UFC Welterweight Jorge Masvidal just delivered a message that left Biden shaking in his boots


It’s no secret Democrats take minority voters for granted.

But aside from blatant pandering and promises of “free” stuff, their policies never end up helping out the communities they claim to represent.

And UFC Welterweight Jorge Masvidal just delivered a message that left Biden shaking in his boots.

On a tour stop in Florida for the “Fighters Against Socialism” bus tour organized by Donald Trump Jr., Masvidal tore into Democrats for their socialist schemes that will “destroy” America.

“I’m going to let you in on something. The Democrats just think that they are entitled to the Latino vote. They think that we just have to hand it over to them,” Masvidal, whose father escaped Cuba on a self-made raft — told a crowd of Trump supporters on Monday.

At the the crowd booed in response, leading to Masvidal tacking on, “That’s right, we sure as hell don’t.”

“We’re not going to buy the same false promises that destroyed great countries like Venezuela and Cuba,” Masvidal continued.

“You know what else is not going to work for them?” Masvidal added. “Playing ‘Despacito’ on your cell phone to pander to us. You got to give us some credit for having heads on our shoulders.”

Masvidal was referring to Biden’s sad attempt to win favor with Hispanics by playing the popular song by Puerto Rican duo Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee on his cell phone.

The fighter went on to warn voters, “You either reelect President Trump and keep America great, or we let Joe Biden will destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen.”

“Since I was about knee-high,” Masvidal warned, “I’ve been hearing about the horrors of communism and socialism. We either reelect president Trump and keep America great again, or we let Joe Biden and the radical left take us down the slippery slopes of socialism and misery.”

Launching into a sports analogy at the end, Masvidal compared Donald Trump to a winning head coach, saying before the pandemic “we were sinning Super Bowls. And when you’re winning Super Bowls you don’t fire the coach.[…]You sure as hell don’t replace him with another coach who has been in the business for 47 years at every level and has never won a fu**ing game.”

Tough words and a stern warning from the UFC fighter.

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These NFL broadcasters were forced into an awkward situation during the 49ers game


The coronavirus has caused a major disruption to all aspects of American life.

Professional sports leagues like the NFL have certainly not been immune from the pandemic’s impact.

But these NFL broadcasters were forced into an awkward situation during the 49ers game over one city’s outrageous policies.

Despite sinking ratings due to over-the-top political messaging, the NFL had handled the coronavirus as well as to be expected under the given constraints.

There were minimal positive tests or outbreaks during the off-season.

But the NFL has now had to deal with a spate of positive tests that have caused postponements and major schedule reshuffling.

The NFL is even playing a weekday afternoon game and a Tuesday evening game.

Now even the broadcasters are being subjected to strict COVID-19 procedures.

Officials in Santa Clara, California, where the San Francisco 49ers play home games, have decreed that the announcers in the booth not only must wear masks during the broadcast but also must have a glass divider between them.

The glass divider was added one week after the announcing team of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were forced to wear masks while calling the 49ers’ previous home game.

Both Michaels and Collinsworth made subtle jabs at the ridiculous edict.

The announcers are tested regularly and have no symptoms of any kind, but the pro-lockdown coronavirus fear-mongers demand total compliance.

Masks and glass dividers have become political symbols more so than actual preventative measures.

Health officials aren’t even unified on the efficacy of wearing masks.

Some even argue that face coverings can do more harm than good.

But the mask is no longer solely about “science.”

Santa Clara sits in the Bay Area, one of the bluest locales in arguably the bluest state.

It’s no surprise pro-lockdown officials in that city would enforce an unnecessary ordinance, but the hysteria is now spreading to other pockets of the country.

Several officials have called for people not wearing masks to be thrown in jail, and even one argued that people who don’t wear masks should be charged with attempted murder.

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LeBron James could not believe the bad news he got about his anti-Trump protest


Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is the poster child for the modern “woke” athlete.

But this political activism comes at a steep price.

And LeBron James could not believe the bad news he got about his anti-Trump protest.

When the NBA put “Black Lives Matter” on the court and social justice messages on the back of players’ jerseys, the real target of this protest was Donald Trump.

And no player wanted to use the NBA’s platform to protest the President more than LeBron James.

James started a group that offered to pay the fines of black and Hispanic felons in Florida so they could vote for Joe Biden in that key state.

And James was one of the biggest names pushing NBA owners to open their arenas as polling places for Election Day.

But this activism came at a price for the NBA.

Game Six of the NBA finals where the Lakers clinched the championship over the Miami Heat drew a paltry six million viewers which represented a nearly 70 percent drop from last year’s Game Six between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors.

