael Irvin.

Even the Eagles’ own players were not spared.

When the team hired current head coach Doug Pederson in 2016, Pederson admitted that in 1999 when he was the starting quarterback, fans threw D batteries at him because they wanted rookie first round draft pick Donovan McNabb to play instead.

So it should not have been surprising that on Sunday, when Eagles fans were allowed back in Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles game against the Baltimore Ravens, the fans’ conduct attracted just as much attention as the Ravens’ 30 to 28 victory.

During the game, a viral video on social media that racked up nearly two million views showed Eagles fans fighting with Ravens fans in the stands.

2020 and the coronavirus pandemic upended every aspect of American life.

Activities and behaviors Americans once took for granted are restricted or outright banned.

But a video of Eagles fans fighting in the stands is the first real sign that American life is returning to normal.

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This top finance expert says ESPN is in major trouble after one big move


Leftists have made it their mission to ruin sports by pushing for more political messaging.

Fans looking for escapism are being bombarded with politics whenever they turn on sports.

Now this top finance expert said ESPN is in major trouble after one big move.

Disney just made a huge announcement that could spell doom for their subsidiary, ESPN.

The entertainment giant said via released statement:

“The company’s three content groups (Studios, General Entertainment and Sports) will be responsible and accountable for producing and delivering content for theatrical, linear and streaming, with the primary focus being the company’s streaming services.”

While that statement sounds harmless enough, Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money said, “I think it’s really about getting rid of ESPN . . . There is a belief we’re saturated in sports . . . that ESPN is no longer integral.”

ESPN has experienced massive layoffs throughout the years, and they’re reportedly in the process of firing hundreds more.

The sports trailblazer seems to be in a bad way financially.

Cramer continued, “ESPN used to be this unbelievable thing, and now it’s just a really expensive thing they are having trouble monetizing. ESPN is no longer the precious place that it once was.”

There have been rumors for years that Disney has been underwhelming by ESPN’s performance, so dropping the “worldwide leader in sports” could become a reality.

With more people “cutting the cord” and switching to streaming services, networks across the board have been hit by a loss of subscribers; ESPN alone has gone from 100 million subscribers in 2010 to 80 million currently.

The problem is compounded for ESPN because they have the highest subscription fee at $10 per month.

The loss of 20 million subscribers means lost revenue of $200 million per month.

On top of that, it costs the network considerable money to acquire the rights to air live sports.

That’s where “woke” politics has really hurt business.

It’s become harder for Disney to justify ESPN bleeding money when wokeness has caused a massive dip in ratings.

Viewership for the entire NBA playoffs was abysmal, and fans aren’t enthused by ESPN’s woke on-air personalities.

ESPN reporter Malika Andrews was literally crying on television over Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement that no murder charges would be brought against the officers in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

That is not a good look for a network that has been accused of being too political.

If things don’t turn around for ESPN, the network could be left out in the cold.

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ESPN’s Max Kellerman took a cheap shot at Donald Trump during this bizarre rant


ESPN is the “wokest” sports network on television.

Their commentators regularly offer spicy hot takes on politics instead of sticking to sports.

And the latest example came when ESPN’s Max Kellerman took a cheap shot at Donald Trump during this bizarre rant.

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban recently tested positive for coronavirus.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman decided that was his “in” to go on a bizarre rant that included calling the President “overweight” and falsely claiming that only the famous and wealthy survive a fight with the coronavirus.

“Nick Saban looks in pretty good shape,” the Trump-hating Kellerman said on Thursday.

“But if you are famous and rich, and you get a certain level of care,” he said, adding, “The president, who’s also overweight, gets cutting-edge care, and makes it through. But that’s not most people, who can afford to or have access to the kind of care Nick Saban will have access to.”

Breitbart notes, “In all the coronavirus coverage, no reports claim that people are dying because they can’t afford the “cutting-edge care” that it takes to cure them. Care for the coronavirus is no more expensive than any other viral illness or general hospital stay. Kellerman’s claim that regular folks are dying because of the expense of care for the coronavirus has no basis in fact.”

In ESPN’s wide world of “woke” sports, Max Kellerman is the wokest.

He’s also no stranger to bizarre and unfounded claims, like when he said a few weeks ago that the violent riots in American cities this year were started by “extremist, right-wing agitators.”

Considering ESPN’s ratings are in the gutter and the network is on the verge of potentially cutting 700 employees, perhaps Kellerman should be one of the first on-air talents they look to part ways with.

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This former Fox News host just pointed out the worst mistake LeBron James ever made


LeBron James wants to be both an anti-Trump political activist and the face of the NBA.