Breitbart reports:

On a night when the NBA broadcast its most important game, you would think that the league would own the night. That, once again, turned out to not be the case.

The viewership numbers for the sixth and final game of the NBA Finals are in, and they are atrocious. Game 6 drew, at its peak, 6.028 million viewers. To put that in perspective, Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, which included a team from Canada and did not include LeBron James, drew 18.34 million viewers.

Those figures represent a 66 percent drop.

To put that in perspective, last year’s rating featured a team from Canada which is not figured in the ratings as what usually juices the ratings numbers are massive spikes in the two markets where the teams in the finals play.

This year’s finals had the league’s marquee franchise and the sport’s biggest name.

And fans tuned out in protest.

The message was simple: just play basketball and leave the politics aside.

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Trump told one truth about LeBron that explains the NBA’s terrible ratings


The NBA just concluded one of its worst seasons in history.

Viewership was historically low at a time when Americans are starved for sports entertainment.

And Donald Trump told one truth about LeBron James that explains the NBA’s terrible ratings.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James just won his fourth NBA championship as the face of the league, and nobody seems to care.

Ratings for the entire NBA playoffs were abysmal, and the Finals were no different.

Since NBA Finals ratings started being regularly tracked in 1994, this was the worst finals ever, and Donald Trump laid out the reason why.

During a radio interview with Rush Limbaugh Trump said of James:

“He’s a great basketball player, but people don’t want to see a guy that’s that way. They don’t want to see that . . . He’s a hater . . . You don’t want to sit down, watch a basketball game, and then watch somebody that hates your guts, okay.”

Trump is right.

It’s bad enough that the league has taken a hard-left turn into politics, it’s even worse when James is actively working to push the message that America is an evil and racist place.

James has claimed that it’s “open season” for black people to be hunted in America.

During one disgraceful interview, he suggested that some racist cops wake up with the intent of killing a black person that day.

That is not somebody that Americans of any race are enthusiastic to watch.

Limbaugh also talked about how NBA Commissioner Adam Silver essentially acknowledged that the over-the-top “woke” push backfired and won’t continue next season.

Trump replied, “Because their ratings have died. I haven’t watched a basketball game – and I helped them get open. I haven’t watched a basketball game all year . . . The NBA has become so political that nobody cares about it anymore . . . I don’t even know who’s playing in the finals!”

It seems like the NBA might’ve learned their lesson, but they could’ve learned it too late.

The damage the league has done to its brand could be irreparable.

James and other players actually flirted with canceling the entire playoffs after alleged rapist Jacob Blake was shot by police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin after resisting arrest.

The NBA made a terrible mistake and with a new collective bargaining agreement on the horizon, the players might soon understand just how costly it was.

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The NFL is going to instantly regret releasing this political video


The NFL can’t get out of its own way.

Ratings are in the toilet as fans felt betrayed by the NFL turning into a left-wing political action committee when all viewers wanted was to watch a game when they turned on the TV Sunday at 1PM.

And now the NFL is going to instantly regret releasing this political video.

There is no social justice cause the NFL will not endorse in the run up to the 2020 election.

Having alienated fans and crashed ratings by making league stadiums a shrine to Black Lives Matter, the NFL is now promoting the homosexual agenda in the month of October.

The league just released a National Coming Out video featuring former players that are now open and confessed homosexuals.

CBS in Boston reports:

The football league is celebrating National Coming Out Day with a video featuring openly gay and bisexual former players such as Ryan O’Callaghan, Jeff Rohrer, R.K. Russell and Wade Davis, encouraging current LGBTQ players to come out.

The NFL released the 30-second long “National Coming Out Day PSA” on YouTube Saturday. It’s scheduled to air during early-game Fox broadcasts Sunday, which is National Coming Out Day, according to Outsports.com.

This effort from the league is about as unpopular as one would expect with the video garnering just 22,000 views.

Fans continue to send a message to the NFL week after week in that they do not want politics mixed with sports.

Many fans even agree with the messages the NFL is trying to promote, but they want the league to understand there is a time and a place for everything.

Sports leagues exist as a distraction from the grind of everyday life.

And fans want the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NASCAR to understand that and “stick to sports.”

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Jason Whitlock just torched LeBron James with a comparison that left him red with rage


The “woke” sports media pampers LeBron James with fawning press coverage.

But sports writer Jason Whitlock isn’t afraid to go against the grain and call out James for his outrageous antics.

And Whitlock just torched James with a comparison that left him red with rage.

LeBron James has spent the last four years ripping Donald Trump.

His goal of becoming a “global icon” has included a foray into Democrat politics.

But sports writer Jason Whitlock just compared James to his worst enemy: Donald Trump.

Whitlock pointed out that James was prone to caustic posts on social media.

His example was James’s response to the Vice Presidential debate when a fly landed on Mike Pence’s head.

James’s puerile post completely ignores the fact that flies once landed on Barack Obama’s lip and Hillary Clinton’s eyebrow during public appearances.

James neither knows nor cares about that because his foray into politics is simply to be a puppet for left-wing talking points.

Whitlock wrote:

“This is textbook Trump behavior. Remember two years ago when Trump called Haiti a ‘sh*thole’ country, and the mainstream media said his comment was proof of bigotry? Is LeBron’s IG post proof of bigotry? It’s certainly proof of immaturity and hypocrisy. LeBron fashions himself as a dignified statesman, role model, political activist and champion of racial equality.”

But James only sows chaos and creates animosity.

His comment that it’s “open season” on black people is flat-out irresponsible.

Whitlock’s takedown of James continued:

“He thinks he is the Most High. His ego is bigger than Trump’s. What’s worse is James’ hypocrisy is unlike anything we’ve seen from a public figure. He demonizes whites, the police, and this country as inherently racist while ensconcing himself and his family in multi-million-dollar white enclaves.”

Whitlock is 100% right.

Almost none of these leftists actually believe what they say.

James knows it’s not really “open season” anytime a black person walks outside.

If so, he would never allow his children to leave the house.

James and other athletes are doing the bidding of the Left; they stoke fear in people in order to drive people to the polls.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to win elections without lifting a finger to help their constituents.

James is playing a role in tearing apart the country based on a narrative that he doesn’t even believe, and Whitlock is one of the few people in sports journalism willing to call him out.

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One famed NASCAR driver and owner is throwing cold water on NASCAR’s plans for a dirt race in Bristol


NASCAR is trying desperately to appease some of its longtime fans by hosting a dirt race in Bristol next season.

After alienating legions of fans by outright calling them racists, embracing Bubba Wallace’s “woke” protests, and the noose hoax, its clear NASCAR execs are nervous.

But now one famed NASCAR driver and owner is throwing shade on NASCAR’s plans for a dirt race in Bristol.

Bristol Motor Speedway was a premier short track that diehard racing fans love.

No matter where you’re seated in the grandstands, you can clearly see the whole race and lead changes are often frequent.

Races there were so popular, they sold out 55 consecutive times during the Earnhardt/Gordon heyday from 1982 through 2010.

But that was then.

This is now: “Empty seats at Bristol expose NASCAR attendance challenges” headlines from 2019 declared.

NASCAR has made a string of unpopular moves in 2020 that may have earned them short-term corporate sponsorships, but execs know they’re in trouble if they can’t get fans back in the seats once the coronavirus restrictions are fully lifted.

That’s why NASCAR made the bold move of announcing a dirt track race at Bristol during the 2021 season – something NASCAR hasn’t done since 1970.

But while fans were optimistic at the announcement, famed NASCAR driver and team owner Richard Petty is throwing cold water on the news, saying the move “isn’t professional.”

“I have to be careful here,” Petty says.

“There’s some politics involved and I don’t want to annihilate NASCAR on this. I guess I’m looking at it from an old-time deal because we spent years and years and years trying to become a professional sport.”

“Years and years to get away from that stigma. But dirt-track racing is not professional, so we’re going backward. It would be like taking a professional football team and going back to play at a high school field.”

Petty, ironically, was the winner of the last dirt race NASCAR ran in Raleigh.

“I think it’ll be exciting at Bristol that day,” Petty admitted.

“It might be another gimmick. It might be what NASCAR needs to keep our base growing. But it won’t be anything like the dirt track we had at Raleigh.”

“In that one, there were big holes in the track and it was rough and you had to drive around those holes. The dirt tracks today turn into asphalt tracks; once you race on ‘em a while they just turn into slick asphalt tracks. But cars will be going sideways in the corners, and that’s what people want to see.”

Petty’s right that it’s a gimmick for NASCAR to announce they’re going back to dirt after the year they’ve had.

The question is, is it enough to appease the fans who’ve been driven away by the outrageous year NASCAR has had in 2020.

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This explosive new report gave ESPN employees the worst news of their lives


ESPN’s new President swore in 2018 they were going to leave politics out of sports.

But in 2020, the network relapsed.

And now this explosive new report gave ESPN employees the worst news of their lives.