James is learning that is much harder task than he initially believed.

And this former Fox News host just pointed out the worst mistake LeBron James ever made.

On the latest episode of his No Spin News, O’Reilly blasted LeBron James for ruining the NBA and making it less popular than before.

“The fifth game went from 18 million viewers last year to 5.7 this year,” O’Reilly stated. “Why? Because Black Lives Matter [and] political slogans.”

“Do we want it during the game? Obviously, not,” O’Reilly added.

O’Reilly compared LeBron James to American hating quarterback Colin Kaepernick whose poisonous influence on the NFL led to a rash of protests that tanked the league’s ratings and who league officials and their broadcast partners are now eager to pretend never existed.

Even far-left NBA Commissioner Adam Silver agreed with O’Reilly and retreated from the league’s out front stance on cultural Marxism.

Silver told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that the league would not paint Black Lives Matter on the court next year and players would no longer wear social justice messages on the back of their jerseys.

The NBA Commissioner reasoned that some fans may agree with the league’s political message, but that they just want to watch a game to escape the daily grind of American politics.

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Famous sports broadcaster told the NBA how they destroyed their business in four words


The NBA is having a serious crisis moment.

The Finals just concluded and nobody was watching.

And one famous sports broadcaster told the NBA how they destroyed their business in four words.

Bob Costas has covered a variety of sports for several decades, mostly on NBC.

He, like others, has taken note of the NBA’s historic implosion in such a short amount of time.

The decisive game six of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat only drew 6 million viewers, a near 70% drop from last year’s game six between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors.

And Costas has a clear reason why.

In an interview with Outkick, Costas said:

“It doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum . . . it’s just a fact that there is alienation over having this (social justice messaging) thrust in everyone’s face every time you just want to watch a game. I’m not saying that to take a stand; that’s just the reality. This is also a business.’’

Costas is 100% correct.

Fans don’t want to be lectured to about politics when they’re looking for a distraction, especially not from athletes who are almost universally ill-informed on politics.

A recent study showed that only 20% of NBA players are registered to vote, so it’s unlikely they’re well-versed on a number of issues.

Costas continued:

“But another question I think is relevant is this: If you’re going to permit social justice messages – which I am not opposed to – let’s look at this with a clear eye (and not say) which of these messages we agree and disagree with.’’

Costas again makes a good point.

NBA players were given a list of messages they were allowed to wear on their jerseys, and all of them had a left-wing bias.

Pre-approved slogans included “Black Lives Matter,” “Education Reform,” and “Group Economics.”

Nobody was allowed to wear “Don’t Tread on Me,” “Choose Life,” or “Make America Great Again” on their jerseys.

More controversially, “Free Hong Kong” was initially barred from being printed on custom jerseys at the NBA Store.

Costas believes that the NBA needs to get back to being about basketball and not political advocacy.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has already suggested the social justice messaging will not continue next season, but the league has already dug themselves a deep hole.

Now the NBA is learning the hard way: Get woke, go broke.

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The New Orleans Saints may be looking to play in a new city after this decision


So long, New Orleans?

The Saints desperately want to play home games this year in front of fans wearing black and gold.

Now the spokesman says the New Orleans Saints may be looking to play in a new city after this decision.

Callin’ Baton Rouge . . .

According to the New Orleans Saints spokesman, the team is in talks with LSU to play home games at LSU’s Tiger Stadium after the city of New Orleans hasn’t given their approval for fans to attend games at the Superdome.

“Our game operations staff is meeting with LSU officials today to discuss potentially hosting future Saints home games at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge,” Bensel said. “LSU has been gracious and enthusiastic regarding hosting our future games and we very much appreciate their partnership. We have also discussed the possibility of moving our home games to LSU with the NFL and they are aware of our exploring this option. Obviously, our overwhelming preference is to play our games in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with partial fan attendance but there has been no indication from the city on when, or if, this might be approved.”

While the New Orleans Saints have played home games at LSU before, it’s not been since the 2005 season when the Superdome was severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina.

That year, the Saints played four “home” games in Tigers Stadium, three in San Antonio, and one in New York.

USA Today noted the Saints lost all four games in Tiger Stadium that year.

With five home games left to go, there’s still time to break that dismal record.

After a mediocre 2 and 2 start, anything could happen.

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The NFL just made this big cancellation announcement


Ever since the National Football League announced its intention to play a full season, fans walked on eggshells hoping the coronavirus did not interrupt those plans.

But it did.