Ratings are in the tank for the famed “worldwide leader in sports.”

Sports fans tuned out when the network went all-in on the “woke” protests taking place in professional sports leagues this year.

Now network executives are learning the hard way, “get woke, go broke.”

An explosive new report from FrontOfficeSports says Disney is considering laying off up to 700 ESPN employees to cut costs down to size compared to the networks dwindling reach.

It’s an ironic twist considering sports coverage and viewership should be at all-time highs with everyone stuck at home with the ongoing pandemic keeping fans locked out of stadiums.

While layoffs will mostly affect employees behind the camera, on-air and radio talent could also find themselves in the crosshairs.

Breitbart notes, “While most of the big-name talent appears to be safe from these layoffs, insiders say that some will be required to take a pay cut. Pay cuts may also hit some of ESPN’s executives and managers. Talent whose contracts are up soon will also not be renewed, the reports say.”

That could explain why the network let big name SportsCenter host Keith Olbermann out of his contract early.

Olbermann said in his resignation letter he was leaving to start a YouTube show to restart his political commentary targeting President Trump in the waning days of the election.

But it’s also just as likely that Olbermann knew his next contract with ESPN would take a hit and decided to cash-in on the wild 2020 election while the getting was good.

If the layoffs do take place as expected, it’s the third time in just five years that ESPN had to execute sweeping layoffs across the company in a critical cost-cutting campaign.

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One NBA owner got called out by Ted Cruz for the league’s terrible ratings


The NBA’s flirtation with full-blown “wokeness” has been a complete disaster.

Viewership for the league has reached historic lows.

And one NBA owner got called out by Ted Cruz for the league’s terrible ratings.

Senator Ted Cruz has been one of the NBA’s sharper critics regarding the league’s relationship with China.

The league is willfully ignoring the human rights abuses committed by the Chinese Communist Party against the people of Hong Kong and the Uyghur Muslims.

Cruz also criticized the NBA for falling into the “get woke, go broke” trap by embracing far-left politics.

The ratings for the NBA have been abysmal since the league restarted, and the NBA Finals ratings have been the lowest ever recorded since the metric began being regularly tracked in 1994.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban took umbrage with Cruz pointing out the NBA’s massive mistakes, but Cruz didn’t back down.

Cuban’s criticism is nonsensical because Cruz is pointing out that the NBA is the one killing its business.

People aren’t rooting for the NBA to do poorly; people are pointing out that the NBA is doing poorly because they’ve made a hard-left turn that’s alienating a huge segment of the fanbase.

Cuban misfired with another tweet attacking Cruz:

“You haven’t watched a game of the finals, how would you know what is being said or done? Since when is a desire to end racism an insult to anyone or political? And you don’t think using #GetWokeGoBroke is a partisan insult?”

First of all, one doesn’t have to watch a game for longer than five minutes – or simply see highlights – to witness “Black Lives Matter” plastered on the courts and players wearing jerseys with political statements like “Group Economics” and “Say Their Names.”

Second, the “desire to end racism” is not what’s at play in the NBA.

Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist organization aiming to subvert the American system.

That is overtly political and off-putting.

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LeBron James used one word to describe Mike Pence that will put your jaw on the ground


Mike Pence clearly defeated Kamala Harris in Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential debate.

“Woke” athletes were furious and did their best to demean the Vice President.

And LeBron James used one word to describe Mike Pence that will put your jaw on the ground.

One way to tell that Mike Pence decisively defeated Kamala Harris was the fact that the focus of the Fake News Media coverage after the debate was the fact that a fly landed on Mike Pence’s head during.

LeBron James tried to ridicule the Vice President by comparing him to the fact that flies like to land on fecal matter.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined in the mocking to distract from the fact that Pence dominated Harris.

“Forever more this debate will be known as ‘The Fly Debate.’ I feel bad for Pence,” Cuban tweeted.

James and Cuban’s comments came just days after Adam Silver told ESPN that the NBA was getting out of politics and would remove Black Lives Matter from the courts and social justice messages from player’s jerseys in the 2020-2021 NBA season.

Fans were fed up with the NBA throwing left-wing politics in their faces.

James doesn’t care about alienating fans.

With LeBron James as the face of the NBA, the league plunged to historic levels of unpopularity as the league is suffering through the lowest-rated NBA finals ever.

If anyone knows about stinking in a big spot it is LeBron James.

Despite his otherworldly talent, James’ teams have lost six NBA finals.

On the other hand Mike Pence remains undefeated in two Vice Presidential debates in the 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

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