And now the NFL just made this big cancellation announcement.

The Pro Bowl has become a problem child for the NFL.

Ratings declined over the years as fans lost interest in an all-star game where players’ number one concern was not getting hurt.

The MLB, NHL, and NBA all play their all-star showcases in midseason and, while those games do not resemble regular contests, the players at least put on a show.

Not so much in the NFL where players barely try and don’t even need to be tackled to be considered down.

Now, in the age of the coronavirus, the league scrapped the game all together and will be “reimagined.”

Pro Football Talk reports:

The Pro Bowl is the latest event to be canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NFL announced today that this season’s Pro Bowl, which had been scheduled for January 31, 2021, will not be played.

The league isn’t officially calling it a cancelation but a “reimagining” of the Pro Bowl. Pro Bowl rosters will still be voted upon by fans, players and coaches, and virtual activities will recognize the game’s biggest stars. But whatever word you want to use for it, the Pro Bowl will not be played.

Most football fans wouldn’t care if the league canceled the game for good.

The only interest in the pro bowl nowadays largely comes from gamblers who want to bet the spread on one last pro football game before the league goes into its offseason.

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Mike Tyson gave one interview that left everyone’s jaw on the floor


“Iron” Mike Tyson’s return to the ring might’ve just hit a setback.

The boxing legend was set to fight this fall, but plans were dashed due to the coronavirus.

But Tyson just gave one interview that left everyone’s jaw on the floor.

Mike Tyson is training to fight former light heavyweight star Roy Jones Jr. in an epic comeback fight for both former champions.

Both men are in their 50s, but they’re both taking the fight seriously and training ferociously.

Fans are expecting fireworks, but one deeply concerning Tyson interview left fans wondering if they’ll see a dud instead.

Tyson appeared on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Sussana Reid, and needless to say, he did not look or sound well.

Tyson slurred his words and struggled to keep his head up, spurring speculation that he’s not mentally fit to step into the ring.

Tyson certainly wouldn’t be the first to become “punch-drunk” after years of high-level combat.

However, Tyson allayed concerns by explaining to people that he was dog-tired before he conducted the interview.

Tyson is training in Los Angeles and London is eight hours ahead, so that certainly could explain why Tyson was falling asleep during the interview.

Boxing fans are excited for the Tyson-Jones fight in part because the heavyweight division has lacked starpower for a long time.

The Klitschko brothers dominated a subpar division for over a decade.

However, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Anthony Joshua have breathed some life back into the heavyweight class.

But Fury and Wilder called off their much anticipated trilogy fight, so fans will have to settle for two legends – Tyson and Jones – to entertain them in the meantime.

As concerning as the Good Morning Britain interview was, in fairness to Iron Mike, it was probably the 12th most controversial interview he’s ever given.

He didn’t curse out any reporters or threaten to eat his opponent’s children.

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Megyn Kelly got one NBA owner to admit something that will leave you red with rage


No sports league embraced “woke” politics more than the NBA.

And no league paid a bigger price in terms of fan backlash.

Now Megyn Kelly got one NBA owner to admit something that will leave you red with rage.

NBA players and owners jump at any chance to condemn Donald Trump, the police, and smear America as a racist nation.

But last fall, the NBA was exposed as hypocrites when Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted in support of a free Hong Kong, which angered the Communist Chinese government.

Morey deleted the Tweet and all the political big mouths like LeBron James, Steve Kerr, and Gregg Popovich clammed up and claimed not to know anything about the communist Chinese crackdown in Hong Kong, which turned the country from a free state to a puppet regime for the communists.

The NBA later called Morey’s Tweet “regrettable.”

Megyn Kelly interviewed outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on her podcast and pressed Cuban on the NBA’s slavish devotion to Communist China and wondered if the league sold its soul.

Kelly specifically mentioned the Communists keeping 1.5 million Muslims in concentration camps and reports that the Communist Chinese government sterilized them in an act of ethnic cleansing.

“Why would the NBA take $500 million dollars-plus from a country that is engaging in ethnic cleansing?” Kelly asked Cuban.

“So basically, you’re saying nobody should do business with China ever,” Cuban answered.

Kelly wondered why Cuban kept deflecting the question about China.

Cuban admitted that the NBA’s only concern with China was access to the one billion person Chinese market and the $500 million per year in blood money the Chinese Communists pay the NBA.

“Because they are a customer,” Cuban shot back. “They are a customer of ours, and guess what, Megyn? I’m OK with doing business with China. And so we have to pick our battles. I wish we could solve all the world’s problems. But we can’t.”

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